B2B Lead Generation via LinkedIn [case study]

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Presentation we did for the Inbound UK event in London, november 6th 2012.

Transcript of B2B Lead Generation via LinkedIn [case study]

  • 1. [case study] How a traditional B2B companygenerates sales leads via LinkedIn www.heuvelmarketing.com

2. Colt InternationalColt systems provide:healthy and safe working conditionsinindustrial andcommercial buildings www.heuvelmarketing.com 3. Main ChallengesEnhance brand imageGenerate more leads for sales www.heuvelmarketing.com 4. Buyer PersonaThe Green Architectphotocredit: Free Digital Photoswww.heuvelmarketing.com 5. SolutionInbound marketing strategy:Writing a weekly blog articleWhite paper developmentLinkedIn engagement www.heuvelmarketing.com 6. How they organized www.heuvelmarketing.com 7. Step-by-step overview 1. Mktg: Writes blog article 2. Sales: Engagement in LI Groups 3. Mktg: Reports lead dataphotocredit: Free Digital Photos www.heuvelmarketing.com 8. 1. Write a weekly blog articleBest practices: Keyword (SEO) Write about problems Ask for comments Always end with CTA LI share button www.heuvelmarketing.com 9. 2. LinkedIn EngagementBest practices: Use social share button Share with a question Post in relevant groups Always follow up www.heuvelmarketing.com 10. Results 150+ leads 2 building projects (=deals)www.heuvelmarketing.com 11. about Heuvel Marketing 1st HubSpot Certified Partner in theNetherlands www.heuvelmarketing.com