BALLOON BINDER - BigCommerce Geo Shapes $2.50 Foil Numbers $12.00 Foil Stars $3.00 Foil Heart $3.00...

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Transcript of BALLOON BINDER - BigCommerce Geo Shapes $2.50 Foil Numbers $12.00 Foil Stars $3.00 Foil Heart $3.00...


  • Build Your Own Bundle Individual Balloons

    Balloon Weights


    Latex 11” $1.50

    Latex 16” $3.00

    Latex 3 ft $15.00

    Latex 3 ft with writing (up to 3 words)


    Chrome 11” $2.00

    Hearts 11” $2.00

    SuperAgate 11” $2.00

    Orbs $11.00

    Geo Shapes $2.50

    Foil Numbers $12.00

    Foil Stars $3.00

    Foil Heart $3.00

    Foil Rounds $3.00

    Special characters, shapes, & numbers

    Prices Vary

    Frilly (holds the most weight) $1.75

    Clip $1.00

    Ball $1.00

    Matte tassle (price for one) $1.60

    Metallic tassle (price for one) $1.80

    Streamers, flagging tape, greenery Ask for quote

    Prices include cost of helium!

  • Diamond Clear

    Pearl Ivory

    Ivory Silk

    Pearl Lemon Chiffon

    Yellow Citrine Yellow

    White Pearl White

    Gray Silver

    Pearl Citrine Yellow

    Mocha Brown

    Orange Mandarin Orange

    Pearl Mandarin Orange

    Pearl Pink Pink

    Chocolate Brown

    Pearl Peach

    Rose Gold


    Goldenrod Gold Blush Neon Orange

  • Neon Pink

    Jewel Magenta

    Sparkling Burgundy

    Purple Violet

    Pale Blue

    Neon Blue

    Robin’s Egg Blue

    Periwinkle Dark Blue

    Quartz Purple

    Pearl Quartz Purple

    Pearl Light Blue

    Pearl Azure

    Pearl Burgundy

    Pearl Lavender

    Neon Violet

    Spring Lilac

    Red Ruby Red

    Pearl Ruby Red


    Rose Wild Berry

    Pearl Magenta

    Neon Magenta

  • Sapphire Blue

    Tropical Teal



    Onyx Black

    Chrome Silver

    Chrome Gold

    Chrome Mauve

    Chrome Purple

    Emerald Green

    Pearl Emerald Green

    Pearl Forest Green

    Pearl Onyx Black

    Lime Green

    Jewel Lime

    Pearl Lime Green

    Spring Green

    Jewel Teal

    Pearl Teal

    Pearl Mint Green

    Neon Green

    Pearl Sapphire Blue

    Pearl Midnight Blue

    Navy Carribean Blue

  • Chrome Blue

    Chrome Green


    Green Rainbow


    Come in various colors and sizes!

    Donut Geo Blossom

    Pink Violet Rainbow

    Red Orange Rainbow

    Black & White

    Blue Rainbow

    Red & White

    Yellow Orange Rainbow


  • Fun Characters & Shapes These aren’t all! Ask us to see more options

    Prices vary

  • Candy




    Pre-packaged Bundles

    Prices and availability vary

  • Citrus Cotton Candy


    Cupcake Dream


  • Iridescent Mermaid

    Neon Poolside

    Princess Rainbow

  • Rose Gold Tropical

    Unicorn Baby Pink Boquet

    Blue Boquet Pink Boquet

  • Rose Gold Boquet Burgundy & Blush Boquet

    Blush & Rose Gold Boquet Blush & Navy Boquet

    Unicorn Boquet Black & White Boquet

  • Balloon Garlands Garland Starting at $10.00 / linear foot

    Daisies $2.50 per daisy

    Large balloons $6.00+

    Confetti balloons cost of clear balloon & confetti

    Orb $6.00+

    Garlands over 10ft ask for a custom quote

    Delivery Starting at $15

    Install Starting at $20 / hour