Best Intelligent Building in Russia (ENG)

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Description of the project that won the title of "Best Intelligent Building in Russia 2011"

Transcript of Best Intelligent Building in Russia (ENG)

  • 1. TMin partnership with Beckhoff Saint-Petersburg, 2011

2. Business Center Alpiiskythe first Intelligent Building in Saint-Petersburgand the best in Russia in 2011 3. OverviewIn 2011, INTELVISION LLC launched oneof the first energy-efficient Intelligent Build-ing projects in St. Petersburg the multi-purpose Business Center Alpiisky.The contract for the four-storey complex with anunderground parking lot with a total area of 4800sq. m. included design and construction of MEPsystems, telecommunication infrastructure, anautomation, control and management system(BMS), as well as implementation of measuresaimed at improvement of the buildings energyefficiency.As the general planner, INTELVISION LLC installedthe power supply, lighting, ventilation and air con-ditioning systems, telecommunication infrastruc-ture, safety systems, and ensured the integration ofall of these systems into the BMS.The comprehensive solution was intended to makeit possible for all systems to function normallyunder the 222 kVA limitation set by the munici-pal electric company. In development of climatesystems, a reserve of heating power had to bemade, as additional resources will be required forthe heating of a mansard which is planned to beadded later. The appearance of the building 4. OverviewComfort and safety of the tenants of themulti-purpose complex shall meet the require-ments for A class business centers. To achievethis, an individual microclimate was created ineach office zone, while safety of staff and visitorsis guaranteed by a comprehensive integratedsecurity system involving around the clockmonitoring.Operation of the building should provide a funda-mental reduction in operating costs, in part dueto remote monitoring by the operating organiza-tion and automated control of the building. The appearance of the building - the model in REVIT MEP 5. MicroclimateThe building uses a frequency controlventilation system, the most effective of itskind to date, manufactured by a Swedish Motion, air-quality,company Swegon. This allowed for more temperature,than sevenfold decrease in consumptionluminance sensorsof municipal electricity from the allocat- Chilled beam (Swegon)ed 0.3 down to 0.04 Gc.Light (DALI)The climatic equipment is installed in the technicalarea on the first floor of the building and compris- Schneider Electric structured cablinges a chiller by FAST, a hydro kit, and one centralinput-extract ventilation unit (Swegon GOLD RX80) with the capacity of 28.000 sq. m./h boastinga highest performance factor due to the applica-tion of the RECOnomi rotary heat exchanger. Office 3D modelMicroclimate in 26 office zones is provided by 96Swegon Biscay chilled beams.Primary heat transfer agents in ejection systemsare water and air, while heating and cooling areeffected through ejection or forced convection.Prepared inlet air is sent to rooms through theejection nozzles of chilled beams, carrying alongthe air from the rooms and forcing it to movethrough heating or cooling heat exchangers. Finished office 6. MicroclimateTherefore, constant income of fresh air is monitoring, optimization and predicative (basedachieved without fans; this decreases the indoor on the data from the outside weather station)noise level. control of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning functions, taking into account the current rate ofFor the Alpiisky project, INTELVISION de-power consumption.veloped a unique climate automation system,For instance, upon reaching the power consump-featuring: tion limit on a particularly hot day, the minimal value of a climate control setting will be increased by 1-3 degrees Celsius, and manual adjustment air consumption control individually for each of the sunblinds temporary blocked. room, based on readings of the S+S Rege- ltechnik RLQ air quality sensor and Belimo electric-powered valves; control of the thermo-electric flow valves regulating water supply to ejection bars and thermo-electric valves on radiators based on climate-control settings of the room operation mode of the whole building, or timer settings Valves by Oventrop are controlled by a 0-10 V signal; automatic shutdown of the ventilation and air-conditioning system when the windows are opened; control of the sunblinds (Somfy), taking into account the outside air temperature and illu- mination levels by different cardinal directions, room occupancy, overall illumination, and the current climate control mode; Fishished office 7. Microclimate Engineering systems design 8. SafetyThe integrated security system of theFire alarm and security system is based on thebuilding includes IP video monitoringwireless Streletz solution and is integrated with the BMS in two ways: global data on thebased on 18 units of equipment supplied condition of sections is tied to the OTIS eleva-by AXIS: P3346-VE street cameras and tor controls and the automation system via dryM3014 indoor cameras, connected viacontacts, while the extended integration relies onthe PoE technology. All office and tech- the closed RS232 protocol, kindly provided by thenical rooms are protected by the accessArgus-Spektr company.control system