BEFORE JUSTICE S.B. SINHA (RETD.) COMMISSION KRISHNA 1 before justice s.b. sinha (retd.) commission

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Transcript of BEFORE JUSTICE S.B. SINHA (RETD.) COMMISSION KRISHNA 1 before justice s.b. sinha (retd.) commission

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    For State of Bihar 1. Mr. Vijay Hansaria, Senior Advocate 2. Mr. Abhinav Mukerji, Advocate 3. Mr. Avinash, Advocate 4. Ms. Tanya Shree, Advocate

    For State of Jharkhand 1. Mr. Gopal Prasad, Advocate

    For T.M. Bhagalpur


    B.N. Mandal University and

    L.N. Mithila University

    1. Mr. Atul Jha, Advocate 2. Mr. Praveen Chandra, Advocate 3. Mr. Amit Kumar, Advocate 4. Mr. Swasteek Shastaree, Advocate 5. Mr. Satyajit Yadav, Advocate 6. Mr. Abhay Kumar, Advocate

    For BRA Bihar University 1. Mr. Rakesh Kumar Khanna, Senior Advocate

    2. Mr. R.P. Singh, Advocate

    For Vinobha Bhave


    Nilambar Pitambar University


    Sidhu Kanhu Murmu (SKM)


    1. Mr. Rajiv Singh, Advocate

    For Kolhan University 1. Ms. Jagriti Ahuja , Advocate

    For Magadh University and

    Vir Kunwar Singh University

    1. Mr. Chandra Prakash, Advocate

    For Claimants 1. Mr. Amrendra Sharan, Senior Advocate 2. Mr. Ajit Kumar Sinha, Senior Advocate 3. Mr. Ashok Bhan, Senior Advocate

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    4. Mr. Neeraj Shekher, Advocate 5. Mr. Ashutosh Thakur, Advocate 6. Mr. Manish Kumar Saran, Advocate 7. Mr. Bijay Kumar Sinha, Advocate 8. Mr. Saket Singh, Advocate 9. Mr. Prem Sundar Jha, Advocate 10. Ms. Manjula Gupta, Advocate 11. Mr. Shashi Bhusan, Advocate 12. Mr. Pramod Kumar, Advocate 13. Mr. Ajay Kumar Singh, Advocate 14. Mr. Sushil Kumar Singh, Advocate 15. Ms. Punam Kumari, Advocate 16. Mr. Ashwarya Sinha, Advocate with 17. Mr. Himanshu Chaubey, Advocate 18. Ms. Vijaya Lakshami, Advocate 19. Mr. Prakash Kumar Singh, Advocate 20. Mr. Niranjan Swami, Advocate 21. Mr. Naveen Kumar Singh, Advocate 22. Mr. Abdhesh Chaudhary, Advocate 23. Mr. Sanjit Kumar Jha, Advocate 24. Mr. Shashi Bhusan, Adv 25. Mr. Chandra Prakash, Adv 26. Ms. Radhika, Advocate 27. Mr. S.K. Diwakar, Advocate




    1. The reference to this Commission by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India relates to

    the question of absorption of about 4,000 employees (teachers and non-teaching staff)

    working in 40 colleges affiliated to various universities, which were converted into

    Constituent Colleges in accordance with the provisions of the Bihar State Universities

    Act, 1976 (“the Act”), pursuant to the Resolution adopted by the Government of

    Bihar on diverse dates in the year 1986.


    2. The State of Bihar had issued several Government Orders directing conversion of the

    said 40 Colleges in the fourth phase from time to time as would appear from the


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    (a) On 7.11.1985, it was announced on the floor of the State Legislative Assembly

    that the State Government has taken a decision to convert 29 Affiliated

    Colleges into Constituent Colleges. On 13.11.1985, a teleprinter message was

    sent to the Vice Chancellors of the concerned universities intimating them of

    the said decision.

    (b) By a wireless message dated April 8th, 1986, similar instructions were sent in

    respect of five other Affiliated Colleges; whereafter names of two more

    colleges were added to the list, and similar instructions were issued.

