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The convergence of building native mobile apps, growing WP design agencies and acquiring enterprise projects empowers WordPress to the next level. Now is the time to step up our game with a Lean UX workflow. Lean UX is a fast design process with focus on a sequences of sprints to define, prototype, test, and refine user experience. Team collaboration, customer learning cycles, and design thinking are key. Find out how Lean UX creates the best user outcomes.

Transcript of Be a Lean UX Team Machine

  • Lean UX Team Gloria Antonelli machine WordCamp Milwaukee 2014 @GloriaAntonelli #WCMKE
  • AgendaIntro to Lean UX (lean user experience) Team Building Strategies WordCamp Milwaukee 2014 @GloriaAntonelli #WCMKE
  • about me artist trainer ux designer WordPress developer WordCamp Chicag @GloriaAntonelli #WCCHI WordCamp Milwaukee 2014 @GloriaAntonelli #WCMKE
  • stuff I know html & WordPress responsive design UX/UI design WordCamp Chicag @GloriaAntonelli #WCCHI WordCamp Milwaukee 2014 @GloriaAntonelli #WCMKE
  • collaborative teams why we should build
  • design process key for fast WordCamp Milwaukee 2014 @GloriaAntonelli #WCMKE
  • what is UX? in (user experience is an outcome) WordCamp Milwaukee 2014 @GloriaAntonelli #WCMKE
  • User Experience visual design interaction design information architecture content structure development technology media (encompasses) WordCamp Milwaukee 2014 @GloriaAntonelli #WCMKE
  • Lean UX Lean UX is a fast design process with focus on a sequences of (efcient with no waste) WordCamp Milwaukee 2014 @GloriaAntonelli #WCMKE
  • Lean UX comes from THE LEAN STARTUP Build-Measure-Learn design cycle
  • - Janice Fraser I coined the term Lean UX in summer of 2010 in a tweet because Lean Startup required that we adapt our classic UX practices to work in this newly dened environment.
  • A few months later Jeff (Gothelf) presented his talk at SXSW, Lean UX: Get out of the deliverables business, and we were off to the races. - Janice Fraser
  • think -> make -> check think -> make -> check think -> make -> check think -> make -> check think -> make -> check Its iterative!
  • Lean UX principles WordCamp Milwaukee 2014 @GloriaAntonelli #WCMKE
  • Avoid developing something the users didnt really want! Problem-solvingDont go down the wrong path. user centered
  • Lean UX Process run experiment to test assumption repeat WordCamp Milwaukee 2014 @GloriaAntonelli #WCMKE
  • design process
  • every project starts with assumptions HYPOTHESES declare your assumptions
  • Hypothesis Statement doing this ] these people ] this outcome this feedback
  • Lean UX Strategy prioritize users needs
  • Brainstorming
  • Design Studio create -> pitch -> critique its called a charrette individual idea generation team idea generation WordCamp Milwaukee 2014 @GloriaAntonelli #WCMKE
  • Design Studio
  • design an experiment to test hypotheses (minimun viable effort) WordCamp Milwaukee 2014 @GloriaAntonelli #WCMKE
  • MVP Minimum Viable Product to validate assumption WordCamp Milwaukee 2014 @GloriaAntonelli #WCMKE
  • Wizard of OZ
  • process and activities sketch -> prototype -> test (repeat)
  • visually articulate ideas
  • ITERATION the core of Lean UX
  • COLLABORATIVE cross-functional Team Building
  • Lean UX Teams ux designer in the design process WordCamp Milwaukee 2014 @GloriaAntonelli #WCMKE
  • two pizzas Jeff Bezos
  • When every single team member puts their specialized skills to good work while collaborating with each other day in and day out, magic ensues. Ariadna Font Llitjs
  • Lean Mindset
  • (global movement) WordCamp Milwaukee 2014 @GloriaAntonelli #WCMKE
  • If you are a designer who isnt afraid of development or if you are a developer who isnt afraid to pick up a pencil or if you are a product owner that is interested in dabbling a little bit in both areas. Lane Halley Balanced Teams Lean UX 14 you are a balanced team member
  • iteration and testing project ownership is a team effort WordCamp Milwaukee 2014 @GloriaAntonelli #WCMKE
  • Give all ideas & of
  • in the context of WordPress WordCamp Milwaukee 2014 @GloriaAntonelli #WCMKE
  • Author of Lean UX
  • thank you! Gloria Antonelli @GloriaAntonell UX Strategist WP Front-end Dev Consultant & Trainer