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Transcript of Berlin Wall

  • 1. The Berlin Wall and Air lift By Charles Williams

2. Origin

  • After the Second World War Germany was divided into four parts one to the U.S. one to the U.K. one to France and one to Soviet Union.
  • The city of Berlin was also divided into four parts one to each of the countries
  • The wall was built to keep the east Germans form entering west Germany

3. The Berlin wall 4. The Airlift

  • People of East Berlin were cut off form their work and had no means of income
  • Stalin cut off East Berlin's roads and train lines to the city
  • Joseph Smith and the English decided to for an Airlift for their military
  • The americans joined in

5. The Berlin Wall Memorial 6. Cause and effect

  • Cause: Germany is divided into four areas
  • Cause: Russia cuts East Berlin off from the West
  • The airlift is a success
  • Ronald Reagan is elected president
  • Effect: The U.S, the U.K, and the French, disagree with Russia.
  • Effect: The U.S. and England form the airlift
  • Russia lifts the blockade
  • The wall is torn down

7. 1961 Construction begins on wall Wall is torn down 1945 Germany is split into four parts 1950 The four different countries form two, east and west Germany 1975 Final addition of wall begins construction 1990 Germany is reunified 1948 Traffic is not allowed to go to or from east berlin The air lift begins in June 1949 The airlift and blockade is disbanded 8. Famous People

  • Joseph Stalin dictator of Russia. He isolated east berlin from the rest of the world, built the berlin wall, caused the cold war
  • Winston Churchill prime minister of England helped form the treaties at the and of the war
  • Ronald Reagan American president responsiblefor tearing down the wall.

9. West BerlinEast Berlin The Berlin wall is the red and blue lines Germany in after WWII 10.

  • "Niemand hat die Absicht, eine Mauer zu errichten!"("Nobody intends to put up a wall!")

Painting on the Berlin wall 11. The Berlin Airlift memorial 12. Story of the Berlin Wall

  • For 28 years East and West Germany were separated by a wall. During this time 133 people were confirmed shot trying to cross the wall and 5000 people were successful. It was separated so the four countries could control Germany peacefully. This was all well and good until the cold war began. This caused the U.S, U.K, and French to not trust the soviets.

13. Story of the Berlin Wall

  • The French the Americans and the British formed West Berlin witch became a capitalist country and the soviets formed East Germany. East Germany had a planed economy. During this time West Germany had an economic boom which made many East Germanys want to move to West Germany. This is why the wall was constructed.


  • The body of Peter Fechter Who died in front of the West Germany Border trying to escape

15. Story of the Berlin Wall

  • The East Germanys were not allowed to enter West Germany, but the West Germanys were allowed to enter East Germany. In 1989 Hungary stopped its border restrictions with Austria and 13,000 East Germanys escaped in to Austria. They lead many demonstrations against the wall. Eventually many more people eascaped in to Austria and lead more demonstrations

16. You are leaving sign 17. Story of the Berlin Wall

  • Because of all the protest a high ranking official said East Germanys could enter West Germany with proper permission, however he didnt tell what that was, so Thousands of East Germanys flooded the Gates and the guards did have time to stop anyone so they let everybody throw after a while. The official time the wall was deconstructed was June 13, 1990

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