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  • 1.Podcast # 202 from[00:00:00]Introduction:In this Podcast, which is better high protein, low carbohydrate or high fat, low carbohydrate? Also, what is hip dysplasia, how to deal with a bakers cyst, how carbohydrates are listed on packaged food, trouble sleeping after an evening workout, what type of milk is best, HUUB wetsuits, should you use over the counter testosterone creams, how does Muscle Activation Technique work, and what is the ENG3?Brock: Hey everybody, welcome to Episode 202. This is the episode where Bens going to tell us about the inside of every portable potty in Spain. And Im going to tell you how to grab and eel unexpectedly while swimming in a lake.Ben: Oh boy, this should be fun.Brock: Its going to be a good one.Ben: Yes. I literally just got in last night from a 24-hour layover in Paris.Brock: Nice.Ben: That was actually my fault for misreading a ticket. And its usually not a big deal. But I happen to be traveling with my wife. And it always makes it that much more embarrassing when you miss a flight. Its not just you that is suffering from it. But anyways, I got to spend a romantic night in Paris.Brock: I could say its hard to call it suffering when youre in Paris.Ben: We were in an airport hotel. But I did get my workout in. I did stairway sprints. It was a ten-story hotel. So, I got some stairway sprints in. And the way that I did my workout in the Paris hotel, I thought Id share this with listeners because I was doing it. And I was thinking that I got to tell my listeners about this workout because it worked out pretty well. I went into the stairwell which nobody uses anyways.Brock: Yes.Ben: Everybody just uses the elevator. And what you do is you sprint to each landing of each floor. And every time you get to a landing, you do ten push ups. So, you start at the bottom. You sprint to one

2. floor and you drop and do ten. And then you sprint to the next floor and drop and do ten. And you alternate in between push-ups by taking two stairs at a time and then one stair at a time.Brock: So, you do quick feet for one and then bigger lunging steps for the next.Ben: Yes. And then I had an espresso and a bar of dark chocolate. And then I got on the plane.Brock: That sounds perfect.Ben: But actually, the race that I was at was the ITU World Championships over in Spain. And I just put a link to my race report over at I got to say I read the race report. And I actually got stomach pains on your behalf.Ben: Yes. And what it comes down to, Im writing an article right now on this for Lava Magazine. But for the past four to six months or so, Ive pretty much worked most of the gliadin proteins out of my diet. Its that protein molecule you find in things like wheat, rye, and barley. And the thing is that when youve worked gliadin out of your diet and then you bring them back in, the inflammatory reaction in your bowel and the effect on the mucosa lining of your small intestine is pretty significant.Brock: Its more significant than it wouldve been had you just continued to eat.Ben: Right. Basically, if youre gluten-free and gliadin-free and then you get some trace exposures which happen to me during race week. When youre really trying to operate at 100 percent intensity, it can mess you up a little bit. And I ended up basically for the last hour of that 75-mile bike that I was hammering pretty hard, I ended up not being able to really eat anything at all. Its because it was just coming back up. And it really came back to bite me on the run in terms of hypoglycemia and all that jazz. So, everything from nutrient loss to mal-absorption of nutrients to indigestion to leaky gut syndrome to fat mal-absorption to aggravating lactose intolerance. All of these things are issues with gliadin exposure after youve dropped it out of your diet. Im working on a big article on that right now for Lava Magazine. But essentially what happened was I had some tapas here and there and a few exposures to wheat in some of the dinners that we had. And it was one of those deals where you dont really realize how even a little bit can 3. come back to bite you until youre standing there on the starting line. And youre trying to get everything you can out of your body. And its just not happening. So, its a big eye-opener. And if you want to check out the article, Im writing about it, you can go over to and link over to the race report and read it a little bit. And then you can check out the upcoming issue of Lava Magazine for more on that fun portable potty filled experience. Whats the deal with the eels dude?Brock: I was just swimming in Lake Ontario last weekend. I was just doing my regular workout. And during one of the strokes I felt this weird thing in my hand. And it was like I felt muscle and it shook and disappeared out of my hand. And I didnt actually see it. But it was alarming and