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  • 1.Careers availablewithin theBeauty Services Industry . Direct and Indirect jobs Prepared by Kameka Williams-Thomas

2. Demonstrator- These technicians mainly work for a manufacturing company demonstrating the use of the products 3. Spa or salon Manager- Own or operate a business that offer beauty service. 4. Merchandiser/salesperson- Buy and sell beauty supplies of product and equipment 5. Stylist-work in salon, They are responsible for creating styles for clients. 6. Salon operator- Deals with clients to offer service such as perms and making appointments for services. 7. Barber- One whose occupation includes haircutting, hairdressing, shaving and trimming beards and related services. 8. Salon Receptionist- Deals with clients to offer service such as perms and making appointments for services 9. Chemist- Developed formulas for new products, improve on existing products used in salon . 10. Masseuse- A person who gives massage. 11. Acupuncture- Traditional Chinese medical practice of puncturing the skin with needles at specific points for therapeutic purposes. 12. Reflexologist- 13. Beauty Consultant- Conduct seminars or training on grooming, etiquette, career choices and fashion 14. Shampoo Technician-specialize in administeringshampoo and conditioning treatments that suit client hair type and scalp conditions. 15. Make-up artist- Make-up application to depict various events. 16. Mortician- Apply make up and dress the dead. 17. The end

  • There are more jobs available that will allow persons to get out of the salon .
  • Experiment with their skill area and make a contribution to the beauty service industry.
  • Prepared by Kameka Williams-Thomas