Balancing Valves Reference Projects

Balancing Valves Reference Projects – comfortably balanced

Transcript of Balancing Valves Reference Projects

Page 1: Balancing Valves Reference Projects

Balancing Valves Reference Projects– comfortably balanced

Page 2: Balancing Valves Reference Projects

Grand National TheatreAirbus hangar

Daimler Chrysler Office Building

Kopparstaden 1993Konstantinovsky PalaceNorth StarFive Elements

Southern Danish UniversityHospital

Prague Castle

Federal Ministry of Economics and TechnologyThe Museum of Natural History

Coca Cola Office Building

Sabic European Headquarters

Oval Tower First Class Terminal, LufthansaCommerzbank

Triumph Astana

Philips BIC

Reference projects

The present brochure is an overt example of Danfoss’ momentum

and success within balancing valves. Moreover, Danfoss is today a

recognised global player and a highly qualified partner for balancing

hydronic solutions for both heating and cooling systems. The ensuing

reference projects will highlight and demonstrate the versatility and

flexibility of our product programme and solutions.

Experience competence solutions

Danfoss has a lifetime of experience working with valves for heating

and cooling systems. This extensive pool of knowledge is applied to

our range of balancing valves. Consequently, we today have a very

competitive product portfolio enabling us to continue and intensify

our market development activities and pass on our profound techni-

cal knowledge on heating, cooling and domestic hot water systems

to our customer’s worldwide. By these means we ensure hydronic

balancing all the time and everywhere.

The main purpose of balancing valves is to create balance in hydronic

systems for heating, cooling or for combined systems. Achieving

hydronic balance subsequently allows products such as valves, heat

emitters, chilled beams etc. to operate under perfect conditions. As a

result, a comfortable indoor climate is easily achieved for the benefit

of the people living and working in dwellings and offices respectively.

Danfoss manufactures automatic and manual valves that fit every

system and every requirement for cooling, heating or domestic hot

water systems. Manual balancing valves are the traditional choice

whereas automatic balancing valves are the sensible choice for the

cost-conscious customer. More specifically, by choosing automatic

valves the cost of ownership will be reduced to an absolute minimum

as they among other things require a minimum of commissioning

and reduce pump operational costs compared to manual valves.

Page 3: Balancing Valves Reference Projects



Location: NovaGorica–Slovenia

Project: HotelPerla,HitCasinos

Application: ASVforHeatingandAB-QMvalvesforCooling














Location: Sonderborg–Denmark

Project: Alsion

Application: AB-QMforHeatingandCoolingandASVforHeating










Page 4: Balancing Valves Reference Projects

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23 45 6

Location: Warsaw – Poland

Project: Daimler Chrysler Office Building

Application: MSV valves for Cooling

The innovative office building required using equally reliable and

state-of-the-art solutions. Danfoss has combined the needs of a

modern company with our experience and technical knowledge.

The building has been equipped with a very efficient and high

performing cooling system. The high quality feeling of Daimler

Chrysler cars has been reflected here. Danfoss MSV-C and MSV-F

valves are responsible for an effective flow distribution in the


Location: Holland – Groningen

Project: UMCG (Universitair Medisch Centrum Groningen)

Application: Central Heating system with radiators

The UMCG project is an extension of a teaching hospital in Groningen,

Holland. The customer asked for a perfectly balanced system with a

continuous low return temperature. To achieve this, 64 differential

pressure controllers ASV-PV were installed. In addition, 3,000 radiators

were equipped with Danfoss lock shield and thermostatic valves. The

customer was very pleased with the easy balancing of the system

and without any setting whatsoever the system was functioning

perfectly, even with large parts of the building still unfinished.

Location: Bielsko Biala – Poland

Project: Hospital

Application: MTCV for Domestic Hot Water

Securing clean and efficient circulating domestic hot water is becom-

ing more and more important – especially in hospitals, public institu-

tions, hotels etc. In the hospital, Bielsko Biala Danfoss installed MTCV

with the CCR module as a part of a modernization process of the hot

water system. This improved the hot water circulation and thus also

significantly reduced the risk of legionella contamination.

