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Best Management Practices. Best Management Practices = Guides for working safely. Requirements Before Operating a Tractor. Operator should have received training on how to safely operate the tractor - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • Best Management Practices

  • Best Management Practices=Guides for working safely

  • Requirements Before Operating a TractorOperator should have received training on how to safely operate the tractorYouth aged 14 and 15 cannot operate tractors on a farm owned by someone other than their parents unless they have been through the 24-hour tractor safety courseOperators should go through a routine checklist before starting the tractor each time

  • Before turning the keyTractor operators should be familiar with the operators manualThe operators manual should be in the tractor cab or in an accessible place

  • Check the outside of the tractorTire pressure and tire wearExterior lights are workingSMV emblem in placeClean off mud, trash, etc from access stepsAll shields and guards in place, esp. PTO shieldsCheck fluid levels, fuel and hydraulic linesFenders are in place

  • Access StepsMost common farm injury slips and falls

    Mud makes steps very slippery

    Always go down the steps facing the tractor

  • PTO and ShieldsPTO = power take-offPowers towed implementsRotates at very high speeds (540 rpm or 1000 rpm)Covered by a shield to prevent entanglementPTO ShaftPTO Master Shield

  • PTO Demonstration VideoVideo courtesy of Clemson University Extension

  • PTO RulesAlways shut off the PTO before leaving the operators stationAlways have the PTO covered with a shield Never step over a PTO even if the shield is in place

  • FendersHelp protect operator from debrisPrevent operator contact with wheels

  • Check the inside of the tractor

  • Operators StationKeep operators station free of debris and clutter

  • Rear View MirrorsHelp the driver see in more directionsDamaged mirrors need to be replaced or repairedAdjust the mirrors to fit you

  • More inside checksCheck to be sure all control lights and gauges are workingAdjust the operators seat to fit youCheck brakesCheck steering

  • In reviewMake sure youre a qualified operatorGo through your pre-operations checklist before operating the tractorCheck the tires, lights, shields, fluids, etcCheck the controls, adjust the mirrors and seat, etc