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Benign Lord - A book on Sri Sri Thakur AnukulChandra.

Transcript of Benign Lord




Publisher Sri Amarendra Nath Chakraborty Satsang Publishing House P.O.Satsang,B-Deoghar,Jarkhand

All rights reerved by the Publisher

1st Edition October 1972 2nd Edition- August ,1987 Proof Reader: Sri Kumar Krishna Bhattacharya

PRINTER Sri Amulya Kumar Ghosh Satsang Press P.O Satsang,B-Deoghar,Jharkhand



FOREWORD We have to stretch our minds to find eve the slightest conception of the Life of Love , the human life that the blissful Source of existence lived in our midst. This stretching is so worthy as activity though because of the fruit it yields as only the blessed ones who have tasted understand. But anyone can see that those whom Sri Sri Thakur has touched are doing their utmost to bring others to Him for no motive beside the desire for the good of others which gos hand in hand with love of Him. To know and feel presence within removes from the heart the sense inadequacy at the rot of all miseries of soul and body, of individual and society. It is by feeling His will and following it, rather than the woeful desires of our perfection. Though the progress may seem slow to us, we can be sure that it is steady, for it is the Supreme. In order to open ourselves to His all-fulfilling presence ,we need to begin finding our about the life ,He lived for our good: we need to know something of how He worked to guide us to His love in our manifested world. It was at the constant inspiration and regular guidance of His Holiness Sri Sri Thakurs son and foremost servant, Sri Sri Borda that Dayal Thakur ( Benign Lord ) was translated into English. The title of the book was kindly mentioned by him. We hope that this book will give glimpses of the Life of Love and beckon more souls to that Life ,the true one. Arun Ganguly Kerry Brace.


PrefaceThis revised second edition of Benign Lord is going to be published on the eve of Birth Centenary celebrations of Sri Sri Thakur anukul Chandra this year .This is a small booklet in which devotees find a glimpse of the magnanimous and divine life of ourLord. Let us hope that the reading of this book makes us experience an existential thrill and inspires one and all to know more and more of the Life Divine and be anointed with His unbounded Blessing and Grace. June 1987 Publisher


You are for the Lord Not for others ; You are for the Lord And so for others.Sree Sree Thakur


INDEXPage Nos 1. Advent 2. Childhood and Youth 3. Student Life and Marriage 4. As a Physician 5. The Great Period of Kirton and Trance 6. The Activities at Himaitpur 7. Sri Sri Thakur at Nilachal ( Puri) 8. Coming to Deoghar 9. The Great Departure 10. The Purpose of Mans Life 11. The Three Pillars of Life and Growth Jajan,Jaajan and Ishtabhriti 12. Jajan 13. Jaajan 14. Ishtabhriti 15. Education 16. Marriage Reformation 17. Satsangs Large Scale Activities 18. Satsang under the Guidance of Sri Sri Borda 19. A few opinions on Satsang


ADVENTIn the midst of the splendid green fields of Bengal in the district of Pabna lies the village of Himaitpur,wetted with nectar sweet drops of rain ,its air soothed with the caresses of the breeze .This Himaitpur is the place where nature rejoices ,where the imaginings of the poets are to be found in reality .At its front to the south the river Padma passes. Its holy waters kiss the bank here and flow on the toward their limit less destination in the sea. The monsoon was at its end and washed by the rains, nature seemed to be wearing new dress. The autumn dawn was like honey, incomparable in warmly smiling purity. On this morning the whole world deemed alive and full of feeling A deep red radiance from the rising sun spread across the eastern sky. It was the fourteenth of September of the year 1888, the day marked in the lunar calendar as the holy Talnabami Tithi.At five past seven the lying in room was brightened with a divine light and an indescribable the while atmosphere .It was the great and auspicious women in attendance were struck with wonder at the radiance of the boyMother Monomohini had born.