Location: Holland – Zwolle

Project: Le Carré

Application: AB-QM for Heating and Cooling

Le Carré is an office building of 32,000 m2 located in Zwolle, Holland.

The property developer Eurocommerce asked for optimum comfort.

This was realised by a 4-pipe heating and cooling system with ceiling

mounted induction units, which are on/off controlled by 2,000 AB-

QM’s in combination with TWA-Z motors and 1.000 RET CO2 room

thermostats. In this way, Danfoss achieved optimum comfort for the

benefit of the office employees.

Page 5: Balancing Valves Reference Projects










Location: Toulouse–France

Project: AirbushangarforA380

Application: MSVvalvesforHeating




Page 6: Balancing Valves Reference Projects


9 10








Location: Germany – Frankfurt

Project: First Class Terminal for Lufthansa

Application: AB-QM for Cooling

A special terminal building for Lufthansa’s first class passengers with

check-in, lounge, restaurant etc. at Frankfurt Airport. With this novel

terminal Lufthansa is offering more comfort and flexibility to its pas-

sengers travelling first class. The terminal opened in December 2004

and in the first ten months the new terminal was used by 100,000

passengers. To guarantee highest comfort for the passengers the

cooling system is a combination of chilled ceilings and AHU. AB-QM

is installed in combination with 3-point-actuators controlled by BMS.

Location: Anderlecht – Belgium

Project: Coca Cola Office building

Application: MSV valves for Cooling

Coca Cola is the most valued brand in the world. During a renovation

process in 2002, Coca Cola renovated their heating and cooling

system. More specifically, Danfoss ASV-Q valves have been used in

each riser of the installation to ensure a stable comfort in each office

where chilled beams are installed.

Location: Romania

Project: Energy efficiency measures in district heating housing

Application: ASV valves for Heating

In 2003-2004, five cities in Romania were the recipients of the Phare

project no. 115388/D/S/RO. Danfoss supplied 3,000 ASV valves and

60,000 thermostatic radiator valves to district heating companies

and local authorities from Bucharest, Ploieşti, Făgăraş, Olteniţa and

Paşcani. This is so far the biggest project of this type in Romania.

Page 7: Balancing Valves Reference Projects

11 12

13 14

Location: St.Petersburg–Russia

Project: NorthStar

Application: ASVvalvesforHeating






Location: St.Petersburg–Russia

Project: FiveElements

Application: ASVvalvesforHeating








Location: Tianjin–China

Project: VankeCrystalCity

Application: ASVvalvesforHeating









Location: St.Petersburg–Russia

Project: TheKonstantinovskyPalace(PalaceofCongress)

Application: ASVforHeatingandCooling









Page 8: Balancing Valves Reference Projects


16 17







Location: Prague – Czech Republic

Project: Prague Castle

Application: ASV for Heating

Around the year 850 the first brick, which were to become Prague

Castle, were laid. Today, the castle is perhaps one of the most

beautiful sites to see in Prague. During a renovation process in the

late 90’s Danfoss supplied radiator thermostats together with auto-

matic balancing valves for the heating system in order to minimize

energy costs.

Location: Falun – Sweden

Project: Kopparstaden 1993 (Cooperative housing society)

Application: ASV valves for Heating

With energy savings as the primary driving force, Kopparstanden

decided to connect to the local district heating system and at the

same time renovate the heating system. Danfoss automatic balanc-

ing valves have been installed and have been operating flawlessly

since 1993. The payback time was less than 3 years and the housing

society has saved more than 3.3 million Euro on it heating bill since

the installation.

