Berlin Painter Volute Krater

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Berlin Painter Volute Berlin Painter Volute Krater Krater Fact Scan: Date: 500-480BC Type: Volute Krater (Mixing wine and water at the symposium) Technique: Red figure (the figures are red – hello?!) Potter: Unknown Painter: Berlin Painter (Painted a famous vase held in Berlin) Height: 65 cm Subject: Achilles fighting Memnon of Ethiopia
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Berlin Painter Volute Krater. Fact Scan: Date:500-480BC Type:Volute Krater (Mixing wine and water at the symposium) Technique:Red figure (the figures are red – hello?!) Potter:Unknown Painter:Berlin Painter (Painted a famous vase held in Berlin) Height:65 cm - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Berlin Painter Volute Krater

  • Berlin Painter Volute KraterFact Scan:Date:500-480BCType:Volute Krater (Mixing wine and water at the symposium) Technique:Red figure (the figures are red hello?!)Potter:UnknownPainter:Berlin Painter (Painted a famous vase held in Berlin) Height:65 cmSubject:Achilles fighting Memnon of EthiopiaAchilles fighting Hektor the Trojan

  • Berlin Painter Volute KraterSide AAchilles (left) fights Memnon (right)Thetis supports AchillesEos supports Memnon

  • Berlin Painter Volute KraterSide BAchilles (left) fights Hector (right)Athena supports AchillesApollo (holding an arrow) supports Hector.

  • Berlin Painter Volute KraterAnatomy posesDilute slipForeshorteningOverlapping

  • Berlin Painter Volute KraterAnatomyBodily detailsContrasts in hair, pose et

  • Berlin Painter Volute KraterComposition and use of spaceWhole vase mostly blackHas the effect of drawing attention to the figured friezesVery busy decorative motifs (double lotus and palmette chain; ivy spirals on the handles

    ScenesFigures in their individual spacesSpot-lit effect distinguishing features of the BPExterior figures gesture towards the centre

  • Berlin Painter Volute KraterCompositional MattersBoth sides have four separate figuresBoth sides have figures looking to the centreMost of the vase is blackDouble lotus and palmette frames the scenesCombatants are balanced.W-composition mimics the wide mouth and narrow neck of the vase

  • Berlin Painter Volute KraterOn the leftLunges forwardBody not covered by shieldHelmet visor up

    Both nakedBoth have helmet visors up

    Memnon/Hector - defenderOn the rightFalls/reclines backwardBody covered by shield Obvious woundsShaggy hairAchilles the aggressor

  • Berlin Painter Volute KraterArtistic MattersDramatic presentation figures spotlit on a stageGlorification of battleExtensive use of dilute slip pose reveals tension of musclesMiniaturist detailsAttention drawn to combatants