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Transcript of Ben Greenfield Podcast 267

  • Podcast #267 [0:00:00] Introduction: In todays episode of the Ben Greenfield fitness podcast: How Root Canals Can Destroy Your Health, Natural Remedies for Stomach Ulcers, The Best Kind Of Garlic To Use, How to Get Rid Of Car Sickness, How Long Should You Rest After Interval Training, What Supplements To Use Before Workouts, and How To Train For An Ultramarathon? Brock: Some Im kinda in a bit of a grizzly bear kinda mood today. Ben: Grizzy bear kinda mood? Brock: Yeah kinda grumpy. Ben: Eating berries and hibernating or? Brock: Yeah I wish I was hibernating. I started the day off. I leapt into work for like 2 hours solid. Got doing amazing work, feeling really good about it and then the computer decided to just delete everything. So I lost my first 2 hours of the day. Ben: But I least you leapt in work. I like to imagine you up there in Canada kinda jumping out of bed, clicking your heels together... Brock: Yeah, I do that everyday. Ben: You sleep in your shiny black boots that you could just leap into the air with and click your heels and off to work. Brock: Shiny black boots and thats all. Ben: Whistling. And you have background noise like to do in that Family Guy episode where its kinda like you see, its the travel episode in Family Guy wherever he goes he got his travel background. Brock: Dont be depressed. Mine is sung by a choir of mountees. Ben: So this morning just in case people care, Im actually monitoring my stress during the entire podcast so if you hear me stop and I go into
  • like deep breathing, box breathing stress control mode is because I freaked myself out. Im using this new... Brock: Thats it. Im gonna try and freak you out the entire episode. Ben: Im actually interested to see how I respond. Ive been tracking everything this morning from my cup of coffee to my cold shower to hanging out with my kids using this Vital Connect patch that you wear all day long and it feeds data from your heart into your iPhone and it tracks your heart rate variability during the day so its like waterproof, its exercise proof so right now... Brock: Are you, are we allowed to talk about that? I thought it was a secret? Ben: I have no clue. But I just got one in the mail in the morning... Brock: Yeah, I tried it out a few weeks ago. It was really fun but since its in beta. Thats all well say about it. Ben: Well I can tell you right now, my heart rate is at 58 and my heart rate variability is on 83 right now so Im mildly stressed out just talking to you. We should probably stop. Brock: Alright. Talk to you later. News Flashes: Brock: has all this stuff that we talk about as usual. The show notes are very detailed and especially the news flashes section. Ben: The news flashes. And Im always... Brock: Ripe with links. Ben: On Im telling you the latest and the greatest and here are a few things that came out this week. The first is for those of you out there doing these fasted exercise sessions. Brock: I did one this morning. Ben: Did you? Brock: Yeah.
  • Ben: Was it the jumping out of bed and leaping? Brock: And with the mountees chasing me? Ben: And the computer? Holding your computer overhead and smashing it to the ground for people... Brock: Thats... I will, once this podcast is done. Ben: So in this study they gave folks an amino acid of carbohydrate mix while they were exercising specifically weight training and found that it did not alter fat utilization and it actually increased the energy expenditure or the metabolism after the workout. And that make it... Brock: So it did not alter the fat utilization in that it didnt enhance or decrease? Ben: It didnt make you burn any less fat when you did something like the old school body builder approach of walking around the gym with the milk pitcher full of energy drink and amino acids. But it actually increased metabolism. It kinda keeps the body in its anabolic state. The reason I mentioned this study which just came out is that its good information for people going out there and beating up their bodies with these long fasted workouts thinking its gonna put your body into fat burning mode the rest of the day. And the fact is, if youre gonna go out and do something hard like a resistance training session, or a hard interval session, a lot of times its better to send your message, a message to your body that energy is available for that type of workout. [0:05:03.6] And its why in most routines that I prescribe, any hard workouts are done in a fed or a snacked state and most then of like the easy, kinda hunter gatherer, trekking, easy cardio, aerobic, yoga, that type or workouts are okay in a fasted state but this research kinda backs up the fact that it is indeed not gonna really be bad for fat loss or for fat oxidation or for metabolism if youre eating while youre working out. In this case they were taking in about 5-10 grams or so of amino acids and I believe they were getting in close to about 200-250 calories or so of carbohydrates as well. Brock: Holy smokes.
