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Beta Bytes Belma Ahmetovic Zermina Velic Grade 11 Age 16


Beta Bytes. Belma Ahmetovic Zermina Velic Grade 11 Age 16. Business Profile. Beta Bytes is a company that provides a wide range of wireless media services and online computer assistance. We are a Service Partnership. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Belma AhmetovicZermina VelicGrade 11Age 16

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Beta Bytes is a company that provides a wide range of wireless media services and online computer assistance.

We are a Service Partnership.

We can satisfy consumer needs by providing them with a solution to all their technological needs, whether for recreational purposes or for a more serious, professional approach, we can provide you with quality, friendly assistance.

We selected this legal structure because we believe with our combined effort and qualifications we can provide our customers with a wide range of jobs and execute them to the best of our ability.


Business Profile

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Opportunities◦ Increasing technology◦ No other business serving our target market◦ Language barrier prevents adequate service◦ We teach and repair

Qualifications◦ Eight years of combined experience ◦ Worked part time for uncle in a computer repair shop ◦ Trilingual, Bosnian as a first language



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By Location◦ Hartford, CT and surrounding areas.

By Population◦ Male and female, ages 30-55, of high

school education or less. By Personality/ Behavior

◦ Bosnian working adults with families and children who own a computer and are in need of friendly assistance.

By Income◦ Predominantly middle income



Consumer Profile

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Competitive Advantage

o We provide assistance in order to help you, not to promote other products or try and fix one problem while creating another.

o We can explain how to fix your technological issue(s) in your own language, while teaching how to prevent future complications.

Competitor Price QualityGreatest Strength

Greatest Weakness

Geek Squad $297.93 Excellent

Multiple locations nationwide.

Slow to respond, expensive.

iYogi $139.99/yr basic service

Good Online computer support.

Only supports newest Microsoft operating systems.

Half Price Geeks

$80/hr basic service

Good On-site support, & telephone support.

Charge a trip fee, a diagnostics fee, a per hour fee and software fee.



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Price: - More affordable to the customers than the alternative and we provide various services with the goal to fix and educate, instead of promote.

Place: - Hartford, CT and other surrounding areas.

Product: - Friendly, accurate, efficient, computer assistance.

Promotion:- Online website and business cards.


Marketing Mix

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Phase Method Description Cost

Awareness Word of MouthWebsiteBusiness Cards/ European Stores

Bosnian communitiesDisplayed on business cardsHanded to customers after service, given to stores to hand out with purchases


Purchase Top quality, friendly, fast and accurate computer assistance at an affordable price.

Satisfaction guaranteed, we don’t simply solve, we teach and prevent.


Retention 10% off your next service if you refer a friend.

Saves money for the customers and help us establish long term relationships.



Marketing Plan

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Cost of Materials/Direct Labor

Definition of One Unit :

Task of cleaning up computer, optimizing it and installing Security Systems.Cost of Sales Per Unit

Direct Labor

(Labor Cost per Hour)

Time (in hours) to make 1 unit

Direct Labor Cost Per Unit

$10.00 30 minutes $5.00

Total Direct Labor Per Unit $5.00

Material Description Cost/Total Quantity Cost Per Unit ($)

Total Material Cost Per Unit $0.00

Variable Costs Per Unit $0.00

Cost of Sales Per Unit $5.00

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Definition of One Unit: Task of cleaning up computer, optimizing it and installing Security Systems.

Selling Price per Unit $199.99

Direct Labor Per Unit (if applicable) $5.00

Materials Per Unit (if applicable) $0.00

Total COGS Per Unit $5.00

Variable Costs Per Unit $0.00

Total Cost of Sales $5.00

Gross Profit Per Unit $194.99


Economics of 1 Unit

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Business Schedule for a Typical Week (Zermina)

Entrepreneurship 35 Hours

School Hours 44 Hours

Sleep 56 Hours

Free-Time Hours 33 Hours

Business Schedule for a Typical Week (Belma)

Entrepreneurship 35 Hours

School Hours 44 Hours

Work Hours 18 Hours

Sleep 49 Hours

Free-Time Hours 22 Hours

Time Management Plan

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Type of Fixed Cost Monthly Cost

Entrepreneurial Stipend $5,000.00

Utilities (Internet, Phone, etc) $50.00

Advertising (Business Website + Cards) $22.95

Rent (1/5 of space) $200.00

Depreciation (Laptops + Software) $48.61

Total Monthly Fixed Costs $5,321.56


Average Monthly Fixed Costs

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Month Units Sold

January 190

February 120

March 120

April 120

May 120

June 120

July 120

August 120



October 190

November 190

December 200Total = 1, 800







Jan Feb Mar Apr May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec

Units sold

Monthly Break-Even Units:



Monthly Sales Projections

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Selling Price Per Unit $199.99

# of Units Sold 1,800

Total Sales $359, 982.00

Total COGS $9,000.00

Other Variable Costs $0.00

Total Variable Costs $9,000.00

Gross Profit $350,982.00

USAIIRD (Yearly) $63, 858.72

Other Costs/Unforeseen $10,000.00

Total Fixed Costs $73, 858.72

Profit before Taxes $277,123.28

Less Estimated Taxes @25% $69,280.82

Net Profit $207,842.46


Projected Yearly Income Statement

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(ROS) 60%

For every $1 dollar of sales, my business earned : $.60


(ROI) 3,015%

For every $1 dollar invested, my business earned : $30.15

Return on SalesReturn on Investment

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Start-up Investment

Entrepreneurial hours needed for start-up

Wage I pay myself Total start-up time investment

15 hours $ 10.00 $ 150.00

Item Where I will buy this?

Cost of Item

Adobe Creative Suite 4 Master Collection $2,499.00

2 Laptops with Wireless Capability

Best Buy Already Owned

External Hard Drive 1TB $64.99

Norton & Symantec Master Collection $439.93

CASH RESERVE covering 3 months of fixed costs



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Total: $ 7,118.60

Source Amount Debt Equity Gift

Personal Savings (Part Time Job)

$4,000.00 X

Relatives/Friends $3,118.60 X


Financing StrategyFor Total Start-up Investment

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Beta Bytes will provide 7% of their net profits to the One Laptop Per Child Association, INC.

Consumers will be aware of this through the One Laptop Per Child logo located on our business website and business cards.


Social Responsibility Plan

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- To hire a skilled technician in order to assist us with our business.

- To expand our target market and provide our services to other consumers.

- To graduate high school at the top of our class and be accepted into an accredited college.

- To gain a Bachelor’s degree and get accepted into an accredited graduate medical school.



Business & Educational Goals


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Thank you for your consideration of

Beta Bytes

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