Bedroom to Boardroom: Sharing the Executive Suite

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Working with your spouse can be divine or difficult, especially in the stressful startup environment. Running a new company is time-consuming and finding the right balance between time with your significant other is often one of the toughest things to do. For some like-minded couples, the enthusiasm for their relationship carries over into excitement for new ideas or ways to solve problems. New companies are born, but so are a new set of problems to watch out for. Q Manning, CEO, and Michael Robin, CRO, from Rocksauce Studios discuss some of the difficulties in running a company alongside a significant other, as well as outline the major benefits, and why when done right, merging these two worlds can help invigorate any company.

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  • Bedroom to Boardroom Sharing the Executive Suite 2015 SXSW PanelPicker Michael Robin & Q Manning #bedroom2boardroom
  • The CEO of Rocksauce Studios, an Austin, Texas based Mobile Design & Development company, the director & writer of numerous lm and commercial projects, published author, and frequent public speaker. ! Most days, Q can be found helping Entrepreneurs whittle down their wonderfully sprawling ideas into concise, easy to manage products which have a chance to make a splash on the marketplace. Q Manning #bedroom2boardroom
  • The CRO of Rocksauce Studios, an Austin, Texas based Mobile Design & Development company, classically trained chef, with a culinary degree focusing on Business Management. A mother, a wife & a marketer extraordinaire. ! Every day is a new adventure for Michael as she balances relationships within the company as well as evaluating culture, values and benets to increase team happiness, productivity and success. ! Michael Robin #bedroom2boardroom
  • Could you work with your spouse everyday? Q Manning & Michael Robin discuss the maddening & inspiring life of married executives. #bedroom2boardroom
  • When running a company alongside one another, who do the employees look to as the boss? #bedroom2boardroom How does one deal with the natural ups & downs of a marriage, when the complication of making company decisions come into play?
  • How does a couple handle disagreements about company policy or direction, when one is higher ranking than the other? How does that dier from working with a standard executive co-worker? #bedroom2boardroom
  • How do couples deal with the natural inclination to show aection toward one another, when dealing with the fear of making employees feel uncomfortable? #bedroom2boardroom
  • How do couples keep from diminishing the standing of an executive when they are so frequently put into these natural, vulnerable positions? #bedroom2boardroom
  • How do you approach networking events? Which one of you takes the role of evangelism and which of you takes the role of sales? #bedroom2boardroom
  • Vote by visiting Open August 11 - September 5 #bedroom2boardroom