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The best business narratives I have read

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  • 1. Bookleverageblog Presents: The Best Business

2. Reads like fiction, but thetrue story of thefall of RJR Nabisco is amodern day epic 3. The story of thelowly Oakland Asunder GM BillyBeane proved that finding hidden value can changeany game 4. This fantastic recounting ofLong-Term CapitalManagementsrise and fall was a harbinger of the Great Recession 5. The Enron fiasco gets its full treatmentbetween thepages of thiscompelling read 6. How Nucor challenged Big Steel and withmoxie, luck andpassion remadean industry 7. Forget the campy movie, this chronicle of an Archer DanielsMidlandwhistleblower is a heart-pounding look at big and bad business inAmerica 8. Michael Milken,Ivan Boesky andthe unknown detectives whobrought them to justice against all odds 9. Wall Street in the 80s comesto life in thisinsiders look atthose heady days 10. CEO Lou Gerstnersaccount of theimprobable comeback ofIBM 11. How and whythe inconspicuous shippingcontainer madeinternational trade possible