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  1. 1. ltls Not Yo.ltfs ME.How timing affects Your Social Posts
  2. 2. Lumping all social networks under the umbrella of "social media" means you aren'tappreciating the unique nuances of each platform-Each channel has its own demographic and set of best practices:so a one- size-fits-all mindset will invitefailure into your marketing strategy-In
  3. 3. Fast Company detailedthe best time to launchnew content out into theWOP1d1 even honing in onthe optimal hours for engagement-
  4. 4. The BreakdownDaily Users:890 million Monthly Users:I.39 billion Peak Engagement:Wed @3p Prime Time:Weekdays,Ip-4pThe Dead Zone:Weekends,8p-80
  5. 5. The best time to post is between Ip and 4p on weekdays because victims of the "afternoon slump" often head to Facebook for a pick- me-up.The golden hour is 3p on Wednesdays,while 8p to 8a weekends should be avoided at all costs.
  6. 6. The BreakdownMonthly Users:284 million Daily Tweets:500+ mi| |ion+ Peak Engagement:Wed @3p Prime Time:Weekdays,Ip-3pThe Dead Zone:Fri afternoon & evening
  7. 7. The short-and-sweet nature of tweets makes them ideal for people to browse on their lunch breaks - Mondays through Thursday from Ip and 3p as the best times to post content.
  8. 8. The BreakdownMonthly Users:300 millionGlobal Presence:200+ countries#1 User:United StatesPrime Time:Tues-Thurs,Noon & 5p-6pThe Dead Zone:Mon-Fri,IOp-6a
  9. 9. Known as "the professional social network, " users are most active when their minds are on their iobs:Tuesday through Thursday at noon and also Sp to 6p see the most traffic.
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