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PROBASSFISHER - fishing through the years

Bass fishing reports

To bass fishers everywhere



ContentsIn the beginning - July 2003 Fishing ReportSeptember -2003 Fishing reportAugust 22 2004 Rest Ashura d from Illex Fishing ReportOctober 2005 Fishing reportSeptember 2006 Allez les bleues Fishing Report - Seatrout on the fly from the sea guiding the guide.... Fishing Report - May 06th - Niall Kelly Fishing Reports - Ger Potter Fishing Reports - some days are better than others Fishing Report July 3 - Andrew & Philip Nolan Fishing Report July 4 - Andrew & Philip Nolan Andrew and Philip - aka 'The Nolan Sisters' Fishing Report July 16 - Stuart Duncan New Zealand girls - a can do attitude! Fishing Report July 18 - Ger Potter - The copper coast Fishing Report July 20 - Ollie Price Fishing Report July 25 - George and Marc Fishing Report July 29th - Jim Hendrick Fishing Report - August Andy, Pat and Gerry Fishing Report - August 15 - Jim Hendrick Fishing Report - Sept 01 to Sept 07 - Jim Hendrick 8 9 10 11 11 12 13 14 14 17 18 19 20 21 21 22 23 24 25 25 27 28 29 30


Fishing Report - Sept 15 to Sept 19 - Jim Hendrick 83 cms of Solid Silver Landed Today on the FLY Fishing Report October 07 - A Big Fish on the fly October Bass on the Fly and Lure - A week with SEAi Fishing Report - Mackerel on the fly - Childs Play Fishing Report - April 04 David Anchell Fishing Report - Spring day in march Fishing Report - DAvid and Peadar Fishing Report - May 10 - Andrew and Jim Latest Reports A great mornings fishing. The Big White One Fishing report July 10 Rolfe Andrew Jim Fishing Report - July 15th Allen This morning is marked forever Evening time and a close to a spectacular day Last Guiding Session of the week Fishing Report - Sept 7th - Hani Ghali September satisfaction Fishing Report - Sept 19th Jim and John Fishing Report - Ian's pesonal best - this morning. Fishing Report - Sept 29th Ian And Martin Indian Summer Workshop - with Fran and Ger Fishing Report - Oct 9th - Fran and Ger Colins beautiful bass on the fly Daiwa Day Breaker performs at Day break!

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Fishing Report - Day One - Andros South - Monday Nov 16th Fishing Report - Barracuda at the airport Fishing Report - April 11th Andrew and Philip Fishing Report - April 23rd - David and Jim Fishing Report - April 24th - David and Jim 8 Years, 8 Fish - OPENING DAY 2010 Release I Fear of what exactly? A simple example. A difficult but rewarding week Made in bubbleland 1000th bass on the fly from the shore It continues...... Release II Salt water fly fishing Ireland Bass Fishing Workshop Today Moody Misty Mysterious Release III Sunday Sterling Silver on a sticker The Danes are back in Wexford Red sky in the morning bassfishers warning? Saltwater fly fishing Ireland A morning session on the fly On the fly this week Bass fishing Cork harbour Conditions tough for fly and lure Monday, September 06, 2010

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Release IV The spirit of where the fish lives a rising tide Jean Yves goes home happy Bass Fishing Open Week Sept 4-11 2010 at SEAi Monday, September 13, 2010 Wednesday, September 15, 2010 Taking silver today Great danes in Wexford we catch 'average' size fish too - 80/20 Proving the French can do it too! Didier Rodriguez - bass on the fly in Wexford Blown away by the blow shot Bass fishing in Cork A note that makes it all worthwhile New kid on the block Prowrassefisher!~from April 2005 Catch Report22-04-2011Wexford a day a place a superb fish Pike fishing in the West of Ireland Western Chronicles I will find you and I WILL catch you Andrews first bass for 2011 Release VI Not catching On the edge ~ always

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a middle...... Zen and the art of making a cock up! The importance of good loops The Wexford Worm Three of their five a day Bass fishing Wexford Tough times in Wexford A red jacket and a yellow rod Soft plastic workshop Bass fishing influences Theres something about Marys! Bass fishing Wexford, first day out specimen A note from a friend The best built fly for Irish bass? ..the magic bass fishing month. Estuary bass fishing Alan lands in Wexford Alan continues in Wexford Alan concludes in Wexford Look closely For no mean achievement An early customer returns - five years later! Black eyed angels swimming with me

