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  • 2/6/15 9:34 PMBest Trumpet Instructional Method Books on Cd

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    Best Trumpet Instructional Method Books on CdWe have many of the most respected trumpet method books forsale, each one bundled with a virtuoso trumpet cd recording by

    Clyde E. Hunt, ascap. I am also especially pleased to have recordedmy "Trumpet Pedagogy Series Recordings: Arban * Bousquet *

    Brandt * Clarke * Concone * Hering * Sabarich * Schlossberg * W.Smith and others! All too often, the aspiring student simply learns

    to ignore the really difficult exercises with a shrug - "Man! Nobodycan play that stuff".

    Importantly, there is no reason to question the quality of a composition you mightlike to purchase - there is a recorded performance so that you may listen before

    making a purchase.

    Music LinkWe Three Kings

    I was indeed fortunate to have been the trumpeter / arranger for,"Brooks Tegler's HOT JAZZ", which was based in Old Town

    Alexandria, Virginia. From this association came many of my threehorn jazz arrangements. Virtually all of my recorded jazz springsfrom this Stellar Ensemble. The Big Band Jazz arrangements were

  • 2/6/15 9:34 PMBest Trumpet Instructional Method Books on Cd

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    composed for the Doc Dikeman Big Band, Washington, DC.

    I am also pleased to have been the trumpeter, along withvibraphonist John Cocuzzi, for the master of unamplified rhythmguitar, the great Steve Jordan (1917 - 1992). There are three Cds

    and one video DVD release from the Steve Jordan Trio. SteveJordan also played unamplified rhythm guitar, with HOT JAZZ for

    several years. Consequently, both classical and jazz trumpetpedagogy and information on "how to play trumpet" are of great


    Additionally, Hunt has composed descants for about 100 of theworld's great hymns. Our Episcopal vocal music and masses,

    chorale preludes on hymns for Advent, Christmas, and Easter fortrumpet and organ, wedding music for trumpet and organ, music

    for trumpet and piano.

    Further, you will find trumpet Choir sheet music, music for brassQuintet, music for British Brass Band,big band Jazz arrangements

    and three horn jazz arrangements are of the highest quality. Wehave printed music for classical and jazz trumpet players at all

    performance levels - beginner through professional. Despite a heavyplaying schedule, there was still time for composing Elementarythrough High School compositions. We also offer free mp3's of

    many of Hunt's live trumpet performances, both classical and jazz,spanning sixty five (65) years of professional performance and

    teaching! Here is his personal biography and discography.

    Recently, we have decided to upgraded our CD-Rs to the Taiyo Yuden brand - Which weconsider to be the best, most reliable available!

    Download our free B-flat Catalogue PDFSend your trumpet Playing email questions to Clyde, at B-Flat Music Production

    Clyde E. Hunt

  • 2/6/15 9:34 PMBest Trumpet Instructional Method Books on Cd

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    Author ofSail the Seven Cs - Trumpet book and Cd,

    An Easier Way To Play The Trumpet"Hi Clyde,

    Your tape (now Cds) and presentation are wonderful. I was'concerned' that a less than adequate player might be trying to get

    through all that material in one lifetime. But you make itwork!!Congratulations again on such a terrific and helpful

    adventure. I know you've put a great deal of time and effort into it."Bill Bing, Los Angeles (William Bing is the author of "The Bing


    While a freshman at Kent State University, the 18-year-old won the(extra - 4th) trumpet seat in the Akron Symphony Orchestra,

    Akron, Ohio. He then won the second trumpet position under LouisLane c. 1961, and was a member of the Akron Symphony BrassQuintet, the Akron Civic Orchestra, and the Akron GoodyearTheater - positions he held until 1967, when he moved to the

    Washington D.C. area.

