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Microsoft Word - B_CV_21.3_EN.docxINNOVATIONS 21.3
The new software version Jaltest 21.3 once again offers more improvements and
innovations that consolidate this tool as a benchmark in multibrand diagnosis for
commercial and agricultural vehicles, OHW (Off-Highway) and MHE (Material Handling
Equipment) applications, and vessels.
application execution have been improved. Also, it
is possible to configure the application theme in
“Configuration (user settings) > Graphic
on the selected module CV, AGV, OHW, MHE or
application. This possibility facilitates access to
the vehicle, equipment or vessel for users that
work with their own number plates or serial
numbers with all the benefits that this brings
when associating reports, etc.
If a communication error occurs when
connecting to the system, the supply
voltage of the device is displayed. A message
is also displayed if the diagnostic device
identifies only the connection to the PC
through the USB cable.
Improved information in error reading
A message is displayed when a system does not provide information on the presence of
errors or Freeze Frame Data.
User interactions in the diagnostic report
To get a better reading of reports, the user
interactions in selection steps and with
buttons during the execution of a
functionality are shown in the report.
Links to Jaltest Tools catalogue
Trigger: More than one condition per measurement
It is possible to define more than one condition for measurement Triggers. In addition,
the user can decide if the selected measurements will be paused when the condition of
all measurements in which Triggers have been defined is met, or when any of the
conditions defined in one of the measurements are met.
GRP Custom field in reports
In addition to general fields, the user can include further interesting information in the
report, such as the engine type, as shown in the example.
Multiple selection of reports
Thanks to the “Multiple selection” option, it is possible to print and delete several reports
at the same time.
Alarm configuration
New “Alarms and notifications” menu that enables the users to configure alarms,
associate documents, customise alarms, etc.
Other functionalities
- Report configuration for guest users. In GRP Synchro and GRP Enterprise phases, the
administrator can decide whether the guest users can generate reports or not.
- Export/Import client vehicles.
- Add actions to the tool use history. For several versions, the administrator user can
monitor the connection of their vehicles, and now they can monitor the actions they
consider relevant, for example, the particulate filter regeneration in a particular
system, calibrations, etc. To select the action to be monitored, it is only necessary to
click on its name with the right mouse button.
Knorr-Bremse 4th generation modules
Take into account that this document is only a summary of the most relevant
information of this new version. For further information, please visit Jaltest Report.
Some of the new models of this version are listed below. Brands such as SOLARIS,
TEMSA, IRIZAR and OTOKAR extend their models and systems.
Sunshine BS-VI
Cheetah BS-VI
Fullback 2.5, engine: 4D56
Zetros (959) [2019 - …], engine: OM460
1109 CNG
Proace 2.0 D-4D [2019 - …]
Take into account that this document is only a summary of the most relevant
information of this new version. For further information, please visit Jaltest Report.
Overall, there are new technical information and troubleshooting guides of the most
common error codes in the workshop, available thanks to the communication channels
with clients such as the technical support, training, Jaltest Feedback and “Product
improvement” option offered by the project.
We work each update to extend the references and variants of all systems, increasing
coverage and ensuring the reliability of the interactions with the vehicle systems. There
are new references of supported control units available in brands such as DAF,
Extended coverage in systems that apply to several brands, such as CUMMINS systems
with advanced functions of the ISB5.9 CM2280 system. In terms of tyre pressure
control systems; it is important to highlight the extension of the IVTM tyre pressure
control system development in WABCO (for example, in IRIZAR buses). This
development now supports bus models in KNORR-BREMSE.
PCI (UDS) engine control system, control of new references, reset to deactivate the
power reduction caused by errors in the AdBlue/DEF and EGR exhaust gas
aftertreatment systems.
VIC-3/VIC-3 Lite vehicle control system,
option to disable the alarm of the next
maintenance service.
procedure of the battery condition.
“Clean/rinse the fuel system” procedure in MX 11/13 E6 engines.
Eaton Hybrid transmission, new technical information available.
New technical information available with new wiring diagram configurations, electronic
architecture of the communication bus and fuse and relay box in i3 Hybrid and i4 Hybrid
Possibility of performing manual diagnosis in S-Way and X-Way models.
ZF TraXon transmission in Euro 6 models, start-up and system pressure check.
EBS Smart CBU brake control system, predominance parameter configuration.
SCR catalytic converter replacement in Stralis Euro 4/5 models.
In addition, there are new maintenance services available in Euro 6 models and
procedures such as the distribution phasing available in Cursor 9 (F2C FE601E) engine
or the particulate filter replacement in several engines.
New references and variants available for all engine control systems of the brand.
4HJ1 engine control system, cylinder balance, EGR valve check, injection rail pressure
test, etc.
Wiring diagram configurations in the N Series- ELF, engine 4HV1 model.
ADAS system, AEBS/LDWS lane departure warning assistant and emergency braking
in Euro 6 models, camera calibration.
Systems of the new TG3 generation models, for example, CVM2, RIO, DIOC, EPB, SD Harman, MMT A3, LEDHR, etc.
EDC MD1 ASM2020 engine control system, injector coding and diesel particulate filter
FISC injection control module, System Display of the fuel system.