Location: Beijing – China

Project: Grand National Theatre

Application: AB-QM for Heating and Cooling

The National Grand Theatre, located near Beijing’s central Tian’anmen

Square, is an enormous glass and titanium tear-drop-like bubble

structure surrounded by water. As China’s top art performance center,

it covers a total floor space of around 180,000 m2, including 130,000 m2

for the main building and 50,000 m2 underground facilities. Danfoss

supplied a wide range of products including the AB-QM to be

installed in a combined heating and cooling system.

Page 9: Balancing Valves Reference Projects




Location: Dredsen–Germany

Project: MaritimHotel

Application: AB-QMforCooling











Location: Munich–Germany

Project: SwissLife

Application: AB-QMforHeatingandCooling








Location: Fribourg–Switzerland

Project: FribourgUniversity

Application: AB-QMandASVforHeatingandCooling








Page 10: Balancing Valves Reference Projects


22 23




Location: Budapest – Hungary

Project: Kondorosi Residential building

Application: ASV valves for Heating

In the Hungarian capital Budapest buildings and modernisation

activity is high. One of the newer residential constructions is the

7 floor Kondorosi building. Danfoss supplied a wide range of prod-

ucts to be installed in the 2-pipe heating application. More specifi-

cally, in each room a Danfoss radiator thermostat is installed and

in order to secure optimum hydronic balancing Danfoss automatic

balancing valves have been installed on each riser.

Location: Sittard – Holland

Project: Sabic European Headquarters 2005

Application: AB-QM for Heating and Cooling

SABIC is the largest company in the Middle East in terms of market

capitalization at more than US$ 100 billion and total assets of US$

33 billion. Danfoss installed products in a system combining a 4-pipe

change-over climate ceilings for heating and cooling with a fan

coil units for extra cooling. AB-QM DN15LF were used because of

easy installation and low flow requirements as well as due to easy

balancing and possibility to prefab.

Location: Berlin – Germany

Project: Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology

Application: AB-QM for Heating and Cooling

The Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology is located in the

former Kaiser-Wilhelm-Academy in the centre of Berlin.

To protect the lovely courtyards and facade of the Academy the

building was modified for it present purpose and extended with a

new building at the Berlin-Spandauer shipping canal.

Modern technology was installed in the whole building complex,

reducing the energy consumption.

The conference and meeting facilities offer the best climate and

comfort conditions. All meeting facilities are equipped with chilled

ceilings installed by the Berliner company Flow Tech.

To ensure an optimum balance of the hydronic circuit, the system is

equipped with an automatic balancing valve AB-QM. Each individual

balanced area is also an independent zone, which does not interfere

with the other zones and by that means an even and comfortable

room comfort is achieved at any load condition.

Page 11: Balancing Valves Reference Projects


Location: Frankfurt–Germany

Project: Commerzbank

Application: ASVvalvesforHeating









Page 12: Balancing Valves Reference Projects

25 26








Location: Gelnhausen (20 km east of Frankfurt) – Germany

Project: Main-Kinzig-Forum

Application: AB-QM for Heating and Cooling

The new county government office will be completed in 2005 and

will be ready to house approx. 800 employees. Heating and cooling is

done via the ceiling. More specifically, the system is build as a 3-pipe

system with separate flow pipes for heating and cooling and a

common return. In each room an AB-QM is installed for hydronic

balance and room temperature control. The building utilises one of

Germany’s biggest geothermic energy systems designed by Swiss

engineer Peter Berchtold.

Location: Bad Homburg – Germany

Project: Fresenius AG

Application: AB-QM for Heating and Cooling

Fresenius is a global health care company with products and services

for dialysis, hospital and medical care of patients at home.

Worldwide Fresenius employs more than 72,000 people in approx.

100 countries. With 900 employees using the old headquarters

buildings in Bad Homburg, there simply wasn’t enough space. In

1998, a new building was built, adding 3,000 m2 of extra office space.

