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  • Contact info: Tom Logar,, 1 877-427-9866, Cell: 561601-2636

    New Marketing Industry Advertising in Software

    just like



  • How it works?



  • Have you ever clicked-off a web ad

    that overtook your entire screen?

  • How much further will the web ads go to grab your attention?

  • Are you aware that software

    applications are totally free and clear

    of advertising?

    Do you know that many creative and successful software projects are dying because of lack of monetization ...


  • Do you know that

    developers are totally

    stripped of

    $106 Billion Dollars

    that are spent annually

    for online advertisement


  • Ive got Billions of FREE software programs installed

    Ive got an expensive program but slow sales

    Ive got Millions of downloads per month but no return on investment

    Developers pain

  • Free and clear platform for advertising

    Website advertising can extend its cluttered platform

    Advertisers can reach New, Focused and Targeted audience

    Marketing opportunity

  • Solution

    Developers can get desperately needed monetization especially for FREE software applications

    100s of Millions of downloads per month

  • Solution

    Paid and professional applications will welcome extra income

    as well as a new channel to communicate with users.

    Billions of software

    installations in use

  • Competition

    Competition is at early stage of development but growing and recognizing the potential

    Be-Spotted has, based on patent protection and 3 year long development, a unique advantage over competitors

  • Indirect Competitors




    Our advantages versus:


    We are Plug & Play solution for any software application

    OpenCandy and W3I:

    We are platform for commercial marketing

  • Phase 1.

    Per request

  • Tom Logar


    Tilen Kordis


    Jaka Jaksic

    Lead developer, Patent research

    Alexander Cvetkovski

    Market research

    Andrej Zeleznik

    Software development

    Sylvie Logar



  • Key members are European developers and market researchers

    15 or more years in business

    3 years on this self-funded project

    Step into our office at any time (18 hours a day; video and voice)

    Andrej Tilen Sylvie Tom Jaka Alex

  • Board of Directors

    Borko Furht, Chair Professor and Chairman at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton, Florida

    Department of Computer Science and Engineering

    Yelena Yesha Professor at University of Maryland, Baltimore County

    Jaime Borras CEO at Wireless Silicon Group, Inc.

    Armando Escalante CTO & Sr. Vice-President at LexisNexis Risk Management division in Boca Raton,


    Martin Cass CPA, CVA Managing Director at Alpern Rosenthal

  • Be-Spotted is in Plug & Play mode and ready to:


    Lock-in Developers

    Assign Marketing companies

    Open software advertising industry

  • Conclusion

    Developers are hungry for monetization

    We all live to expand

    Marketing companies are in extreme expansion