Baby Miss: 0-11 months Wee Miss: 2-3 Years Tiny Miss: 4-5 ... Basic information for pageant day!...

Baby Miss: 0-11 months Wee Miss: 2-3 Years Tiny Miss: 4-5 ... Basic information for pageant day! •
Baby Miss: 0-11 months Wee Miss: 2-3 Years Tiny Miss: 4-5 ... Basic information for pageant day! •
Baby Miss: 0-11 months Wee Miss: 2-3 Years Tiny Miss: 4-5 ... Basic information for pageant day! •
Baby Miss: 0-11 months Wee Miss: 2-3 Years Tiny Miss: 4-5 ... Basic information for pageant day! •
Baby Miss: 0-11 months Wee Miss: 2-3 Years Tiny Miss: 4-5 ... Basic information for pageant day! •
download Baby Miss: 0-11 months Wee Miss: 2-3 Years Tiny Miss: 4-5 ... Basic information for pageant day! •

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Transcript of Baby Miss: 0-11 months Wee Miss: 2-3 Years Tiny Miss: 4-5 ... Basic information for pageant day!...

  • Age Divisions: Boys: 0-2 yr, 3-6yr, 7-11 yr Baby Miss: 0-11 months Toddler Miss : 12-23 mo. Wee Miss: 2-3 Years Tiny Miss: 4-5 Years Little Miss: 6-7 Years

    Contestant Name________________________________________________ Age______________ Birthday_______ Address__________________________________________________ City________________ Zip_______________ Phone______________________________________ Email ______________________________________________ Eyes__________________________________ Hair_____________________ Favorite Book____________________ Hobbies:_______________________________________________________________________________________ Favorite Food:________________________________ Favorite Movie______________________________________ Favorite Thing About Kentucky :____________________________________________________________________ School_________________________________________ Grade___________________________________________ If a movie was named after you what would it be called:__________________________________________________ Parents_________________________________________________________________________________________ Signature:___________________________________ Date_______ Referred By:_____________________________ In signing this entry form I understand that AmeriFest LLC, Kentucky Sweetheart, or Facility Held is NOT responsible for damages, accidents, or other instances traveling to , during, or after the event. I agree I have permission to sign the contestant up as a parent or legal guardian of under 18 years contestant. I agree to have good sportsmanship and act in a manor that does not disrupt the event or its integrity. I certify the age listed above is correct as of the age on pageant day. Score sheets will be given back after the pageant and all tabulation will be conducted on computer. All winners are encouraged to participate in local community service events with their title. All winners will advance to the Kentucky Festivals State Finals November 2019. If you decide not to represent your title at state, the bid will be offered to the next contestant in line with the next highest score. I agree to let AmeriFest LLC, Kentucky Festivals , or Pine Mountain Photography to use any photos captured of me or my child at the pageant on social media for Kentucky Festival Pageants , including Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as well as ,, or Any division with 2 or less contestants may be combined. There are NO refunds. Poor sportsmanship will result in disqualification of titles and / or any prize or competing within Kentucky Festivals / AmeriFest in the future. THERE ARE NO REFUNDS OF DEPOSITS MADE—IF YOU DO NOT SHOW FOR THE PAGEANT NO REFUNDS OR FORWARDED FEES GIVEN.

    Junior Miss: 8-10 years Pre-Teen: 11-12 Years Teen: 13-15 Years Miss : 16-22 Years Ms 23 + Years unmarried Mrs: 22 + married Modern Miss: Size 14 + ages 18+

  • Basic information for pageant day! • Pageant location is The Richmond Mall / 830 Eastern Bypass Richmond, KY • Registration is 1:45—2:45 pm and starts at 3:00 pm. • Pageant postmark deadline for entry is March 3rd or online entry • If you have any questions please text 859-625-8490 or • All decisions are final and poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated & result in disqualification • Checks or money order should be made payable to : AmeriFest Pageants—No checks after 3/3/19 • You may pay deposit online via credit card or paypal ( • You need to also mail a photo for the program book by 3/3/19 or email it to • Deadline for ads for the program is 3/3/19 postmark • Please bring photogenic pictures to the pageant with contestants name and age • Every contestant will receive a gift & crown. Winners will receive trophy, crown, & sash PLUS gift bag and qualify for state finals. • All royalty placement, charity supreme,& most referrals will advance to the 2019 Kentucky Festivals State Pageant • The contestant bringing most donated new pairs of socks will win charity supreme • Open to any Kentucky Resident—No refunds given. • Person with most referrals will win a special title Kentucky Hospitality and qualify for state

