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During PARSONS Summer Program for Strategic Design management, me and my group had to find a problem and develop a business model as a way to solve it. We focused on a Housing issue, which is: When you come for a Dormitory, you have no houseware available. What is better, To buy, borrow, bring from home? Better is Better than New, take a look ;)

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  • 1. The FINAL Project Strategic Design management Lvia Fabrin Pereira Pablo Bordons Estrada Tanya Popli

2. Tanya 19 Ana 23 3. They dont know each other They will be sharing a Dorm suite Story $100 extra weight baggage $100 extra weight baggage 4. Francesco 21 Brian 22 5. To be continued 6. 660 pans! 7. 660 pans! ~ 70,000 $ extra weight 8. They dont know each other so they cannot plan in advance what to bring and share. 9. No cooking tools or habits 10. R.A. from Stuyvesant Housing Building 11. End of term at Founders Hall NYU Dorm 12. That means 33 elephants from Kerrey Hall dorm. 13. they dont need to plan in advance because everything they need will be provided? 14. they will have personal assistance to help them make their experience clean, healthy and environmentally friendly? 15. ...all the trash they leave behind will be collected and organized to be reused donated or disposed? 16. Would you buy a towel or cutlery from a second hand store ? 17. and now? 18. VALUES 19. KEY ACTIVITIES 20. Bedroom KIT 20 $ Regular Price 50 $ 21. Bathroom KIT 25 $ Regular Price 60 $ 22. Kitchen KIT 35 $ Regular Price 80 $ 23. + + + + + 24. cleaning-in-30-seconds/ SOURCES 25. THANK YOU!