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BBC’s JUDE sheerin. On reporting. Williston: life after the boom. 25983917. How long did you have?. “ We had two days. You’re working in boxed time, and that’s definitely something you have to be aware of.”. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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BBCs JUDE sheerin

BBCs JUDE sheerinOn reportingWilliston: life after the boom

How did you get a focus?We knew we wanted to do a story about 5 different characters, who sum what life in Williston is like. You have to know where to go. Started with a pastor who did outreach in the area.

How long did you have?

We had two days. Youre working in boxed time, and thats definitely something you have to be aware of.How did you know where to look?You have to know where to look. I went through a lot of press cuttings. I used LexisNexis.

Photo from USA Today

Photo from CNN.comWhat is your process on leads?It's a busy Monday night at Whispers strip bar in the oil boomtown of Williston, North Dakota.

A man in overalls drains his glass before showering money on a pole dancer.

By the side of the stage, a half-nude woman is building a miniature house out of folded dollar bills.

Does this type of reporting ever get to you personally? - Duty of the journalist

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