All buildings comply with high comfort and environmental standards

Location: Amsterdam – Holland

Project: Oval Tower

Application: AB-QM for Heating and Cooling

The Oval Tower is one of Amsterdam’s tallest buildings – 100 metres

high and contains 25,000 m2 of office space. Only 4 years after com-

pletion the building had to be renovated as it was struggling with

balancing problems in its hydronic heating and cooling system. More

specifically, due to a greater demand for cooling and because of

significant problems with the hydronic balance, the building owner

decided to switch to Danfoss AB-QM combination valves to fix the

problem from the original installed manual valves.

and represent a felicitous combination of functionality and quality

with its heat insulated windows, water-saving rain water cisterns and

roof terrace.

To control the comfort of the room in the additional 3,000 m2 office

space, Zent-Frenger chilled ceilings have been installed to control

the comfort by means of Danfoss automatic balancing valves AB-

QM. With the application of AB-QM the varying flows of each chilled

ceiling are easily and comprehensively set. This ensures perfectly

balanced chilled ceilings, even with partial load in case the demand


Page 13: Balancing Valves Reference Projects

28 29


Location: Berlin–Germany

Project: TheMuseumofNaturalHistory

Application: AB-QMforHeatingandCooling









Location: Astana–Kazakhstan

Project: TriumphAstana

Application: MSVforHeatingandCooling









Location: Nijmegen–Holland

Project: PhilipsBIC

Application: AB-QMforHeatingandCooling








Page 14: Balancing Valves Reference Projects

HungaryHousing Society Békéscsaba Budapest 1995 ASV-QHousing Society Kárpát Budapest 2004 ASV-Q, ASV-PHousing Society Vizafogó Budapest 2004 ASV-QKondorosi Residential building Budapest 2005 ASV

IndiaAmerican Embassy Delhi 2004 MSV-F/CDeutsche Bank Mumbai 2004 MSV-F/CFacet Polishing Works Surat 2004 MSV-FHotel Sahara Star Mumbai 2006 AQHotel Scopevista Limited (Lodhi) Delhi 2006 AQICC Realties Pune 2005 AQMovie Time Studio Mumbai 2004 MSV-FQatar Residency - Bluestar QATAR 2006 MSV-CRanbaxy Laboratories Limited Pontasahib 2004 ABQM, MSV-F/CRanbaxy Laboratories Limited Dewas 2005 MSV-F/C, AQSyntel Pune 2005 ABQM, MSV-F/CUBI Techpark Chennai 2005 ABQM, MSV-F/C Unichem Roha 2004 MSV-F

IndonesiaBe Mall Shopping Complex Bandung 2005 MSV-FMega Marine Pride Jakarta 2006 AQMenara Internusa Jakarta 2005 AQ

KazakhstanTriumph Plaza Astana 2004 MSV

MalaysiaAstro Binariang Satelite Building Cyberjaya 2004 MSV-C, MSV-FCarrefour Putrajaya 2005 MSV-C, MSV-FCarrefour Putrajaya, Parcel Z Putrajaya 2004 MSV-C, MSV-FCollege University Islam DHL, Cyberjaya Phase 2 Cyberjaya 2006 MSV-C, MSV-FEnergy Transfer Station,Tronoh Ipoh, Perak 2005 AQExcel Global Logistics, ShahAlam Selangor 2005 MSV-C, MSV-FFarmasi Building, Muar Hospital Johor 2004 MSV-C, MSV-FHospital Muar Muar 2005 MSV-C, MSV-FImpiana Hotels, Kuala Lumpur Kuala Lumpur 2004 MSV-C, MSV-FInno Biologies Factory, Nilai Negeri Sembilan 2006 MSV-C, MSV-FJohor Bharu Local Council Office Johor 2006 MSV-C, MSV-FJVC Factory, Shah Alam Selangor 2006 MSV-C, MSV-FKajang Local Council Office Kajang, Selangor 2006 AQKD Sri Inderapura Kuala Lumpur 2005 MSV-C, MSV-FKL Sentral District Cooling Plant, Phase 2 Kuala Lumpur 2005 MSV-C, MSV-FLangkawi Boutique Hotel, Langkawi 2005 MSV-C, MSV-F, AQMahkamah / Court Johor Bharu 2004 MSV-C, MSV-FMalaysia, District Cooling Plant Negeri Sembilan 2006 MSV-F Menara PGRM 2 Cheras 2005 MSV-C, MSV-FM-Resort Johor Bharu 2004 AQNottingham University Semenyih 2004 MSV-C, MSV-F, AQPan Pacific Hotel Shah Alam 2004 MSV-C, MSV-FPenang Port Butterworth 2005 MSV-C, MSV-FPulau Indah Office Buildings Klang, Selangor 2005 MSV-C, MSV-F, AQRadio Television Malaysia(RTM) Seremban 2004 MSV-C, MSV-FSafire Pharmaceutical Tronoh, Ipoh 2004 MSV-C, MSV-FSapangar Bay Kota Kinabalu 2005 MSV-C, MSV-FTNB Manjung Power Plant Manjung, Perak 2005 AB-QMUCSI 2005 MSV-C, MSV-FUPS, Public Bank 2005 MSV-C, MSV-F

