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  • 1. Podcast #138 from In this podcast, the Central Governor with Dr. Tim Noakes, is non-alcoholic beer healthy, receding gum lines, serum vs. freetestosterone, isometric ab exercises, how to raise natural hormonelevels in women, and indoor cycling workouts.Welcome to the Ben Greenfield Fitness podcast. This is BenGreenfield. I think that last week I told you Id be podcasting todayfrom the Carribean, but Im actually not quite there yet. Im goingto be heading down there tomorrow to go race in an event called theTri-Star Nevus. I actually dont even know. I should probablyfigure that out before I get there. But basically, its a triathlon; its a1000m swim, followed by a 100k bike, and a 10k run. So it shouldbe an interesting event, and I will be releasing lots of videos andstories from that over at one of my partner media websites, so stay tuned for that and by the way, todaysinterview with Dr. Timothy Noakes is fascinating. It actually reallychanged the way that I work out and the way that I train. It kind of,it really put up a light bulb in my head and changed some of myprevious beliefs about the way that the body responds to pain andintensity, particularly during exercise. So be sure to tune it to thatinterview if you really want to change your paradigms aboutexercise and working out and training and competing. I will alsohave a Q&A of course, so, lets get on to this weeks specialannouncements.Ben Greenfield: So the first announcement today is that I will be teaching aninteractive, live video webinar with Dr. Rick Cohen from Bioleticsand the title of this webinar is the Shocking Truth About Vitamin Dand Fish Oil. And the purpose of it is to teach you about why bothof us believe that Vitamin D and fish oil are two supplements thateveryone should be taking. And were also going to be talking aboutwhat goes into making them and how to actually choose Vitamin Dand fish oil, how to get tested to see if you actually need them, andpretty much everything youd ever need to know about these. SoIve put a link in the show notes to this episode, Episode # 138 overat so that you can RSVP for that livevideo webinar. Youre actually gonna be able to ask your questionvia video and so I would highly recommend that if you plan on

2. participating in this webinar, you go over to the to RSVP because it allows you to do acamera and mic check on your computer if you want to ask yourquestions via video. There are also options during that webinar toask your questions via a chat box. Now, the date of that is Tuesday,April 12, at 6 o clock pm, Pacific time. Its going to be about anhour to an hour and a half for anybody who is interested in learningmore from other scientific or consumer perspective about VitaminD and fish oil; why they work, how they work, etc. You arent goingto want to miss the shocking truth about Vitamin D and fish oil.The next thing is that it was just announced yesterday to theathletes who I coached, but it will open up this Friday to the generalpublic and that is my Ironman Coeur Dalene 2011 TriathlonTraining Camp. Its going to be on March 13th through 15th and itsnot open for entry yet. But if you want to learn right away when itdoes become open for entry to the general public, you will need tosubscribe to the BenGreenfieldFitness newsletter or followBenGreenfield on Twitter or go over to the Facebook page forBenGreenfieldFitness and any of those methods will allow you totune in and be one of the first people to find out when that campactually opens to the general public. The camp itself is going to takeplace May 13th through 15th in Coeur Dalene, Idaho and it will bejam packed with both seminars and workouts and of course a littlebit of fun and partying thrown in, to0. So dont miss that and thenthe last really special announcement here is that as many of youknow, my wife, Jessa, and I run a kind a secret section called the Ben Greenfield Fitness InnerCircle where we dish out tons of advice on healthy lifestyle; onfamily fitness tips, on cooking. We do live video webinars eachmonth. Folks inside there have 24/7 access to both Jessa and I toask questions about everything from cooking and cleaning suppliesto fitness and nutrition. We just decided to make that available toanybody who just wants to go check it out for a dollar so you can getin full access to everything 14 days sneak peak for one dollar at Inner Circle. So just go circle to check that out.All right, lets go ahead and start right in to this week listener Q andA.Remember if you have a question to the podcast, you can use thefree BenGreenfieldFitness iPhone or android application to ask 3. your question and you can download either of those from the iTunes store or the android app store or you can simply call to 877 209 9439 or you can Skype