Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water 1


Our presentaion shows how alkaline water can be extremely beneficial to your health and that of others by keeping an ionic balance in your body - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water


Page 2: Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

From the stuff we drink and swim in, to the steam that eases cramming and the ice that reduces swelling, water is all around us. Water is the main component of the human body. Water makes up about 2/3 of who we are, and influences 100 percent of the processes in our body. In fact, the body is composed of between 60 and 70% water, depending on body size. Adequate and regular water intake has numerous health benefits. As an added plus, it has no calories, fat, carbohydrates or sugar. The amount of water you drink everyday plays an important role in maintaining a healthy body. Experts endorse drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water each day to maintain good health. Water helps keep the body well hydrated, which is essential because almost every cell in the body needs water to function properly.


Page 3: Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

Transport nutrients and oxygen into cells. Protects our vital organ. Helps with metabolism and organs to

engross nutrients better. Controls body temperature. Protects and soothes our joints.

Buy you have wondered ever from where these drinking water are coming from? Mainly these drinking water comes from municipal source or unprotected water source like streams, rivers, cisterns and poorly constructed wells polluted with bacteria, nitrates, e-coil, herbicides and pesticides etc. Though tap water was considered safe for drinking has it goes through a process of distillation at municipal water treatment plants, it seems that now more chlorine and other additives have been added to supply our homes with pollutant free tap water.

The functions of water in human body are vivacious. They are:


Page 4: Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

Unfortunately the quality of tap water has declined over the last number of years, to the point where you can actually smell and even the taste the chlorine that is present in the tap water

Because of this nowadays more and more people are now opting for water ionizers for home water purification. Here comes the benefit of drinking alkaline water?


Page 5: Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

Alkaline Water is commonly known as ionized water, i.e. the water that has pH level greater than seven. Alkaline water is generally produced with the aid of water ionizer. It balances the body pH of an acidic person.

Human body is not properly balanced and contains far too much because of poor diets and lack of physical activity among other reasons. To prevent this, you need to have alkaline water to normalize your acidic body. It is an antioxidant that can stop of premature aging and improve weight loss. By increasing the alkaline level of the body it neutralizes the acidity level. Enjoy 3 to 4 glasses of tasty and healthy alkaline water daily would be sufficient.

An Introduction to Alkaline Water


Page 6: Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

1. Better Hydration.

2. Enhance your immune system.

3. Effective Antioxidant.

4. Improves your body’s pH.

5. Helps body to eliminate toxic waste.

6. Helps in weight loss.

7. Purifies water from body.

8. Ward off all allergies.

9. Good for gardening and farming.

10.Better skin and hair

11.Helps in achieving better concentration.

Phenomenal Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water


Page 7: Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

This is basic to maintain or regain optimum health. Ionized water is essentially different from conventional water. When compared with conventional water, alkaline water is able to spread more minerals and vitamins throughout our body faster.

During ionization your alkaline water filter forms your water into micro clusters that are more easily absorbed at the cellular levels thus “super hydrating” your body.

Better Hydration


Page 8: Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

Alkaline water boost or improve our immune system to maximize our body’s capacity to fight off disease and heal itself. It fights against the aging process and many degenerative diseases with antioxidant rich alkaline water. It is effective at protecting against diseases such as osteoporosis, arthritis, various kidney and colon disorders that entail bone and cellular degeneration.

Enhance your immune system


Page 9: Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

Alkaline water acts as an antioxidant, hunting for and resolving harmful free radicals. It has the ability to give up electrons and can effectively nullify and block free-radical damage to the body. Because alkaline water has the ability to give up electrons, it can effectively neutralize and block free-radical damage to the body. Ionized alkaline water follows out free radicals and converts them into oxygen which your body can use for energy production and tissue oxygenation. Cancer and most other illnesses cannot survive in an oxygenated, alkaline environment.

Effective Antioxidant


Page 10: Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

Alkaline water helps balance the body’s pH, which have a tendency to be acidic because of our high acid food diet, stress and exposure to environmental toxins. It has a pH range of 7.2 to 9 which is safe to our body. It alkalizes our body’s pH from acidic to alkaline pH. This creates an perfect environment for our body to become vulnerable to diseases. Alkaline is the normal state of a healthy person.

Improves your body’s pH


Page 11: Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

Alkaline water purify your body to remove normal acidic waste products accrued daily and also remove toxins accrued in your body from your environment, prescription drugs, unnatural foods and from the normal process of aging. These alkaline water not only carries adequate nutrients and oxygen, but it also increases the efficacy and absorption rate of any supplement as they get brought deep in to your cells and tissues. Alkaline water has the skill to fight against free radicals and flushes out the toxin and acid waste quite efficiently from cells and tissues.

Helps body to eliminate toxic waste


Page 12: Benefits of Drinking Alkaline Water

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