BelgiumClaerhout Oosterzele 2005 AB-QMCoca Cola Anderlecht 2002 ASV-QKBC Bank Leuven 2004 MSVHoopnatie Antwerp 2005 AB-QM

ChinaEton Place Hotel Shanghai 2005 USV-I, MSV-F, AQ, AB-QMGrand National Theatre Beijing 2004 AB-QMGuangzhou University Town Gungzhou 2005 MTCVPengyun Plaza Shenzhen 2004 MSV-FShuangliu International Airport Chengdu 2004 ASVUnusual Holiday City Tianjin 2003 ASVVanke Crystal City Tianjin 2005 ASV

CroatiaStudent Dormitory Osijek 2006 ASV- PV ASV-I, RA2000 Czech RepublicAirline Building Prague 2001 MSV-I City district Jižní Město Prague 2003 ASVCity district Žižkov Prague 2003 USVCity of Most Most 1999 TRV, ASV Hotel Imperial Karlovy Vary 2002 USV OBK Prague 2004 AB-QM CSA Prague Castle Prague 1997 ASV Town Hall Ostrava 1998 ASV

DenmarkAlision Sonderborg 2004 AB-QM, ASV Engparken Dragoer 2004 AB-QM, MTCV

FranceAirbus Toulouse 2005 MSV-IDALKIA Lyon 2005 ASV-PVHLM Brignole (CPCP) Brignole 2004 AB-QMImmobilère 3F Paris 2005 AB-QMLibourne Hospital Libourne 2006 AB-QMLogement Français Nevers 2005 AB-QMTonnerre Hospital Tonnerre 2006 AB-QM

GermanyBaseler Platz Arkaden Frankfurt 2003 USVBMW Dynamikzentrum Dingofling 2005 AB-QMBMW Gebrauchtwagenzentrum Dreieich 2005 AB-QMCommerzbank Tower Frankfurt 1997 ASVLufthansa First Class Terminal Frankfurt 2004 AB-QM Main-Kinzig-Forum Gelnhausen 2005 AB-QMSchweizer National Versicherung Frankfurt 2003 USV

HollandAcademic Hospital Groningen 2003 ASV-I, ASV-PV Chelsea Rijswijk 2005 AB-QMDe Poort van Noord Haarlem 2005 ASV-I, ASV-PVDe Rotonde Den Haag 2004 AB-QMDetentiecenter Alphen a/d Rijn 2006 AB-QMEuroborg Groningen 2005 AB-QM SabicEurocenter Amsterdam 2006 AB-QMForeburg Voorburg 2005 AB-QMHelios Hoogeveen 2004 ASV-I, ASV-PV,Helpman Centrale Groningen 2005 AB-QM, MTCVKortlandgebouw Krimpen a/d IJssel 2005 AB-QMLaag Catharijne Utrecht 2005 AB-QMLe Carré Zwolle 2004 AB-QMOrangerie Bilthoven 2004 AB-QMOval Tower Amsterdam 2005 AB-QMPhilips BIC Nijmegen 2006 AB-QMSabic Headquarters Sittard 2005 AB-QM SRK Zoetermeer 2005 AB-QMVeemarkt Rotterdam 2005 ASV-I, ASV-PVYusen Schiphol 2006 AB-QM