    Please select categories entering below ____________ Beauty $85 (mandatory) Formal or Semi Formal Gown (boys suit / tux) ____________ Optional Awards Package $25 Includes Photogenic, Best Hair, Personality, & Best dressed

    ____________ “Sweetheart Casual Wear “ optional outfit $20 Anything valentine related, valentine colors, anything goes. Custom, off the rack, or cocktail

    ____________ Cover Model & Centerfold $20 (qualifies for state) Send one pic for each by 3/3/19 by mail , One headshot One full body shot No larger than 8x10, no frames, must be labeled with name & age

    _______________ Supreme Titles $25 Includes Grand, Mini, & Novice Overall Supreme Titles

    ___________ Charity Supreme FREE : person bringing most pairs of donated NEW socks

    ___________ Kentucky Hospitality * FREE * Person with most referrals of other contestants Total: $___________ Deposit Paid $___________(minimum $50) Balance @ Door: $_____________ Method of payment: __________ Cash __________ Check _____________ Credit Card (adds 4%) Paypal: If you want to pay credit card , provide email here—there will be an invoice sent securely to your email to complete payment Email for credit card invoice: _____________________________ @___________. __________ Mail Entries, Deposit, & Program Pic By 3/3/19:

    AmeriFest LLC PO Box 1174 Richmond, Ky 40476 859/625/8490

  • • It’s easy! Sell good luck pages for the program book to family, friends, or business– You can include pics or logos.

    • See next page for receipt & prices ! • Simply send in receipt, payment, and ready to

    scan ad– by your deadline! Plus win great prizes !

    • No Out Of Pocket Expenses !! • You can combine ads & raffle chances if you

    like. Example: Sell 100 raffle chances and 1 ad page = 2 Ad Page Prizes (see below)

    • Sell chances on a $50 Walmart card given away at each pageant.

    • Tickets are $1 each and ALL money goes towards your fees! $1 for $1 ! • Example: Sell 200 chances get $200 pageant

    cash or the awards for 2 ad pages (see below). • Use our sample tickets or make up your own.

    Print endless sheets online • Peoples Choice—Sell the most raffle chances

    for the Peoples Choice Award & qualify for

    Sell 2 ad pages: All Categories Free ! Sell 3 ad pages: All Categories FREE, Trophy, Crown, & Program Book Sell 4 ad pages: All Above + $50 Gas Card & Crown Pin Sell 5 ad pages: All Above + garment bag, silver jewelry, & Kentucky Festival T Shirt Sell 6 ad pages: All Above + $50 Pageant Cash towards state, Stuffed Animal, & Crown jewelry Sell 7 ad pages: All Above + additional $50 (total $100) pageant cash & Thirty One Bag monogram Sell 8 ad pages: All Above + gold jewelry

    Sell 10 Ad Pages: Pageant Ambassador !! Plus automatically qualify for state !!!! Get all categories FREE plus—4 foot trophy with your name on it, 4 point round crown, $200 savings

    bond, crown pin, monogrammed sash, photo on the program back cover, pageant T-shirt,

    PLUS YOUR CHOICE OF ONE OF THE FOLLOWING (must notify us which gift)

    Digital Camera, New Bicycle, American Girl Doll, Diamond Accent Necklace, Family Game Basket

    Sell the most Wal Mart raffle chances— “Peoples Choice Award” Crown, Sash, Gift, & Qualify for state

    Ambassador Supreme: The person selling 15 pages = Qualify for state finals, huge supreme crown, monogrammed title sash, 5 foot trophy , crown pin, pageant T-shirt, photo on cover of program! Plus choose from………

    Battery powered ride on toy , Michael Kors Purse, or I-Pad Mini

    Be a “Pioneer” for positive pageantry! The contestant with the most referred contestants to the pageant will win this supreme title, FREE entry, and qualify for state! Your name must appear on the Referred By line of the entry form, must have at least 4 referrals to be considered. Receive $15 off for each referral less than 4. Supreme sash, crown, and gift awarded to winner.

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    Cash _______ Check #__________ Money Order____________ Credit Card _________ ( adds 4%) Paypal_________ (adds 4%)

    For Credit Card Use Name on card________________________________________Amount $_____________ Phone # of card holder: _____________________________________________________ Email of card holder ( invoice will be sent here for you to securely pay the above amount ) ___________________________________________@_____________. _____________

    Name:______________________________________________ Address:____________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ Phone:______________________________________________

    Name:______________________________________________ Address:____________________________________________ ___________________________________________________ Phone:______________________________________________