In answer to the woeful cries of the strayed wayfarers of this world, the deluded troubled and helpless ones, the Supreme Father whose worship is taught in the Vedas ,the ultimate goal of spiritual practice ,came down to us on this day. The life long prayer of Mother Monomohini was fulfilled for in His Mercy the Supreme Father Himself took birth as her son. This was the advent of Sri Sri Thakur Anukul Chandra,the Incarnation of Mercy and Supreme Compassion and the object of worship for the world. His father Shiva Chandra Chakraborty was a man of such prominence in virtue that it is impossible to describe his dutiful ness adherence and charitibility .He is one of those who renewed and bettered the world of men by standing as an extraordinary example of Ideal-mindedness, kindness to dependants and hospitality .It is fitting that the greatest fulfiller of the age should be born in the house and devotee of God. We bow down with love and respect at the holy feet of this man who was in reality like his namesake Lord Shiva. He was born in 1855 in Guakhara a village in Pabna District .While still in this youth he came to Pabna town and began to work as a contractor for the district board for which he earned a


sizeable income. At the age of twenty four he was marred to Monomohini Devi the daughter of Ramendra Narayan Choudhary, a land owner of Himaitpur. The life of Mother Monomohini was full of miraculous and glorious events. We can never cease regarding a woman of such virtue. Her heart in profound worship of the infinite received His expansive embrace and she became the medium through whim He descended to this earth. Her father Ramendra Narayan Choudhary was a great landowner and a devotee of RadhaKrishna ,whose form he worshipped each day. When Monomohini was only six years old she was possessed by a yearning for God. Sitting with her grandmother she would worship Radha Krishna with fervent desire and she insisted in doing this every day. One day her grandmother said to her . For worshipping one has to know the Holy Name .So a strong desire arose in her to obtain the Name which is given at the time of initiation .But who was there to initiate her? Taking notice of her eagerness for achieving God, Ramendra Narayan on day advised her Pray to Madanmohan (Krishna):He will give you initiation. Now Monomohini had found a way. She sat in the shrine in their house and expressed the longing within her in humble


prayer .Her yearning grew stronger until finally it took over her whole being : pangs of desire for God of rare intensity filled her heart and tears came rolling down her cheeks. On a night so still that the whole seemed to have fallen asleep ,Monomohini Devi went into the shrine with her brother Lola. He fell asleep after a short time ,but Monomohini s heart was trembling with eagerness to attain God All at once an effulgence illuminated the shrine and Monomohini gazed in amazement at the place of Radha Krishna ; a person radiant with divine light was sitting there. He was smiling sweetly and his eyes shone with the brightness of fulfilled love .Before this divine man seated on the throne of Radha Krishna shimmered the four golden letters of the Holy Name.Monomohini s soul resonated with the universal vibration and her heart overflowed with joy in having received the Holy Name. Many years later while she was visintg the home of Bindhyabasini Debi, a distant relative ,the photograph of man caught her attention.She felt a strange sensation in her body and dropped down in a faint. The picture as of the same great man she had seen in ther vision. But who was he ? She found out then that he was Sri Sri Huzur Maharaj ,the great saint and spiritual guide of Agra Satsang in western India. After much delay


she was eventually able to go to him and bow down at his holy feet. How great must have been the delight and sweetness of this meeting of devotee and Spiritual Guide! Now we will turn to the divine life of the greatest fulfiller of the age ,the Ideal who embraced humanity with expansion,.


Childhood and YouthEven as a child Anukul Chandra showed signs of superhuman greatness. The heavenly grace of hi well formed body could not be hidden when in play he got dusty, this small boy was still the embodiment of Vedanta. In this child lying on the lap of his mother the Supreme One in His mercy had come down to us. He was eleven months old when one day Monomohini Devi took him along with her to the house of Umesh Lahiri at Haripur .Umesh Lahiri was a conservative Brahmin and the image of Balgopal (Lord Krishna as a boy ) was placed in his house. On the day of the visit he had been sitting absorbed in meditation for several hours, as he was accustomed to do. But today the medication was broken by the sound of something falling. In wonderment he saw that the image of Balgopal had fallen to the floor and that on the throne of the deity was sitting the boy Anukul Chandra sweetly smiling and with radiance effulging from his whole body. When Mother Monomohini scolded her child, he replied in innocence, Why does He call me then ? At this the emotion in Umesh Lahiri became uncontainable and tears flowed 12

from his eyes. On this day his worship had become meaningful his life had become blessed. Mother Manmohini Devi was going to see the new-born baby of one of her neighbours.She wanted to take Anukul Chandra along with her, But the boy said Whats the use of going there, mother ? How many days will the baby live? She was startled to hear from the lips of her child such a remark, spoken so normally and simply. On the eighteenth day afterward