    Click here to browse our Main MenuB-FLAT MUSIC PRODUCTION

    717 Bancroft Avenue, Colonial Beach, VA. 22443, USA

  • 2/6/15 9:34 PMBest Trumpet Instructional Method Books on Cd

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    B-Flat Music Production

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  • 2/6/15 9:37 PMBritish Brass Band Music Shenandoah

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    British Brass Band Music ShenandoahBass clef instrumentation


    A full Score with "bass clef" parts can be supplied. Order at: $5.00.

    SHENANDOAH is conceived for the traditional British Brass Band, plus a Bb Trumpet "highregister" soloist.

    Optionally,the solo may be played by the Eb Soprano. Caution - this music will mess with thelittle

    hairs on the back of your neck!

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  • 2/6/15 9:41 PMClassical and Jazz Cd Recordings by Clyde Hunt,ascap

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    Classical and Jazz Cd Recordings by Clyde Hunt,ascap

    Arban - Hunt plays/teaches two Cd set Detailed Information/Mp3Bousquet, N. - 36 Celebrated Studies for the Cornet - two Cd set DetailedInformation/Mp3Brandt, Vassily - 34 Studies for the Cornet and Trumpet - Cd Detailed Information/Mp3Charlier, Theo - 36 Transcendantes Pour Trompette - two Cd set DetailedInformation/Mp3Clarke, H.L. - 24 Characteristic Studies - Cd Detailed Information/Mp3Clarke, H.L. - Technical Studies - Cd Detailed Information/Mp3Concone, Guiseppe - Lyrical Studies (32) - Cd only Detailed Information/Mp3Hering, Sigmund - 30 Studies - Cd only Detailed Information/Mp3Hering, Sigmund - 32 Studies - Cd only Detailed Information/Mp3Hering, Sigmund - 40 Progressive Etudes - Cd only Detailed Information/Mp3Sabarich, Raymond - Dix Etudes.....Pour Trompette - Cd only Detailed Information/Mp3Schlossberg, Max - Daily Drills and Technical Studies - Cd only DetailedInformation/Mp3Smith, Walter - Top Tones For The Trumpeter - Cd only Detailed Information/Mp3Sousa, John Philip - 67 Bugle Calls (1886): as practiced in the Army and Navy of USA -Cd only Detailed Information/Mp3Hunt - Clarinblasen: Twenty Studies for the Natural Trumpet - Book PLUSAccompaniment Cd Detailed Information/Mp3Hunt - Plays/Teaches Haydn Trumpet Concerto - Music and Cd Detailed Information/Mp3Hunt - Praise Him with the Sound of the Trumpet Vol I - Hunt Cd only DetailedInformation/Mp3Hunt - Praise Him with the Sound of the Trumpet Vol II - Hunt Cd only DetailedInformation/Mp3Hunt - Twelve Etudes For Trumpet - Book and Cd Detailed Information/Mp3

  • 2/6/15 9:41 PMClassical and Jazz Cd Recordings by Clyde Hunt,ascap

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    Hunt - Grifton School Audio Teacher for Beginning Trumpet - Book and Cd DetailedInformation/Mp3Hunt - Sail The Seven C's - An easier way to play the trumpet - Book and Cd DetailedInformation/Mp3Techno Trumpet - Hunt plays the Electronic Music of John S. Tittle = Cd only DetailedInformation/Mp3

    Jazz Cd Recordings by Clyde Huntfrom

    B-Flat Music - "Where Swing Is Still King"LIVE AT COLONIAL BEACH - No Neck Jazz Band - Cd $5.95. Detailed InformationCHOMPIN'AT THE BIT - Swing's The Thing - Cd $5.95 Detailed InformationINTIMATE STEVE JORDAN - Cd $5.95 Detailed InformationINTROSPECTION - The Trumpet Ballad In Retrospect - Cd $5.95 Detailed InformationSOFT SWINGIN' JAZZ - Steve Jordan Trio - Cd $5.95 Detailed InformationSTEVE JORDAN TRIO - Steve Jordan Trio - Cd $5.95 Detailed InformationSTEVE JORDAN TRIO VIDEO - Steve Jordan Trio - Live in Reston Va, 1992 -DV