pacificfit. Any of those methods would allow you to ask your question and of course theres always the handy-dandy Ask Ben form over at the website. And the first question this week is from listener Jeff.Jeff asks: Hey Ben, this is Jeff from Tampa, Florida. I have a question for the show. Hey, whats your take on non-alcoholic beer as sort of like a nice little treat in the evenings after work? Is that nutritious? Is the lack of alcohol have issues with the sugar or is there anything like that? Just curious what you think. I have been enjoyed Odouls amber in particular and thats actually pretty tasty. So I appreciate your take. Thanks, man. Bye.Ben: Alright, so, first of all, lets start with this. Most of the benefits found in alcohol in terms of reducing risk of cardiac disease, stroke, and even Alzheimers or cognitive decline; most of that is because of the actual alcohol in the beer so youre not going to take a ton of these benefits when you remove alcohol from the beer in terms of the health effects of alcohol itself and from the moderate consumption of alcohol. However, they have had a few studies that show that even low alcohol or no alcohol beer can have some anti- carcinogenic or anti-cancer properties and theres one small study that showed that non-alcoholic beer might mimic some of the cardiovascular benefits associated with regular alcohol containing beer but most of the research suggest that the primary health benefit from beer itself is going to come from the alcohol. Now, they do use brewers yeast to make both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beer, and that does contain a lot of nutrients, tons of minerals like Magnesium and Potassium; others are a lot of B vitamins in there as well. So youre going to get all these benefits but as far as any type of sugars, added sweeteners, syrups, herbs, extra compounds, anything else that they throw into regular alcoholic beer, all that is still going to be in the non-alcoholic beers. So for example, if youre very sensitive with something like gluten, you know, a non-alcoholic beer is going to mess you up just as much as an alcoholic beer. So the idea that we may make the non alcoholic beer, the important thing is to maintain the flavor of the beer so it tastes really close to beer. So you dont get rid by actually heating up the final product. They typically will remove alcohol either through whats called a vacuum distillation process which basically changes the pressure. It 4. allows you to boil off the alcohol at a lower temperature. The other way that theyll do it is through something called reverse osmosis, which basically involves passing the alcoholic beer through a filter that has tiny, tiny pores that only allow water and alcohol to pass through. So you remove the alcohol and the water and then everything else thats left over, you add back into whatever mixture of sugars and other flavor compounds that you have from the original beer. When youve got your non-alcoholic beer, incidentally, it still does have a little bit of alcohol in it. It can actually contain up to 0.5% alcohol and still be called non-alcoholic, so youre still getting a little bit alcohol in there but ultimately, the only real thing thats different in terms of the content of non- alcoholic beer and alcoholic beer is the alcohol itself. So in terms of whether or not non-alcoholic beer would be healthy for you, even though you do get some of those minerals and some of those B vitamins, ultimately, its mostly empty calories. You know, its very close to just kind of munching on bread after you work out. So its not doing you a ton of favors, you know, like I mentioned, maybe some of those anticancer properties but its also not going to be a big issue if youre not supersensitive to something like gluten or youre trying to eliminate things like that from your own diet. The other thing thats important to remember is that if youre doing it because you maybe struggle with alcohol or alcohol addiction or have in the past, there has been some research that shows that any type of anything that even remotely resembles beer can trigger enough of dopamine release in your brain to cause a relapse into a heavy use of alcohol. So over covering alcoholics still would want to be careful with non-alcoholic beer. And as far as Odouls thats fine. Theres a ton of other companies out there that make alcohol or non-alcoholic beer, Becks makes one, Coors has a non-alcoholic, Old Milwaukee, St. Pauli has one, and as far as gluten free beers since I did mention that, theyre not non-alcoholic but gluten free beers, three of the ones I know are Bards Tale Ale is gluten free, and theres another one thats called Redbridge, thats gluten free and then the Woodchuck ciders, which I actually enjoy quite a bit, high sugar but also gluten free. So great