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Basic strategy to transit from fear to a global entreprenuer

Transcript of Become a global entreprenuer

  • 2. WHAT IFWhat seems like the end of the world today can be a window to accomplishment of a dream
  • 3. REDEFINNINGSUCCESSDoes working as an employee in an oil company, Bank make you successful?
  • 4. THE TRUTH The point is that the Passion people have cangenerate untold revenue if they know how to run with it.
  • 5. WHAT COUNTS Passion, Purpose, Fulfillment Matters
  • 6. STARTING OUTDefine your higher purpose
  • 7. STARTING OUTUnderstand and capitalize on your strengths
  • 8. STARTING OUTCreate Your Entrepreneurial Success Plan
  • 9. STARTING OUTThe Business of Speaking
  • 10. MARKETING IN IN THE NEW ECONOMYBuild Trust: Testimonial
  • 11. MARKETING YOUR BUSINESSSocial Media and Internet
  • 12. MARKETING YOUR BUSINESSGuerilla Publicity
  • 13. MARKETING YOUR BUSINESSAttend networking meetings
  • 14. GROWING YOUR BUSINESSBuild a successful team.
  • 15. GROWING YOUR BUSINESSBe ready to give free service
  • 16. GROWING THE BUSINESSLearn to manage fund
  • 17. GROWING YOUR BUSINESSDevelop sound relationship/people management skill
  • 18. GROWING YOUR BUSINESSKeep researching how to do it better.
  • 19. GROWING YOUR BUSINESSRally your Rabbis.
  • 20. GROWING YOUR BUSINESSLearn the secret of outsourcing.
  • 21. GROWING YOUR BUSINESSSee customers as those who are paying yourbill.
  • 22. MANAGING CHALLENGESWill you shine or whine
  • 23. MANAGING CHALLENGESThe grass is not always greener at the other side.
  • 24. MANAGING CHALLENGESThink positively
  • 25. MANAGING CHALLENGESKeep looking for the magic spot
  • 26. BENEFIT OF OWNING YOUR COMPANYControl over your time
  • 27. BENEFIT OF OWNING YOUR COMPANYThe company pays for all your expenses.
  • 28. BENEFIT OF OWNING YOUR COMPANYYou leave a legacy behind
  • 29. BENEFIT OF OWNING YOUR COMPANYYour opinions are valued.
  • 30. CONVERSATION CONTINUESWebsite: www.yinkaolaito.comEmail: yinka @yinkaolaito.comFacebook: Yinka OlaitoTwitter: Pathfindernig