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Music in Baroque Period

Transcript of Baroque Music

Baroque Music

Baroque Music

Baroque Music :

Characteristics of a Baroque MusicTypes and forms of Baroque Composition BAROQUE VOCAL MUSIC


FAMOUS BAROQUE MUSICIANS AND COMPOSERSJohann Sebastian Bach-German composer who worked as an organist and composer.-known for the remarkable use of counterpoint,a technique in which two or more melodies are combined.

George Frederic Handel-a German composer who wrote music for the church and for royal celebrations.-the king enjoyed his one-hour piece and ordered it to be played three times.

Claudio Monteverdi-Italian composer,establised opera as a serious musical form.-composed operas for the first public opera house,which opened in Venice on 1637.

Alessandro Scarlatti-italian composer,was among the foremost opera composers on the 18th century.-credited with popularazing the Siciliana,a slow lilting method.

Antonio Vivaldi-italian composer and violinist.-standardized the concerto,a musical piece with three contrasting movements.

Henry Purcell

-seventeenth-century english composer-best known for the dramatic opera of Aeneas and Dido.


-developed in the 15th century.-popular solo instrument on the 16th and 17th century.Viola-bowed instrument similar to a violin-alto voice in the family of stringed instruments in violin.

Cello-a large stringed instrument of the violin family that is held upright between a seated player's knees and played with a bow.-has a full deep sound.

Organ-a large musical keyboard instrument producing sounds at different volumes using compressed air passed through pipes.

Clavichord-member of the family of instruments known as keyboard chordophones.-oldest forms of keyboard instrument.

Flute-wind instrument with a high sound.-a wood instruement with a cylindrical narrow body.

Oboe-instrument made of wood and has 15 keys.

Trumpet-a brass musical instrument, It has a brilliant tone and a middle to high register.

Horn-a wind instrument that has a conical opening or derive from an animal horn or tusk.

Trombone-one of the most expressive and adaptable brass instrument.