based on HID iClass Certain parameters of the BMS, understandablereaders and integrated with the BMS viaby the staff, are displayed on a 6-monitor videothe RS485 protocol. The comprehensivewall in the guard-room. The latter also houses anaccess control system enables detailed automated workplace (a PC with three monitors),staff work time logging, tracking of em- equipped with enhanced functions of video con- trol, access control management and automationployees location and control of the control systems.access mode at the entrance/driveway. The integrated security system also includes theThus, turning the lighting on in an office roomevacuation control system, public address sys-can be triggered either by a motion sensor or by tem, fire suppression system in the parking lot.the signal from the access control system, whileventilation can be switched off when a window isopened, triggered by a sealed reed relay of thesecurity system. 9. TelecommunicationsThe building has a state-of-the-art IP infra-structure installed, based on the Cisco andAllied Telesis equipment. The infrastructureprovides all the necessary telecommuni-cation services: VoIP, conferencing, IPTV,IP video monitoring, as well as a Gigabit-capable computer network, the capacityof which can be significantly expanded inthe future thanks to the use of fiber opticsin the vertical cable routing.The object also has its own information securitysystem employing such technologies as VLAN andthe SSL encryption.All the software servers (ITV server, SCADA systemdatabase, etc.) use energy-saving server-sidevirtualization and are powered by UPS. BFor the comprehensive automated system, a sep- Marate industrial Ethernet network of ring topologyhas been built. The core of the network is made up Sof the managed MOXA EDS 400 series switchesinstalled in each automation cabinet. Buildings unified data bus based on Ethernet TCP / IP 10. AutomationThe utility metering system allows for automatic The Alpiisky project surely deserves togeneration of reports on electricity consumption be called unique, as it involved anfor each tenant individually and on water con- unprecedented number of modern auto- sumption for the entire building, as well as for mation technologies. making forecasts for future periods based onanalysis of the data obtained. The core of the system is composed of two industrial 69xx series controllers with the hot The Modbus TCP standard is used for dispatch- standby and more than 200 I/O and interfaceing and control of the Swegon ventilation unit. terminals by Beckhoff GmbH, distributed amongThe intelligent load management system allows ten cabinets.for redistribution of power between major con-sumers, such as the chiller, the ventilation ma- The combined temperature, light and motion sen-chine, etc., thus eliminating the risk of electrical sors (Thermokon MDS LON2), installed in each ofoverload and enabling the operating organization the 26 offices use the LONworks bus. to influence the buildings energy consumption. The KNX standard was used for the Merten Artec room operation panels control signals to the Beckhoff central controller for managing lighting, folding shutters position and microclimate. All 500 lighting fittings in the building are equipped with in-built ballast DALI OSRAM quicktronic intelligent QTi DALI 3x24 with a dim- mer function. The monitoring system for more than 40 electrici- ty meters Energomera CE303, mounted in all the cabinets and the MDB, uses the Modbus RTU protocol. One of the 10 building control cabinets based on Beckhoff technology 11. AutomationOverall, the building contains over 1.500 mon-itoring and control points, with all the readingsprocessed in real time by the Beckhoff controllersand entered into the SQL database. Necessarydata are displayed on the Samsung MD260X6video wall in the guard room via the SmartUnityBMS SCADA system developed by INTELVISION.Such data include current general power con-sumption, climate, lighting and signalizationparameters for individual facilities, accidents andevents log, the current mode of the entire buildingoperation (work hours, off-hours, days off), statusof the electric power installation sections, ATS andUPS, status of the ventilation unit, chiller, hydrokit, PA system, fire alarm status for each floor.The BMS includes a unified SMS center thatcategorizes messages by the degree of impor-tance and distributes them between buildingmanagement services, security and the clientService. Thus, the SMS center alarms the respec- Control roomtive operating organization about the necessity tochange filters or reminds of a scheduled mainte-nance.In addition to all the advantages listed above, thisbuilding control system has virtually unlimitedpossibilities for further scaling and modernization. 12. Automation Service Internet BMS Client / Top ManagementManagement Service Remote monitoring and facility management 13. SoftwareFor automation and control of the build-ing, INTELVISION applied its own soft-ware: SmartUnity BMS platform. Unlikeother automation systems, such asSiemens, Schneider Electric, Honeywellor, say, AMX, Crestron, Control4, theSmartUnity product provides an innova-tive solution for sites of any complexityand does not require long and costlycommissioning and configuration pro-cess.Compared with other automation systems,SmartUnity dramatically (up to several times)reduces the time required for programming,testing and commissioning.. This is achieved bymeans of ProjectBuilder configuration managerwithin the SmartUnity BMS, with the help of whichthe behavior of all systems is configured withoutprogramming by a commissioning engineer.SCADA system for monitoring the buildingbased on the INTELVISIONs SmartUnity BMS softwareAn in-built system operation manager alsodoesnt require involvement of professional pro-grammers: configuration, testing and recoverycan be performed by staff with only engineeringtraining. 