    (c) By a letter dated 19.8.1986, the State of Bihar conveyed its decision to the

    Vice Chancellors of the concerned universities of converting 36 Affiliated

    Colleges into Constituent Colleges in the Fourth Phase. A list of the said

    colleges was appended in Appendix ‘Ka’ thereof. The conversion was to take

    place as per the terms and conditions laid down in Appendix ‘Kha’ to the said

    letter, with effect from the actual date of taking over of the management of the

    college, or the date on which the Governing Bodies of the concerned college

    pass the requisite resolutions and prepare statements of assets and liabilities


    (d) By reason of a letter dated 03.7.1987, three other colleges were similarly

    decided to be converted into Constituent Colleges. One minority educational

    institution was also decided to be so converted.

    (e) The Universities were instructed, in terms of the provisions of Section

    4(1)(14) of the Act, to ask the Governing Bodies of the respective colleges to

    pass formal Resolutions for taking over their assets and liabilities, and enter

    into formal agreements with the Governing Bodies of the colleges for the

    purpose of converting them into Constituent Colleges, as also obtain requisite

    informations regarding the sanctioned teaching and non-teaching posts

    existing on the date(s) of taking over, as also gather other necessary

    informations touching the proposals for creation of additional posts in the

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    Affiliated Colleges, which were received by the State from the Universities on

    or before 30.4.1986, and were pending with the Government.

    (f) In accordance with the aforementioned decisions of the State contained in the

    said letter, resolutions were adopted by the Governing Bodies of the respective

    colleges. Resolutions were also adopted by the teachers and the non-teaching

    staff thereof. Moreover, Three-Member Committees were constituted for each

    college to prepare the list of sanctioned posts of teachers and non-teaching

    staff, and the list of teachers and non-teaching staff working therein, and

    submit their reports to the concerned universities.

    (g) Formal agreements were also entered into by and between the Governing

    Bodies of the Colleges and the concerned Universities, pursuant whereto and

    in furtherance whereof, the management of the colleges were taken over and

    converted to Constituent Colleges.

    (h) The list of teachers, who were appointed against such additional posts,

    pending for approval before the State Government, was also directed to be

    separately prepared for the purpose of consequential action on the part of the

    State Government.

    (i) By a letter dated 12.6.1987, the State of Bihar directed that in addition to the

    proposal for creation of additional posts pending with the State Government,

    the proposals for approval of posts for additional subjects in the colleges,

    which had been received from the Universities up to 30.4.1986 and pending

    with the Government, be sent to it upon ascertaining the necessary facts, so as

    to enable it to consider creation of posts, grant affiliation in respect of

    additional subjects, and direct absorption of teachers who were appointed

    thereagainst. Each University was directed to constitute three-member

    committees to gather all those informations.

    (j) In implementation of the said policy decisions of the State, formal resolutions

    were passed by the Governing Bodies of the Affiliated Colleges.

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    Thus, decision was taken to convert 40 Affiliated Colleges to Constituent Colleges.

    3. The three-member committees constituted for these purposes, as noticed heretobefore,

    submitted the list of sanctioned posts of teachers and non-teaching staff, and names of

    teaching and non-teaching employees working against the sanctioned posts, and those

    working against the posts creation in respect whereof, recommendations had been sent

    by the Universities for obtaining the sanction of the State Government, prior to the

    cut-off date(s) and also those working against posts for which recommendations were

    sent after the cut off dates, or for which no recommendation was sent.

    4. The Government of Bihar constituted a separate committee on 17.1.1987, headed by

    the Chairman of Inter-Universities Board to examine the proposals for affiliation of

    subjects and creation of post received before the cut-off date, i.e. 30.4.1986, for

    teachers and non-teaching staff in respect of the colleges which were converted into

    constituent colleges.

    The Committee was reconstituted by an Order dated 3.4.1987.

    5. On receipt of the recommendations of the said Committees, the Government of Bihar

    passed an order on or about 01.02.1988 to absorb the teachers and the non-teaching

    staff only on a provisional basis in view of the fact that there were inter-se disputes

    with regard to the claims of various teaching and non-teaching staff for their

    absorption in various colleges, which should be resolved by constituting a committee

    at university level.

    6. By an Order dated 8.3.1988, the State Government constituted eight-member

    committee(s), and thereafter five-member committee(s), to go into the question of

    absorption, and ascertain the number of posts duly created before the cut-off date, and

    the number of posts which had remained pending with the Government for grant of

    approval or sanction.

    7. On 18.12.1989, upon obtaining recommendations from the aforementioned

    committees, the Government of Bihar t