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Company culture is the personality of a company and defines what a company is like to work for. Being “TOPS” is what we believe and value – it’s who we strive to be and what we look for in each other. This is our company culture deck. Learn more about TOPS Software at

Transcript of Being TOPS - Culture Deck

  • Being TOPS Exploring the corporate culture at TOPS Software
  • What is Company Culture? Company culture is the personality of a company and defines what a company is like to work for. Company culture incorporates the company mission, values, ethics, expectations, goals, and work environment.
  • Being TOPS Being TOPS is what we believe and value its who we strive to be and what we look for in each other. Team Oriented Open Positive Sympathetic Being TOPS is a commitment, from the company to each and every employee, and from each and every employee to the company.
  • Team-Oriented TOPS will Support your decisions and encourage teamwork Build an environment where teamwork is enabled Regularly host team building activities Regularly work to improve cross team communications
  • Team-Oriented You will Remember that the team is greater than the individual Consider the impact on a team member before you pass work along (remember that being a good team member means carrying your fair share!) Expect your colleagues to work at a high level
  • Open TOPS will Openly share information about the company status and direction even sensitive information. Be open to creating a better work environment empowering YOU to make tactical decisions when its good for the client. Be open to ideas, feedback, and criticism.
  • Open You will Openly communicate with team and clients Be open to feedback receiving and sharing without resentment Be open to new ideas Be open to making changes Leave room to make mistakes
  • Positive TOPS will Be positive in communicating mission/goals Recognize and affirm the contributions of team members Praise excellent behavior
  • Positive You will Perform your duties with cheer Understand its easier to be negative and being positive requires work Look for ways to make a positive impact for a client or colleague Discourage gossip
  • Sympathetic TOPS will Strive to provide an environment where real relationships are encouraged. Keep open doors, and tear down invisible walls. Genuinely care about your professional development. Provide opportunities to give back to the community.
  • Sympathetic You will Demonstrate genuine concern for clients and colleagues. Listen to clients sometimes they need to vent. Strive to understand what the client is trying to accomplish, not just what they say. Get involved in something bigger than yourself.
  • TOPS Superstar Each quarter, TOPS recognizes one team member that has best demonstrated the principals of being TOPS. Superstars are voted in by all TOPS team members, NOT management! Recipients are turned into a caricature and hung on the wall of fame in our Clearwater, FL office.
  • In Everything You do, Ask Yourself Is it good for the customer? Is it good for the company? Is it good for the team?
  • Suggestions are always welcome!