  • Ben: So I think you can... Brock: Thats some serious carb. Ben: I would have loved to have seen them done this, do this study and also include an amino acid group without the carbohydrates because that I think can allow you to keep your metabolism elevated, go really hard but experience less of a surge in blood glucose so you know, doing something like a 5-10 grams of an amino acid powder or capsule kinda mixed into your drink that you have at the gym or doing the hard interval session. I suspect that the need for carbohydrates especially like in a fat-adapted athlete is probably not quite as necessary but regardless, interesting study. Brock: Yeah, very cool. Ben: Another one, and this was something I tweeted out. I believe it was yesterday but it was another sleep hack stack. I think it was last week we talked about lucid dreaming and how you could initiate lucid dreaming by taking high dose melatonin like 15-20 milligrams of melatonin and mixing that with some neurotransmitter precursors specifically the recommendation last week was 300 milligrams of 5 HTP and 3,000 of tyrosine. So heres one thats not going to put you into that lucid dreaming state or even leave you that groggy in the morning but that really relaxes you for a nap or for kinda going to bed at night. If you happen to be the kind of person whose mind races to deal with like anxiety, thinking about the day and things like that before you go to bed, heres 3 things you can mix together. You can just out this in a little glass of ice water or whatever. You can mix it up with some magnesium if youre a pretty bad magnesium drinker. It is passion flower which weve talked about before and these are all just give them a little dropper extracts off Amazon or whatever and well put links in the show notes. Brock: Passion flower is the stuff that you were suggesting at one point to take if you wake up in the middle of the night, having trouble getting back to sleep. Ben: Yeah exactly so it causes your brain to release gamma aminobutyric acid whereas if you just take a gamma amino aminobutyric acid supplement thats actually not all that efficacious or if it is efficacious, that means its crossing the blood-brain barrier and you have a leaky blood-brain barrier. So GABA, Im not a huge fan of, is pretty bad but passion flower I am. I mixed this with a natural relaxant of valerian
  • root which will also get in extract form so you get a dropper full of passion flower, you get a dropper full of valerian root and then finally, you put in the Hawaiians version of marijuana, thats that natural muscle relaxant, mood stabilizer kava kava which you can actually get. A lot of people dont realize this, just like off of Amazon in this little dropper bottles and you mix kava kava, valerian root, passion flower, you do that about 15 minutes before you go to bed and you can put them straight into your mouth or you can just put them in a little bit of water and then youll be sleeping like a baby in sawing logs, forgetting all your worries. Brock: Now this doesnt have anything because this doesnt have melatonin or any serotonin blockers or anything you know. This wouldnt shut down anything like this would be safe to use for longer periods? Ben: Yeah. These are all natural herbal relaxants so theres no playing around with neurotransmitters, with hormones, anything like that. Its just kinda really supernatural so kava kava, valerian root, passion flower. Ill link to some of my favourite kinda 2 ounce portions off at Amazon which is enough to last you about 30-60 days depending on how often you are inducing that deep sleep so and then the final thing that I wanted to mention was a really cool video that I think folks will get a kick out of. The study itself was a little dumb so Brock have you seen the lizard that can run on water? Brock: Yeah, I love that little guy. Ben: Yeah, so on planet earth there are a few actual species that have legs that can also run on water like water strider insects, theres some aquatic birds, and theres some lizards, and they just came out with this study where they put these specially made fins on humans and had them run in like really on water. [0:10:00.2] And the only caveat to this study was they actually put them in like a lower gravity state meaning they were slightly suspended from a harness and theyre trying to see like how heavy they could get