14. SoftwareThe Alpiisky project also pioneered theINTELVISION - developed cloud managementsystem SmartUnity BMS cloud, which allows toretrieve the complete information on the build-ings operation, generate reports and diagrams,analyze event history and present data in the .xmlformat for the integration with the clients ERPsystems all via the Internet, from any location onthe globe. Monitoring parameters of the ventilation unit Swegon Gold 15. BIMWorks on the project involved the use ofBIM is also easily integrated with all necessaryBuilding Information Modeling, or BIM,documentation, which effectively solves theproblem of updating the project documents andwhich INTELVISION was one of the first in simplifies access to source materials. BIM is alsoRussia to adopt. The information modelintegrated with the SmartUnity SCADA system forof an object is five-dimensional: besides quick access to the database of buildings engi-dynamic 3D-visualization, it also includesneering systems.parameters such as time and cost.Information model enables fast creation ofThis holistic approach enables to accuratelyhigh-quality 3D video and interactive presenta-calculate operating costs throughout the entire tions for effective and intuitive visual demonstra-lifecycle of a building already at the design stage tion of the entire object or individual solutions toand make corresponding adjustments before customers or is completed. For instance, mathe-matical modeling of thermotechnical propertiesof a building makes it possible to develop theoptimal solution for heating, ventilation and airconditioning systems, taking into account theallocated capacities.The use of the BIM technologies also allows forsimultaneous and coordinated development ofarchitectural, engineering and design solutionsin the framework of one model. Updates changethe entire model automatically, which improvesthe quality of design works dozens of times andshortens the design period by around 500%,while reducing overall project costs by 50%. 16. BIMREVIT MEP model of Alpiisky 17. BIMThe multi-purpose complex Alpiisky is one ofthe first objects in the Russian Federation to beentirely designed using Autodesk REVIT MEP andREVIT Architecture, both currently being amongthe worlds most powerful information modelingtools.The process of designing the ventilation system and coolingThe process of installation of ventilation and cooling 18. Cost efficiencyDuring the design stage alone, the useLet the usable floor area of the building be equal Operating costs have also been reducedto 3000 m2. With the standard solution ofsignificantly. Thus, the installation of water-savingof state of the art technical solutionsplumbing equipment with an automated water30 W/m2, power consumption would amount toallowed to reduce the amount of invest- 3000 m2 0.03 = 90 kW, and connection costs flow control and thermostatic temperature con-ments into the project by more than USD would amount to 90 kW 50000 =USD 0,15trol, reduced water supply costs by approximately0,7 m.m. Low energy lighting required only 3000 m2 25%.0.011 = 33 kW, with connection costs reduced toThe use of the compact ventilation unit by Swe- USD 0,06 m.Economy of operating costs for electric lightinggon allowed to free up additional 120 sq. m of system is about 60%, for heating up to 40%,leasable area, which was initially intended for The use of energy-saving cooling machines in and up to 50% for cooling. In monetary terms,technical purposes in the architectural project.conjunction with the automation system enabled overall operating costs economy exceeded USDAs a result, the capitalization of the object to reduce power consumption down to P0 = 350,09 m per year.increased by more than USD 0,4 m. kW. Under rated cooling capacity Q0 = 210 kWat = 2.87, power consumption would amountThe use of DALI-controlled low energy LED and to 0 = 210/2, 87 = 73 kW, with the connectionfluorescent office lamps resulted in reduction of costs (calculated on the basis of kW = USD 1500energy consumption for night time lighting from fee) would reach approximately USD 0,12 m. The comprehensive automationthe standard 30 W/sq. m to 11 W/sq. m. LEDuse of energy-saving solutions allowed for aboutlights are used in staircase landings, WCs and in USD 0.06 m economy, another USD 0.02 m. havethe outside entrance zone, while other rooms arebeen spared in a similar manner by the design of partial automationequipped with DALI fluorescent lighting fixturesthe ventilation system.using low energy OSRAM T5 HIGH Efficiency standard automationlamps with increased luminous efficiency. without control 19. Cost efficiency kW/m 2 Heating(up to 50% savings)Lighting(up to 60% savings) Cooling(up to 40% savings) Water supply(up to 25% savings) Ordinary building Green buildingBuilding energy efficiency class A 20. ComfortExclusively