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It’s the most wonderful time of the year for gadget lovers. If sweaters, wallets and cheese logs aren’t your idea of a happy holiday, this curated list of top tech toys for 2014 compiled by Resource/Ammirati Chief Technology Officer Dan Shust and Chief Creative Officer Dennis Bajec is the ultimate wish list for you. For the fifth year in a row, we’ve created our version of Oprah’s Favorite Things called BajecShustmas and presented our list to a standing room only crowd at Resource/Ammirati. When we first started compiling the list in 2009, there were much fewer tech gadgets on the market. Today, innovators on Kickstarter and a host of other sites are launching products for every room in the home, your car and even your body. Happy holidays!

Transcript of BajecShustmas - Great Gifts for Gadget Gurus

  • 1. NESPRESSO VERTUOLINECode reading extraction technology. It somehowknows how to make the milk perfect every time.$280

2. JAWBONE UP3$180MISFIT FLASH$50FITBIT SURGE$250 3. ATHOS WEARABLE TECHBio signal monitoring seamlessly built intoperformance apparel. Provides unparalleledinsight, intelligent feedback and results.$299 4. QuadLock for iPhone6$69 : rol l bikesGIRO AlpineDuro$200 : rol l bikesTiCKR Workout Tracker HRM$99 : rol l bikes 5. SKYLOCK WIFI BIKE LOCKFirst solar-powered connected bike lock that usesmulti-sensor technology to alert possible theft andcontacts emergency responders to crashes.$159 6. NINTENDOS AMIIBO SYSTEMBasically its a small figurine that stores gameplaydata and allows you to take that on the road with youto other peoples game systems.$13 EACH 7. SUNSET OVERDRIVEAn open world third-person shooter comedy videogame exclusively for the Xbox One. Set in 2027, inthe fictional open world metropolis called Sunset City.$60 8. PARROT ZIK 2$400JVC NANOTUBE$45POWERBEATS2 WIRELESS$200 9. WOOJERThe only silent, matchbox-sized woofer. Used formusic, gaming and movies.$50 10. LOGITCECH MULTI -DEVICEWIRELESS KEYBOARDThe K480 lets you type on any Bluetooth devicethat supports external keyboards.$50 11. HOOTOO TRIP MATE ELITEThe Lebron James of travel chargers, Triplethreat Wi-Fi Router, Wall Charger Power Block.$50 12. NABIThe fastest, most powerful tablet in the world madejust for kids.$180 13. FIRE HD KIDS EDITIONMore than a toy a complete tablet.$150 14. CARHARTT + IKKUTRAVEL SLEEVESFor MacBook and iPad. Made out ofrecycled + organic materials.$50 APPROX. 15. SATECHI SMART TRAVEL ROUTERCompact adapter convenient for charging anyand all devices. AC power port and USB port.$50 16. KANOA DIY computer kit designed to help people ofall ages assemble a computer from scratch andlearn basic coding skills.$150 17. OCULUS RIFT DK2The latest development kit for the Oculus Rift with alow-persistence LED display and low-latencypositional head tracking.$350 18. VIRTUIX OMNIThe first virtual reality interface for moving freely andnaturally in your favorite game.$500 19. $50WEMONicely designed set of home automation products andand really awesome product story/experience to helpsell the concept of the automated home.$50 20. HOMEBOYHomeboy attaches magnetically, lasts for 3 monthsOn a single charge, and automatically alerts youwhen motion is detected. The future of security.$149WITHINGS HOME 21. FLAMESTOWERA compact portable USB charger using a campfireor any flame source to charge devices.$65 22. SPHERO OLLIEApp-controlled robot engineered for speed,programmed for tricks, and customized by you.$100 23. MAGNETIC ORG. SYSTEMA unique and elegant solution fororganizing the cables on your desk.$20 24. AMAZON ECHODesigned around your voice. Ask it for music, news,weather and more. Get answers instantly.$200 / $100 FOR PRIME MEMBERS 25. IBOX NANO 3D PRINTERThe worlds smallest, most affordable 3DResin printer.$270 26. NATIVE UNION NIGHT CABLEA charger for all smartphones and tablets thatkeeps you from fumbling around in the morning.$40 27. KODAK PIXPRO SP360An answer to GoPro, the cameras lensshoots a 360 degree perspective.$350 28. AMAZON FIRE TV STICKStreaming media HDMI stick with Netflix,Amazon Prime Instant Video, music + games.$40 29. CARVEY 3D CARVING MACHINEEasy to use tabletop 3D carving machine for makingideas into real objects.$2,750 30. 94FIFTY BASKETBALLSensor basketball that feels and weighs thesame as other balls. Provides personalized,quantified skill diagnostics for players.$200 31. EMPOWERED BAGSPatented phone charging leather handbags.$175 32. RUBBER BAND MACHINE GUNThe perfect gift for that office antagonist!$100 33. RC MICRO DRONEQUADRICOPTERIndoor and outdoor. It can fly in all directions,perform agile maneuvers and pre-programmedmid-air stunts.$115 34. BABY MOPWith all the new babies in the R/A family,this is the perfect gift for the highly mobile9 month old.$40 35. RESTORATION HARDWARE GIFTSResto continues to grow their assortment of retrotoysand gifts including a few thing that fall in the techinnovation space.COMPASSIPAD STAND / / $40ROLL-UPTRAVEL CHARGER / / $49GRAMOPHONE MINIFOR IPHONE / / $199VACUUM STEELBEER PINT / / $28 36. VESSYLAutomatically track everything you drink.$99 37. MAXSTONE CAMERA REMOTEUse the app to trigger your DSLR camerafor time-lapse, bulb and micro-video.$60 38. LG 4K OLED TVBig ticket. 4K AND OLED. This mightmake me jump off the Samsung ship.When its cheaper.$12,000 39. HENDO HOVERBOARDA small price to pay to be Marty McFly.$10,000