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In the beginning - July 2003Wednesday, August 06, 2003A little bit of fishing in your day - Jim


Bass fishing reports

Fishing ReportSeptember -2003Monday, September 22, 2003Sept 2003 VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL A little bit of fishing in your day - Jim

Bass fishing reports


Fishing reportAugust 22 2004Sunday, August 22, 2004A little bit of fishing in your day - Jim


Bass fishing reports

Rest Ashura d from IllexTuesday, September 13, 2005

Landing GearRod Illex ashura 7-7 Reel Shimano twin power 3000 Lure Rapala skitter walk A little bit of fishing in your day - Jim

Fishing ReportOctober 2005Monday, October 03, 2005A little bit of fishing in your day - Jim

Bass fishing reports


Fishing reportSeptember 2006Wednesday, September 20, 2006A little bit of fishing in your day - Jim


Bass fishing reports

Allez les bleuesWednesday, August 15, 2007Fred - friends from France VIEW SLIDE SHOW DOWNLOAD ALL A little bit of fishing in your day - Jim

Bass fishing reports


Fishing Report - Seatrout on the fly from the seaSunday, March 09, 2008Its getting close to that time of year again where I look forward to seatrout fishing in the sea. Beware - it can become an obsession! A little bit of fishing in your day Jim

guiding the guide....Monday, March 17, 2008So you start the week on a Saturday morning by cleaning, polishing and hoovering the car, checking water and oil and diesel and placing some conversation pieces on the dashboard, a few flies or lures or something to spark a few words that will inevitably 14Bass fishing reports

generate the first of many debates over the coming days. You get dressed in your best guiding gear and of you go to the airport. This is always a strange time for me mind games are played as you ask yourself What will they look like? What will they be like to fish with? and then as you continue to wait for their arrival one of the party coming through recognises you with a smile that says so many things, and then the week begins. Introductions, hellos, flight ok? Hungry? No, ok, lets go to the car, its this way; Im sorry what was your name againseven days of intense focus and interaction. Its often that when the week is over I am left with a strange sense of anti-climax as I say goodbye to whom were once strangers but are now friends and close companions. Welcome to the world of the saltwater fishing guide. It is inevitable that the customer will often not know what to expect when he arrives. He will be quite prepared to ask lots of questions, questions you will have heard before and you will provide answers that are an integral part of the service that you provide. Questions in relation to tides and moon phases, weather conditions, temperatures and various other external influences will help you place the fisherman into a category. Other types of questions about local politics or the countryside or history will also force you to categorise the angler. Speed of questions, the number of questions, the type of questions, how the question is asked, and the oftenanimated conversations amongst the group in home languages before the next question follows helps you in forming and managing the customers expectations. And here we come to the greatest challenge of the next seven days anticipating managing, and providing that expectation to the best of your abilities. Each customers expectation is unique and each customer is a fisherman. So when I met Steen Ulnits from Denmark at the airport in August not only had he a unique expectation, not only was he a fisherman, not only was he a fisheries biologist but as well as that he was an international fishing guide. A new challenge lay in front of me how to successfully guide a fishing guide? For your information Steen is a fisheries biologist by education from the University of rhus but is now a full time outdoors writer and photographer. He works for a number of magazines - mostly the Scandinavian fly only magazine "Flugfiske i Norden" where, besides being one of the founders and present co-owner, he is on the editorial staff. He also has his own angling page in "Jyllands-Posten", the largest Danish newspaper with a circulation of some 250.000 during weekends.Bass fishing reports


Being a fisheries biologist by education (and profession for some years) he has dealt a lot with environmental issues where and when they pertained to fish and water. He also specialises in fly-fishing and travel all over the world, sampling exotic fishing and thus obtaining new material for articles and books. Speaking of which he has written 20 so far - in his own name. Besides that he has translated 7 books into Danish and co-authored another 10 international books. Mmmmmmmmh Now here he was in Wexford looking to catch an Irish bass on the fly! After day two of gentle fishing I felt something was wrong. So what was it? I had made two mistakes. One, I assumed that because of Steens vast experience and knowledge that he would know exactly what to do and how to do it, and two, I wasnt managing his expectations based on my assumptions, and hence he wasnt catching any