BANSHEE Rifle Plate Carrier-Spec Sheet-Shellback Tactical

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Transcript of BANSHEE Rifle Plate Carrier-Spec Sheet-Shellback Tactical

  1. 1. Banshee Rifle PLate CarrierThe most advanced plate carrier toRemovable Cummerbund with interior andoutperform anything on the market exterior PALS for side platesExtreme versatility with several PALS web Low Profile/ Lightweightattachment points covering the front, backQuick Release Buckle secondary securingand shoulders of the vest systemFully adjustable and padded front, back 1000 Corduraand shoulder areasDrag HandleTwo area of loop for identifiersWeight empty 2lbs 5 ozFits over soft body armor/UniformsWill accept up to 10x12 Level 3 and 4Heavy Duty bar tacking at stress points ESAPI OR SIMILAR PLATES and PlateWire, antenna or hydration hose guidesBackersThe BANSHEE Rifle Plate Carrier was designed to meet and exceed the needs of the operator.If you are an Operator, Military and Law Enforcement alike who needs a high quality carrierthat has great load carrying capacity in a compact lightweight design the BANSHEE is for you.The Shoulders on the BANSHEE rifle plate carrier are fully adjustable and padded with a newadvanced design feature not seen in other rigs. The shoulder areas once adjusted slides intoitself and locks in securely with a hidden quick release buckle. On the shoulders are 2 rowsof PALS webbing with elastic nylon sewn in between the PALS webbing allowing for commsor hydration tubing to be ran through. The front and back of the BANSHEE feature 5 rows ofPALS webbing and two 2 inch rows of Loop sewn on for flags and other identifiers. The sidesof the rig have fully adjustable nylon strapping with a quick release buckle and the front andback of the panels are also padded. The rifle plates are loaded from the bottom front/backand secured with a hook/loop closure. The BANSHEE features a removable Cummerbundthat runs through the rig, is fully adjustable (one size fits most) and has PALS webbing. TheCummerbund if not needed can also be removed, and the rig can continue to be secured bythe quick release buckles. The front of the Plate Carrier also has a hook and loop pocket toallow for accessories. COLOR ITEM # P/N DESCRIPTION A-TACS 814777 SBT-BANRIF-AS A-TACS BANSHEE PLATE CARRIER BLACK814773 SBT-BANRIF-BK BLACK BANSHEE PLATE CARRIERCOYOTE TAN 814774 SBT-BANRIF-CT COYOTE TAN BANSHEE PLATE CARRIERMULTICAM 814776 SBT-BANRIF-MC MULTICAM BANSHEE PLATE CARRIER RANGER GREEN 814775 SBT-BANRIF-RG RANGER GREEN BANSHEE PLATE CARRIERMSRP: $135.95Enhance your Banshee with these great Add-ons!MOLLE 7x8 SAPI Side Plate PocketKangaroo Zipper PouchShoulder