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Olympic gold medal winner marathon world champion 2009 and vice champion 2010 Sabine Spitz (GER) relies on Marta SL Magnesium and Durin SL.

Picture: Nikola

us Grnwald

CONTENTS 2011Welcome to the Passion People | page 5 MAGURA B2B Shop, Passion Point Concept | page 7 Product overview 2011 | page 9 Suspension forks | page 1021 Disc brakes | page 2239 The new Storm rotors | Seite 3233 Rim brakes | page 4047 Goodies | page 4849 Mission Performance | page 5051 MAGURA worldwide | page 52

Front page: The new Marta FR Picture: Jens Staudt


Picture: Jens Staudt

WELCOME TO THE PASSION PEOPLE.[Pas|sion Middle English via old French and late Latin passio, -ionis from Latin pati suffe 1. strong, barely controllable emotion, 2. strong enthusiasm.] (Excerpts from the Oxford dictionnary of contemporary English)

MAGURA 2011 The brilliance of simplicity In the Gulf of Mexico our planet is experiencing one of the worst man made catastrophes of all time. Who is to blame? A negligent oil multinational? Arent we all to blame or at least those of us who use their cars even on their 5 km daily commute to work? A car driver travelling such short stretches alone represents the worst case scenario for energy efficiency. On the other side of the coin a vehicle invention made almost two centuries ago allows the user to achieve around 80 % energy efficiency enabling travel with less energy input than anything seen previously. The success of this invention is very much alive and well in todays world: the bicycle. MAGURA accepted the challenge many years ago to improve the interface between man and machine. This is evident in the range of high tech componentry which transforms your bicycle into the perfect riding machine, offers quality which lasts whilst retaining simple basic ideas as the development platform. You know how great it is to have the perfect bike under you. The fascinating feeling of converting your own muscle-power into distance travelled. With the energy created at the breakfast table converted into wind in your face. The landscape experienced in all its faces without polluting it with exhaust fumes. Be a part of the Passion People, ride your bike, invest in long lasting MAGURA components they have been dreamed up, designed, produced and marketed by people who share your spirit. Thank you for placing your trust in MAGURA products!

Lightweight yet super solid > Due to the exclusive Double Arch design the Durin, Thor and Menja are some of the stiffest suspension forks out there making them unrestricted to the usage of rotors up to 210 mm in diameter. > Our brake flagship model, the Marta SL Magnesium, combined with the brand new and super lightweight Storm SL rotor, available for the first time in a 140 mm dimension, enters with its 280 grams/0.61 lbs a new territory in terms of feather-light yet super solid systems. With the 203 Storm or Storm SL rotor all Martas are fully Enduro compatible. The cool new Marta FR goes even one step further with its freeride ambitions and is definitely a worthy successor of the legendary Louise FR. Reliability > Rather than the usual, poisonous brake fluid which requires regular changes, all MAGURA brakes have been using mineral oil since the very beginning. Obviously the right decision, otherwise BIG S wouldn't have gone the same way a few years later . And as the Royal Blood has been proven in millions of brake systems we are the only manufacturer that gives a 5-year warranty on all seals! It goes without saying then, that the actual rim brake pads fit even to the very first Hydro Stop of model year 1987! This is what we understand by sustainability! > HS 11 and HS 33 are living legends and enjoy an outstanding reputation amongst commuters, trial maniacs, hobby cyclists and extreme globetrotters due to the easy replacement of brake blocks and the lack of regular servicing they require. The brand new versions of our legendary rim brakes offer a wide variety of options to allow you to design your individual brake! What makes us tick > At MAGURA rather than making a short lived bang with our products on the catwalk of the bike world we firmly believe in maintaining as well as improving proven products in the MAGURA line-up until we have groundbreaking innovation which delivers real advantages out on the trails and roads. If you buy MAGURA parts today you can be assured that you did not just put an outdated bit of equipment on your bike. > Made in Germany is lived philosophy at MAGURA from the R&D department situated in the heart of the Swabian Alb (one of the most demanding bike spots in Southern Germany) via the ultra modern production at the companys HQ in Bad Urach all the way to the service department and those of our international partners that deal often in record time with customer enquiries and repairs. We have been following these ideologies for more than 20 years because we are as equally demanding and passionate cyclists as our customers. We hope to see you at the next bike festival, races, online on or even better, out there on the trails!


