Basic rules for correct riding bike

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All you need to know for correct riding bike

Transcript of Basic rules for correct riding bike

  • 1. Basic rules forcorrect riding bicycles
  • 2. 1 When the zebra crossing, you must stop your bike or vehicle.Be polite! When you walk with your friends, always remember todo it in "single file". It is much safer!.
  • 3. 2Do not run NEVER to cross a street, you may fall in the middleof the intersection!.Be alert to the dangerous surfaces. Crossing a busy street, werecommend you do on foot, always looking both ways beforecrossing.
  • 4. 3 Always pay attention to signals traffic. Meanwhile you havered light the other street is green! Traffic signalsprotect your life!Circle in the direction of traffic,NO against it.
  • 5. 4 Must respect, just like other drivers, indications of road signsand rules of priority.Bicyclists must travel on special lanes for them, if they exist.Otherwise, they will do the same channels through which itpasses the rest of the vehicles, taking care to do it right, and asclose as possible to the edge of the roadway.
  • 6. 5 Must move in a straight line, never weaving between vehicles.Overtaking other vehicles should be on the left.
  • 7. 6 To travel at night, the bike must have lights (front and rear)in good condition.
  • 8. 7 Do not take anyone over the handlebars. Where possible,preferably not carry baggage. Is prohibited and constitutes anextreme danger to another person carrying a bicycle.
  • 9. 8 It is extremely dangerous to hold on to a faster car, or savinga reasonable separation distance with the vehicle ahead.Never remove your hands from the handlebars, as you may loseyour balance, you can only let them, if necessary, to make signsto turn or stop.
  • 10. 9 When you are making a change of direction or maneuver shallbe warned other drivers intent, pointing right or left arm and inadvance, to give possibility to take the necessary precautions.
  • 11. 10 The right of way must also be respected by cyclists. The bikehas right of way to other vehicles at crossroads, however, therider must slow down, to reach a corner, and yield topedestrians.
  • 12. 11 In the event of advance, the cyclist must request step,sounding his horn or bell and did not pass until you havereceived compliance. He will always be left.
  • 13. It is forbidden to stay ahead of other vehicles in the following cases:-When the traffic is very intense.-On bridges.-In the curves.-At level crossings with railroads.-In areas of poor visibility.
  • 14. -The bicycle parking should be in places intended for that purpose.-The rider must observe and respect the directions of the traffic police andtraffic lights, not to mention that he also is a conductor.