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  • 1.Beyonce

2. Motifs
In Beyonces I amSasha Fierce album many of her songs have the music video with a famous dance and her with two backing dancers. This is a motif she has created. She is known for her great dance moves but these few songs focus mainly on her dancing with the same two girls at the back. A song likeSingle Ladies is very popular amongst her audience especially the dance and it seems like she wanted to leave this affect on people.
Diva, does have her dancing in her famous leotard also, but has her individually too, to focus on her well known curves and beauty.
3. Narrative
The video starts off with a definition of the word diva which suggests that to a woman and this song in particular is very important. Also that the definition will also define what the audience may expect from Beyonce in the video. The mannequins in the bin suggest roughness and death. They do look kind of scary and weird which you get from the video too. Beyonce gets out of the car in high heeled boots to suggest femininity but her confident walk also suggest power, she wears jeans and a leather jacket and also bling glasses on her eyes. The words Diva is a female version of a hustler suggests that Beyonce is trying to portray the convention of a male hustler or in other words a gangster. Her only location is a car outside but also a warehouse which again shows that she is trying to be sneaky and be a gangster. Throughout the video there are shots of Beyonce to advertise her great body but also her brilliant dance moves which is one of the things she is known for. The video is dark and aggressive which links in to the tone of the song too.
4. Intertextual references
The intertextual references in Diva are only two music videos. This video has been directed by the same woman who directed Lil Waynes a milli. Therefore, they have very similar feel of video and their songs sound very similar too. Beyonces video seems to be he female independent and strong version of Lil Waynes video. Secondly, when Beyonce throws the lighter to the car and it blows up it references her old video with Jay Z Crazy in Love when the car is on fire but also it is in the same location with the same bridge behind. Thirdly, at the end of Diva another song plays which is Beyonces new song with Lady Gaga. She has done this to promote her new song but to giver her fans a quick preview to encourage them to take a liking to the new song too.
5. Goodwins Theory
Music video demonstrates the genre characteristics:
-An R&B video contains women dancing and wearing tight or minimal clothing which Beyonce does.
-She subverts the convention of a song about relationships but uses a lyrics to empower women.
-She wears string silver shades which is a big thing to have bling in a music video.
-She does not have a glamorous setting or car which again goes against the convention. The old car and urban warehouse setting would most probably be seen in a hip-hop or rap music video.
- The rough setting represents more of a hip hop video with the darkness and aggressive tone.
6. Goodwins theorycontd
2. Relationship between lyrics and visuals

  • Stop the track she pauses.

7. They call a queen a shot of Beyonce alone is shown. 8. pull up pulls herself up on the chains 9. divas getting money fans out a fan out with notes on. 10. Overall, Beyonces lyrics are not expressed by her movements as her dance moves are more iconic to her name. 3. Relationship between music and visuals.

  • Beyonces dance moves are in sync with the beat of the song. When the beat gets faster on the chorus her dance moves get faster and when it slows down her moves slow down.

11. There are not a huge amount of cuts until the third verse which are all in time with the beat.