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How can your brand become a blogging superstar? Here is my take on that question with the three things that make a real difference in blogging. Learn what your blog is all about, how to create it and how to make it really, really good.

Transcript of Become a blogging superstar!

  • 1. Become a blogging superstar!
    Creating and nurturing your own media channel
    Vassilena Valchanova, 11 April 2011

2. Hello!
Vassilena Valchanova (Bulgaria)
Agency work for 3 years (PetrolVilla Group, BMW, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, LG Electronics)
Marketing Co-ordinator for 1 year (Razer, Canyon, Prestigio)
Blogger for 4 years (BG Top 20 overall, BG Top 3 in Marketing)
3. The 3 things that make a difference in blogging
What your blog is all about Conversation, understanding, insight
How to do it? The Who, the What and the When of blogging
How to be really good at it? The listen/talk balance, earning eyeballs, making sense of numbers
4. Introduction
5. What is a blog?
A place where you can frequently and engagingly discuss chosen topics with your target audience.
6. Arent blogs pass?
I dont use my blog anymore. All the people Im trying to reach are on Facebook.
Pew Research: blogging falls 50% for 12-17 year-olds, 2% for 18-33 y.o.
Users flocking to Facebook, Twitter
Hybrid platforms (Tumblr, Posterous) emerging
Data: New York Times, citing Pew Research
7. Arent blogs pass?
Blogs generate leads at costs below average: 55% agree
Customer acquisition through blogs: 55% B2B, 63% B2C
Publishing a company blog: 48% to 65% in 2 years
36% of Fortune 100 companies blogging few do it, youll stand out
Data: The 2011 State of Inbound Marketing (HubSpot), Global Social Media Check-up2011 (Burson-Marsteller)
Rumors of my death are greatly exaggerated.
8. What your blog is all about
9. Again! What is YOUR blog?
A place for:
Starting a conversation
Building understanding and trust
Gathering customer insight
10. Conversation
11. Understanding and Trust
12. Customer Insight
13. How to do it?
14. Creating your blog
The technical part
Leave it to the webteam
Do it yourself
Focus on the content
15. 16. SEARCH
17. The Who: Author(s)
A corporate name for all posts written by CorpComms
Employee name for different posts moderated by CorpComms
Independent employee blogs
Separate CEO blog
18. The What: Content
Explain what you do and what you stand for
Give some behind the scenes knowledge
Share advice
Its not about you, its about your audience
Why so serious?
19. The When: Planning
Setting up goals and objectives
Choosing KPIs
Writing a blog development plan
Creating an editorial calendar
20. How to be really good at it?
21. Listening and Talking
Hear the comments
on your blog
on social media
Talk on other blogs
Do you have something to say?
22. Attracting traffic
Dont sell
Be interesting
Make sharing AEAP*
Analyze and optimize:
Your readers habits
Your choice of topics
*AEAP as easy as possible
23. ROB (Return on Blogging)
Setting goals beforehand gives you good ROB indicators
What do you want to measure:
Reach (traffic, unique/new visitors, pageviews, time spent)
Engagement (comments, Likes, shares, RTs)
Site benefits (inbound traffic, SEO scores)
Revenue (leads, goal completion)
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