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“Better City, Better Life?” Green Shanghai Digital Presentation
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These students spent a week exploring Shanghai and its surroundings. Their brief was to respond digitally to one of 3 essential questions: 1. How does the way space is used within a city impact on the environment? 2. What actions can we, as individuals, take to minimize our carbon footprint? 3. What is the relationship between industry, the environment and sustainable development? This group chose to focus on 'green work' versus 'green wash' here in Shanghai.

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  • 1. Better City, Better Life?Green Shanghai Digital Presentation

2. Introduction to Expo 2010 3. World Expositions are economic, scientific, technological and cultural exchanges, where innovative ideas of the future are presented on a world stage. 4. In 2010, China will hold an Expo in Shanghai. It will begin on May 1st and end on October 31st.Once again, just like the Olympics, the worldseyes will be on China. 5. So what will China have to offer? 6. Chinas main goal is to present modern approaches to creating eco-friendly and sustainable development to the world. 7. Their motto, Better City, Better Life is a theme that promotes the idea of improved quality of life in the city. 8. Construction Projects 9. There will be huge construction projects on the Expo Site as well as around Shanghai to accommodate the Expo plans as well as transportation projects. 10. China Pavilion 11. Expo Axis Notice the gimmicky rain collecting roof 12. Expo Center 13. Other ProjectsThere will be new subway lines built for the Expo as well as Green Areas around many of the elevated highways. 14. Expo 2010 will attract governments and people from across the world. Over a period of 184 days, it is projected that there will be over 70 million visitors to Shanghai. 15. With this large amount of people visiting, there will be an increased need for hotels,transportation and food. All of this will add more carbon emissions to an already pollutedand heavily populated city. 16. Will Shanghai really become a Better City asa result of this expo? We believe that it is more idealism rather than realism. 17. Idealism vs Realism 18. The motto Better City,Better Life focuses more onthe modernization of the urban lifestyle ratherthan thesustainability of it. 19. In many of the expo pictures, Shanghai is portrayed with clear blue skies and a clean river. We know Shanghai is far from this. 20. The expo site is built on what they call Sunny Valley. 21. Although Expo 2010 has shown many examples of green wash, there is also greenwork being done. The government has realized the need to make Shanghai greenerand more sustainable. 22. It may take time, but the Expo will hopefully bring more sustainable development to Chinaas well as the world at large. 23. Thank you! Presentation done by Matt Clarke, NicolaiAnderson and Austin Sigouin