The Austrian Alban Lakata celebrating his marathon World Championships victory 2010 with Durin Race and Marta SL Mag on board in St. Wendel/Germany.

Pictur e: Armin Kstenbrck

leakproof on levers, brake cylinders and calipers.

WHY CHOOSE MAGURA BRAKES AND SUSPENSION?Know-how MAGURA has always been a pioneer of hydraulic brakes for bikes producing the first widely accepted stoppers as early as 1987. The knowledge gained from over 70 years experience developing brakes for BMW motorcycles made the There are good suspension forks and good disc brakes out there. However, the interaction between the two can often be a let down. Not so with MAGURA forks, as they are built with the main specification that they are to be used with powerful disc brakes. Reliability All MAGURA products are German TV approved, an organisation which is having a worldwide reputation for its strict yet consumer orientated test schemes. All our products are assembled in the heart of Western Europe, in Germanys wild south, where MAGURAs story began 117 years ago. MAGURA guarantuees top quality, from R&D to packaging, and bits which ensure a long-term riding pleasure. All MAGURA brakes work with non toxic mineral oil which is easy to handle and does not have to be changed regularly like DOT brake fluid. Guarantee MAGURA gives a unique 5-year leakproof guarantee for the lever assembly and caliper of all brakes, when you register the brakes youve bought on! MAGURA where technology meets character. MAGURA B2B-Onlineshop Use our B2B-onlineshop which offers your business the simplest option to purchase 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Profit from the advantage of being able to access an up-to-date availability display as well as the benefit of reduced handling and freight costs for all orders through our online shop. If you are not currently using this facility dont delay simply apply online. All you require is your MAGURA customer number and an active e-mail address your log in data will then be forwarded to you directly. MAGURA Passion Point dealer program In spring 2011 MAGURA begins with its attractive Passion Point concept, which will offer dedicated dealers the opportunity, to present exclusivity and competence in the showroom. Your MAGURA representative will outline the concept to you at a later date.

Regular training seminars for retailers guarantee a good product knowledge from our Passion Point Dealers recognisable by the Passion Point badge. Check them out on Stay tuned with our B2B website where we will announce on time the next dealer clinics.

New, more progessive spring rate > New damping oil for better performance in lower temperatures > New decals > Superstiff 32 mm stanchions > Cold forged fork crown made of aluminium 6082 T6 with integrated cable stops for RCL remote control > Elegant screwed hose guide > Available in either disc only or canti-disc version > New 2011: Now also available with tapered steerer (100 mm disc only version) > Delivered with air pump Double Arch Design (DAD) for maxium stiffness Unique Dynamic Lockout System (DLO+) with improved shim setup and real blow-off 9 mm Safety Dropouts (SDO) for perfect hub engagement RCL Remote Control Lever for DLO+ featuring state-of-art ergonomics and user friendlyness

10 | 2007

05 | 2008







1,430 g /3.15 lbs* 1,410 g /3.10 lbs

100 mm 80 mm

PM 6 " PM 6"

9 mm 9 mm

Yes Yes

Up to 210 mm Up to 210 mm

* Standard steerer tube, resp.1,450 g/3.19 lbs (tapered steerer); all weights +/- 5 % Durin Race 100 Durin Race 80FREERIDE ENDURO ALL MOUNTAIN X-COUNTRY XC RACE TREKKING


Technical details on page 20. Press comments and test results on


< Remote Control Lever (RCL) featuring perfect ergonomics, easy mounting and perfect function. Just 25 g/0.05 lbs including cables!

DURIN MARATHONOnly a few grams more than the Durin Race with either 120 mm fix travel or RCL version with adjustable travel from 120 to 80 mm.

FEATURES > New, more progessive spring rate > New damping oil for better performance in lower temperatures > New decals > Superstiff 32 mm stanchions > Cold forged fork crown made of aluminium 6082 T6 with integrated cable stops for RCL remote control > Elegant screwed hose guide > Disc only version > New 2011: Now also available with tapered steerer tube > De