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2. When we first sat down to plan our video and band profile we decided that we wanted to establish the song as by a kooky indie band.We then chose our band members to fit with this theme. We also chose a style that we wanted to put in the video.Originally we wanted to use a retro effect, to help with a vintage Grease style theme in the video. However, as we changed our storyidea for the video, we decided to get rid of the vintage Grease style, at least mostly. However, we wanted to keep an effect on the video,to give it an indie style. 3. We used a colour motif throughout our work, even if it wasonly in bits. We used a slight hazy warm effect, Teal andOrange, on all our shots in the music video.In addition to the music video, wemade a website. We tried to reflectour bands style in the continue our motif in our website, wechose an indie theme; for the background,we used a landscape picture with a hazycolour effect over it- a typically indie image.We used lots of images that we had edited toalso have a similar indie effect. We also usedcontinuity in the font styles.Having the indie effect over all our productsgave them continuity, so any of our target We also combined these pictures into theaudience who had seen one of the productsdigipack to keep up the indie motif.would probably find they liked the otherproducts too, so the products as a wholeappealed to the audience, without one ofthem changing styles and alienating audience. 4. In order to combine our products welinked them is so that someone finding oneproduct would be made aware of others. We put our music video on the website, on the homepage, and on the videos page.On our website, we also did a link to our TheDansettes twitter page, which similarly had anindie background, and some of the same photos.Our twitter had a link to the website, and to thevideo on YouTube.This means by accessing oneproduct audiences can access multiple products oare open to more exposure of the band.We put an image of our digipack into the websiteso that people could be encouraged to buy it.This also linked the two products together. 5. Another reoccurring image in our products was arecord player. This was to link in with the slightly retrotheme of the band, and the old-school lo-fi style ofthe music. A record player was shown at the beginningof our music player, implying all the music in the videowas played via an old-school method. The recordplayer was then shown again in our digipack, as theback bit for our CD holder. This gave the effect that thealbum case was a record player, and the actual CDwas a record, which again linked in with the retrotheme. Similarly, instead of calling our Discographypage Discography, we called it records, to keep upthe idea that our music is retro and played through anold fashioned music method.Although retro is old fashioned, its seen asfashionable, and is very marketable, whilst still beingan alternative style. An old Dansette The record image also links in with the name of record player our band- the Dansettes, the name of a brand of old record players; This name fitted perfectly with our retro theme. 6. Another reoccurring theme throughout ourproducts was making the band seem accessibleand relatable. The band have songs aboutnormal people problems such as Boyfriend,about pining after someone who doesnt likeyou back.The video is a narrative of the song so throughthe video the audience can see her problem,and feel sorry for her. They will hopefully alsoend up liking her as they can relate to the Not un-relatable like someproblem. In the video, both band members are pop starsalso dressed in an indie style, instead ofdramatic outfits such that pop stars often havein their videos. These clothes make the bandmore relatable, its something anyone couldwear, and as theyre indie, are probably similarto the clothes that the audience would wear.We had to make the whole video seem asunscripted as possible (as indie ideals are oftendont care, dont try hard), although in realitythe outfits and movements were planned ascarefully as any pop music video. 7. The pictures we took and used for our products alsoserved to make the band appear accessible. They are quiteintimate shots, such as a close up of the singer. They arealso taken in normal places, such as a park, rather then ina studio, where only a celebrity would get their picturetaken. In the digipack, instead of normal serious bandphotos, we had pictures of the two of them togetherhaving fun, which emphasises that theyre friends as wellas band mates.This can also make the audience feelas if they could be in the band, which is another sellingpoint- consume more of their products to find out how tobe more like them!We put a fun profile for Zoe and Drakeonto the website, so the audience couldfind out a bit more about the bandmembers, and in turn, feel closer to them.We portrayed the singer, Zoe, as a lovelyperson, which would make the audiencelike her even more. 8. Our main product was our music video. In this we presented the band as kooky. The main focus was the singer, Zoe, and she was the only person whose role in the band was established in the video.The other band member, Drake, featured, but it is not clear that he is in theband. This shows that although its a band Zoe is clearly the front womanand the focus is more on her. This idea is continued in the website andtwitter, as there are more pictures of Zoe, although we decided it wasfairer to have an equal amount of pictures of them on the digipack, as itshows they are a band. Single female artists can still be indie to audiences,but bands are more credible, and more fun. Similarly, by having a male anda female member the band can easier appeal to both genders- either forfinding attractive or for feeling relatable to. To continue the indie themewe had chosen for the band, we gave them indie style clothing. Thewearing of indie clothes was also present in the pictures we took and usedfor the website and the digipack. These indie clothes would appeal to theaudience- as fans of indie music would most often dress in an indie style.Having normal yet stylish clothing is yet another marketing point- buymore of their products so you can see more of their style, so you coulddress like them- like indie band members! 9. We also used similar fonts on our digipack and website.This links the texts together and helps them berecognized as side by side products. 10. We also used similar fonts on our digipack and website.This links the texts together and helps them berecognized as side by side products.