Page 15: Balancing Valves Reference Projects

Sweden Jula Skara 2004 AB-QMKopparstaden Falun 1993 ASV

Switzerland Hallenstadion Zürich 2005 MSV-C, MSV-F Hotel Dolder ***** Zürich 2006 MSVFIFA Headquarter Zürich 2006 MSV-C, MSV-FPhilipp Morris Headquarter Lausanne 2006 AB-QM, MSV-C, MSV-F, USV-I University of Fribourg Fribourg 2005 AB-QM, ASV

Thailand Big A Hotel Cambodia 2006 MSV-C, MSV-FChonburi Grand Sport Stadium Chonburi 2005 MSV-C, MSV-FDaratevee Complex and Hotel Cheang-Mai 2004 MSV-C, MSV-FDoulble A Paper Factory Ayuthaya 2005 MSV-C, MSV-FEkachai Hospital Bangkok 2005 MBV, AQETA Factory Lopburi 2005 MSV-C, MSV-FGrand Park Hotel Nakornsri- Thammarat 2004 MSV-C, MSV-FIndex Furniture Center 4 Branches in Thailand 2005 MSV-C, MSV-FLFD Industrial Lopburi 2004 MSV-C, MSV-FLocal Highway Department Bangkok 2005 MSV-C, MSV-FLotus Samui Bangkok 2006 MSV-C, MSV-FMetalite Apply Ayuthaya 2006 MSV-C, MSV-FMK 2 Branches in Thailand 2006 MSV-C, MSV-FNEC Factory Navanakorn Industry 2005 MSV-C, MSV-FNew Bangkok Airport Bangkok 2004 AQNikon Industrial Lopburi 2004 MSV-C, MSV-FPizza Hut 6 Branches in Thailand 2004 MSV-C, MSV-FPhantip Hotel and Plaza Cheang-Mai 2004 MSV-C, MSV-FPublic of Health Center Bangbon Bangkok 2005 MSV-C, MSV-FRamawadee Hotel Cheang-Mai 2004 MSV-C, MSV-FSeminar Building Dusit Resource Cha-am 2005 MSV-C, MSV-FSrinakarin Hospital Khonkan 2005 MSV-C, MSV-FTesco Lotus (Renovatation) 5 Branches in Thailand 2005 MSV-C, MSV-FTesco Lotus Wanghin Bangkok 2005 MSV-C, MSV-FThainakarin Hospital Bangkok 2005 MSV-C, MSV-FYellow Buliding Departmentof Art Bangkok 2005 MSV-C, MSV-F United Kingdom BBC Coventry 2005 AB-QMHotel Intercontinental London 2007 AB-QMLondon School of Economics London 2006 AB-QMThe Royal Marsden NHS Sutton 2005 AB-QM

PolandCarlsberg Brewery Brzesko 2003 USV-I, MSV-F Cinema City Toruń 2005 AQ, MSV-I, Copernicus Gallery Torun 2005 AQ, AB-QM Daimler Chrysler Warsaw 2003 MSV-C, -F Europe Aid 115388/D/S/RO 5 Cities 2004 ASV-I, ASV-PVGTC Kazimierz Gallery Cracow 2005 AB-QM, AQ, ASV-PV, -I, MSV-C, MSV-F, Golden Terrace Warsaw 2005 AB-QM, AQ Hrubieszowska Centre Warsaw 2004 USV-I, MSV-I Intel Technology Poland (Allcon Investment Group) Gdansk 2004 MSV-C, MSV-F Oncology Centre Bygdosz 2005 MSV-I, MSV-FPaediatric Hospital Bielsko Biala 2004 MTCV Polish Telecom Warsaw 2003 ASV-PV, -I Polpharama Starogard of Gdańsk 2005 MSV-C, MSV-F Silesia City Centre Katowice 2005 AB-QM, AQ MSF-FWarsaw Rising (1944) Museum Warsaw 2004 ASV-PV, -I, USV-I, MSV-F Ziaja Cosmetics Production Plant Gdansk 2004 MSV-I, USV-I Wawel S.A.(Cadbury Group) Cracow 2005 MSV-C, -F,

