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  1. 1. Baroque MusicBaroque Playlist 1600-1750
  2. 2. Artistic period that expands from: 1600: Premiere of the first opera: L'Orfeo , by Claudio Monteverdi1750: Death of Johann Sebastian Bach,one of the greatest composers ever.
  3. 3. Periods: Early Baroque (1600-1650) Birth of the opera in ItalyMiddle Baroque (1650-1700) French opera began in the court of Luis XIV with Lully Development of instrumental music with the sonataLate Baroque (1700-1750) Great composers: Bach, Vivaldi, Hndel, Telemann, Scarlatti, Rameau
  4. 4. Social Context Economic depression Absolutists monarchies ('Luises' in France, Spanish Empire) Many scientific advances Heliocentric theory was reinforced by Galileo Galilei.This ment that man wasn't the center of the Universe anymore
  5. 5. Aesthetic principles Humanism from the Renaissance gave way to a new religious era Arts demostrate the power of God and kings Baroque art looks for the dramatic expression using constrast effects and ornaments
  6. 6. Baroque Music Very important and long era with revolutionary changes Birth of the harmony although polyphony is still practicedPolyphony: several melodiesHarmony: one melody + chords
  7. 7. New musical forms Vocal Opera (big vocal composition with theatralic representation) Oratorio (religious opera with no representation)Instrumental Suite (composition formed by several dances)Concerto (composition for a soloist instrument and orchestra)
  8. 8. Development of the orchestra Thanks to: The improvement of the violin familyAddition of instruments (transverse flute, horn)New musical forms (opera, concerto) History of the Baroque Orchestra (click) The Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra (click)
  9. 9. BAROQUE ORCHESTRA (variable)Violins, Violas, Cellos, Doublebasses 2 Flutes/Oboes, Basson 2 Horns, 2 trumpets 2 Timpani Harpischord
  10. 10. Antonio Vivaldi (1687-1741) He was born in VeneciaHe was called 'The red monk'His 477 concertos established the new form(3 movements, contrast of tutti and soli) He composed 'The Four Seasons', a set of 4 concerts for violin and orchestraThe Summer. 3rd movement The Spring. 1st movement The Autumn The Winter Un prncipe en Venecia (trailer)
  11. 11. Johann Sebastian Bach (1685-1750) He was born in EisenachHe played organ, harpischord, violin & violaHis family was one of the greatest musician familyHe had 20 children and 2 wivesHis work is considered the top of Baroque music for its intellectual and artistic depth. Cantata BWV 147Prelude in C major Goldberg VariationsTocata and FugaBadinerieSuite for Violoncello Chaconne for Violin- Mein name ist Bach (trailer) - BBC Great Composers: J.S.Bach (trailer)
  12. 12. G.F.Haendel (1685-1759) He was born in Halle, GermanyHe went to England after his success inLondon with 'Rinaldo' He nationalized BritishFamous for his italian operas and oratoriosHe created the Royal Academy of MusicHis huge work is the synthesis of Italian,English, German, and French styles. Rinaldo (Lascia ch'io pianga) El Mesas (Aleluya) BBC Great Composers: Handel God Rot Tunbridge Wells (Haendel vs Scarlatti scene)