demand-based consump-tion of resources resulted not only inincreased cost efficiency, but also inimproved comfort of tenants and higherefficiency of maintenance companies.Controlled blindsLighting can be controlled both automaticallyand manually. Operator has full access to thesystem, while employees in the offices only canswitch on/off the local lights, which are alsotriggered by motion sensors or access controlsystem readers. The overall illumination level ismaintained automatically, depending on the over-all indoor illumination level.Office control panelControl of lighting in the rooms is divided intotwo groups: near to and away from the windows.Under good natural lighting conditions, the nearwindow groups luminance is automatically de-creased by 10-30%. ServodriveIf during work hours no motion has been detect-ed in the room for 15 minutes, lighting is dimmedby 50% and then turned off completely if no mo-tion occurs in the subsequent 15 minutes. Duringoff-hours and days off the timers are set to 10and 5 minutes respectively.Office control 21. ComfortThe system automatically cools or heats theAll parameters of the climate system can also bebuilding for the scheduled time at the beginning controlled by the operator. Outside maintenanceof a working day, yet employees in the officeservices have full access to all control functions androoms are not deprived of the capability to adjust monitoring of the building, including all backup infor-temperature manually. The microclimate control mation, history of accidents and errors, etc., via webin a room can change dynamically, dependingbrowser.on the outside air temperature and the currentpower load of the building.With the help of SmartUnity system, control and monitoring of the buildings systems can be executedWhen a window is opened, ventilation automati- both from desktop applications and from mobile appscally switches off and then starts again when thefor iOS, Android and Windows Mobile platforms viawindow is closed. In case the system runs in the GSM/3G/WiFi networks.cooling mode, penetration of direct sunlight intothe room will automatically cause the sunblinds tobe lowered.Air exchange parameters are dynamically adjust-ed taking into account the number of persons inthe room and the types of their current activitiesbased on readings of air quality sensor. Duringnighttime, the system automatically maintainsminimal air exchange.At the end of a working day, at 8 pm, the tem-perature is automatically reset to the base value(appropriately set for the time of year), providedthat no motion has occurred within a room formore than 30 minutes. 22. Energy efficiency and environmental friendliness street lightingDespite the fact that environment-6,3Cfriendly construction is a fairly new trendon the Russian market, today the objects 5green status constitutes an undeniablecompetitive advantage affecting overall0value of the building and tenant appeal.In order to guarantee high levels of heat insulation,-5new-generation environment-friendly materialswere used in construction, such as ROCKWOOLand Beltep mineral (basalt) wool, Penoplex 35-8,7Cpolystyrene foam sheets.The use of modern heat insulation materials incombination with ceramic-granite lining uponmetallic faade mounting system ALUCOMextends the lifecycle of the faade whileensuring a high level of heat insulation.For the roof coating, a high-tech material Izoplastwas used, which, in addition to extended durabilityand good heat insulation properties, is significantlyless toxic than traditional roofing materials. 23. Environmentally friendlyCertification according to one of theLEED criteria:internationally recognized certificationlocationsystems (LEED, DGNB, BREEAM)water consumption efficiencyobviates the need to prove for cost effi- energy efficiencyciency of building operation and tenant environmental friendliness of construction materialscomfort, acting as an effective marketing health and comfort of tenantsmessage. This is why the investor intoinnovations and multi-faceted approach to designthe Alpiisky complex contemplates thepossibility of the certification according LEED Certificates:to the US LEED system, currently theBasicmost widespread in the world. SilverGoldThe multi-purpose complex Alpiisky can scorePlatinum51 points in the LEED system, which will enable itto qualify for the LEED Silver Certificate.LEED (Leadership in Energy and EnvironmentalDesign) is a Certificate issued by US Green Build-ing Council since 1998. 24. About the companyINTELVISION Group of companies offers a wideIn 2010, INTELVISION entered into strategicrange of services in the domains of energy- partnership agreement on joint development andefficient buildings construction, engineering implementation of Intelligent Building projects withdesign and building automation. COMSTAR (MTS).Among the solutions offered are:INTELVISION was an award winner at Innovationof the Year Baltic Build 2008 and won the Energy-efficient/Intelligent Buildings Russian HiTechBuilding Award 2010 and 2011 forthe Best Comprehensive Automation Solutions. Clean-rooms Data centers Smart House systems and solutions for private clientsIn 2007, INTELVISION received the status of anauthorized system integrator in building automa-tion field from BECKHOFF GmbH (Germany).In 2010, INTELVISION became Microsoft SilverCertified Partner in software development forBMS systems.