Romania Europe Aid 115388/D/S/RO 5 Cities 2004 ASV-I, ASV-PV

Russia Avrora (business park) Moscow 2005 MSV-C/F, AB-QMFive Element Sankt-Petersburg 2004 ASV-PV, ASV-MMegamall Moscow 2004 AQ, MSV-C/FNew Star Sankt-Petersburg 2005 ASV-PV, ASV-MThe Konstantinovsky Palace Sankt-Petersburg 2003 ASV-PV, ASV-MTriumph Palance Moscow 2003 ASV-PV, ASV-M

Slovenia City Hotel Ljubljana 2006 ASV-PV, ASV-IDragomelj Dragomelj 2005 ASV-M, ASV-PVFaculty of Social Sciences Ljubljana 2006 AB-QMHIT Casino Nova Gorica 2006 AB-QM, ASVNew residential area NoviResidential buildingsNove Poljane Ljubljana 2003 MTCV

South Korea BP Plutonio Marine HVAC system Ulsan 2005 AQCarrefour Jeonju 2005 MSV-FComplex Building Seoul 2005 AQ, MSV-FHana Bank Seoul 2005 MSV-C, MSV-FKorea National University of Arts Seoul 2005 AQUS Army Quarters Seoul 2004 MSV-C, MSV-F

Spain Torre Sao Rafael Lisbon 2004 ASV

Page 16: Balancing Valves Reference Projects

The 5 core values of Danfoss Our business is trust

long-term customer relation-ships is a key priority to us. Because of this,

we are customer driven and constantly aim t tomers’ needs.

We are a very reliable supplier and do our outmost to ensure timely deliver-

ies. In addition, we o er a very high level of service before, during and after

sales. As a result, our customers can safely trust us t s.

A very safe and reliable choice

Our products are of superior quality. They are subjected to rigorous testing

during every step of the manufacturing process. This ensures that only

awless products reach our customers. What is more, our product range is

compatible. This enables our customers to put together well-performing

heating and cooling systems. Our products o er high performance levels

and are designed to have very long lifetimes. This makes them a very reliable

choice. In addition to this, we aim to deliver a high level of added value to

our products. All in all, this means that our products o er good value for

money. A fact which in turn ensures our competitiveness.

Passionate about technology

Technology is the heart of everything we do. We are a supplier of compo-

nents and solutions with extensive know-how of the systems our products

are used in. In fact, we are truly superior in our technical applications know-

ledge. In addition to this, we excel in documentation. Because of our deeply

rooted passion for technology, we always strive to set the standard in the

heating and cooling market.

Global culture, local representation

We are a global company with a local presence. Our large international

customers often see us as a global company with local sales and support

functions. In contrast, smaller customers such as installers often see us as a

local partner that is supported by a global network. Our global culture and

local representation therefore enable us to be a global supplier that is seen

as a local partner.

Environmentally and socially responsible

We care about the environment and the societies in which we play an

active role. Our products and manufacturing facilities are designed to have

the smallest possible impact on the environment. But our most important

contribution towards a cleaner environment comes from the use of our

products. Every day, they ensure substantial energy savings.

We also understand the social responsibility that comes with being a large

company. Practicing good corporate citizenship and to be seen as respon-

sible and admirable is essential to us.

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