shocking. And there were a lot of lifeguards all floating around in boats near by. And when I got close to one of them I just popped up for a second and asked them what they would say the chances are of me actually just having grabbed a fish. And one of them looked at me and said that it was probably an eel as if it was no big deal. Apparently, Lake Ontarios got tons of American eels . And they go into different areas. And the area that I was swimming in had tons of them. Theyre absolutely harmless. Theyre just like fish.Ben: Yes.Brock: Theyre not going to bite you. Theyre not going to sting you or anything. So, I wasnt worried. I continued to swim. And thats the spot Ive been swimming in for a while. Ill go back. But it was just if I had actually tried to grab an eel on purpose, theres no way I wouldve done it. But I actually did it by accident.Ben: You need to go swim with barbeque sauce and that way you got some unagi.Brock: Apparently, they are delicious. So, I shouldve kept my hand closed and swam to shore.Ben: Alas! I love unagi.[00:07:04]News Flashes:Brock: Okay. and of course Google+ have all kinds of interesting stories almost everyday. If not, every second day and sometimes multiple times a day. And this is a time when Bens going to highlight a couple of few of his favorites. 4. Ben: Im always keeping my eye open at some of the things that are floating around out there in terms of studies that can help folks out. And one of the things I saw was something that came out in Echinacea specifically on Echinacea supplementation improving running economy and maximum oxygen consumption after you use an oral Echinacea supplement for about four weeks. And Echinacea is something that a lot of folks have turned to as a way to boost the immune system. And to potentially decrease the duration of a cold or an upper respiratory tract infection although, theres not much research to back that up. But this study was pretty statistically significant in terms of four weeks of Echinacea supplementation and its ability to increase the manufacture of red blood cells. And its the same reason that the guys in the Tour de France dope. Of course they dont dope. Thats all rumor. Or they try to get their EPO up. Its pretty amazing though and the extent to which Echinacea almost parallels the effect of doping in terms of its ability to increase red blood cells.Brock: Really? Its that significant?Ben: Its pretty dang significant.Brock: Wow.Ben: Were talking about 8000 milligrams or eight grams of Echinacea.Brock: Eight grams wow.Ben: Its for an extended period of time. And thats a lot of Echinacea.Brock: That is.Ben: The average pill I think if you were to get Echinacea capsules, its something like 100 to 200 milligrams around in there. So, youre looking at almost 80 of those per day. There may eventually I would imagine come to market some type of concentrated liquid Echinacea supplements. Im definitely keeping my eye on this one. The mechanism of action is not something that I completely understand. But theres definitely a fact in terms of the ability to produce more of those oxygen transporting red blood cells. And I just wanted to mention it as something interesting. And its something that Ill certainly keep my eye on in terms of the research. And the availability like a high dose concentrated Echinacea extract and whether or not something like that is safe and even doable without gastric distress for example. 5. Brock: I should mix that with some beet juice and make this superhuman formula.Ben: And a little tequila.Brock: Yes and a little tequila, of course.Ben: The other thing that I noted for you guys out there speaking of tequila is that and this was what I actually tweeted. It was that sugary drinks when youre out at the bar or any other times that youre a pre-sex. It may affect your bedroom performance and not from the alcohol per say. And the reason that I tweeted this was a study that showed that glucose ingestion acutely lowered testosterone secretion in men. It means that they did a study where they fed healthy men glucose and measured concentrations of testosterone for the first 120 minutes following glucose ingestion. And there was a significant drop off in testosterone. It was right around 12 to 20 percent in terms of decrease for those two hours after consuming oral glucose solution. So, when I first tweeted this, I thought it was pretty significant. But then I looked at the study a little bit more closely. And basically, when they tested these men following glucose ingestion, it was between about eight and 12 pm during the day. Now what happens and you may have heard me talk about this on the show before, its usually around between eight and ten am that your testosterone levels peak due to your morning cortisol release. And theyll gradually start to decrease from that point during the day. So, at any given time during the day when