Purge procedure and oil filling procedure of the Hydrodrive hydrostatic front-wheel
drive transmission.
Checking procedure of the external lights in TGX and TGS models.
Calibration of MDD and MDP MirrorCam wing mirrors, system calibration.
ACM3 exhaust gas aftertreatment system,
diesel particular filter regeneration,
AdBlue/DEF system checks, etc.
electronic control, system reset.
ACM exhaust gas aftertreatment system, DOC catalytic converter cleaning.
In buses:
ZF Ecolife transmission, parameter configuration.
New technical information available with new wiring diagram configurations in Canter models and Rosa buses with 4D34, 4M42 and 4P10 engines.
New technical information available with new wiring diagram configurations in the
Airbag 2.0 system and the EDC YD25/ZD30 engine control system in NT400 models.
Diagrams by model in T, K, C and D Series.
ECM engine control system, checking of the piston cooling solenoid valve.
TCM transmission, dual clutch calibration.
VMCU vehicle control unit, maintenance reset of the engine oil.
Diagrams by model in G, P, R and S Series (including New Series).
APS2 air production management, system checks and pressure sensor calibration.
Disassembly and assembly procedures of the engine balance shaft unit in K320 IB buses.
EMS engine control system in vehicles with V3 and V4 technology, engine performance
parameters with the vehicle loaded and SCR efficiency test (NOx sensor). In addition,
new fuel system operating diagram of D11K and D13K engines available.
Checking procedure of the cam position with VEB+ and EPG engine brake.
ADAS system, LPOS lane departure warning assistant, radar and camera calibration
with the vehicle stopped.
ESA electronically-controlled rear axle steering system, purge and filling procedures of
the system.
I-Shift (AT) transmission, disassembly procedure of the pneumatic cylinder.
TRAILER Replacement procedures of the EBS brake module for towed vehicles.
Vector 1350 refrigeration unit, connection through the JDC 121A9 cable.
TEBS Gen2 braking system, continuous updating and improvement of references. In
addition, the configuration of new special devices has been implemented, such as the
TIM, iTaP and TPMS.
Wiring diagram configurations of ThermoGuard TG-VI systems and fuse and relay box
diagram of Smart Reefer 3 system.
TEBS E CAN braking system, operation data reset in E5 modules, configuration of sub-
systems such as the OptiLink and ELEX in standard E5 modulators and higher.
LIGHT COMMERCIAL VEHICLES This version, there are several improvements and innovations in this type of vehicle. The
innovations for Long Wheel Base, Medium Wheel Base and Small Wheel Base
applications are summarised in order below.
BC 4.3 central computer, activations of lights, doors, windows and rear window defrost
DCM 7.1 + SCR engine control system in Jumper 2.2 and Jumpy 2.0 BlueHDi (U9) [2019 - …] models, new advanced system functions.
DCM 6.2 + SCR engine control system in the Jumpy 2.0 BlueHDi (K0) [2016 – 2019] model, new advanced system functions. In addition, new systems have been developed
in this model:
FAP fuel additive system.
New functionalities available in the braking systems in the Berlingo (B9) model and new
systems, Airbag 10.0, EPS 5.1 and FAP.
New technical information and advanced functions available in the EDC MD1 engine
control system of the Dokker 1.5 [2018 - …] engine K9K 872 model.
ABS/ESP MK100 brake control system.
IAW 55F4 gas engine control system in the Ducato 140 engine F1CFA401A model, new
advanced system functions.
MD1 engine control system and UPCU exhaust gas aftertreatment system for M9R
engines, activations and checks such as the AdBlue/DEF injection test or the system
Technical information of Ducato 14’ (290) models including releases and procedures of
the HALF driver assistance camera.
New technical data and wiring diagram configurations available in MUD 9DF and MUD 6F3 engine control systems in Doblo 1.3 Cargo [2016 - …] and Fiorino 1.3 Multijet models.
system purge.
CR61 engine control system in models with OM 642 engines, new technical data.
CDID3 S2 engine control system in Sprinter (907) and Sprinter (910) models with
OM651 engines, releases and procedures.
CR41R engine control system in Vito (447) models with OM 622.951 engine, wiring
diagram configurations.
EDC MD1 engine control system in Citan (415) models with OM 607/608 engine, new
advanced functions.
EDZ VRZ 1.0 engine control system, technical data and wiring diagram configurations.
Diagrams by model in NV400 2.3 dCi [2019 - …] engine M9T.
UPCU exhaust gas aftertreatment system, activations and checks of the system
Trip fuel consumption data reset in the TDB Gen2 instrument cluster.
DCM 1.2 engine control system in NV200 1.5 dCi (M20M) [2019 – 2013] engine K9K 276 models.
Diagrams by model in Movano 2.3 CDTI (B) [2019 - …] engine M9T.
UDM exhaust gas aftertreatment system, replacement and reset of the pump, tank,
AdBlue dosing module and SCR catalytic converter.
BC 7.0 central computer in Vivaro 2.0 [2019 - …] engine D 20 DT models.
Airbag Gen 2 system in Master 2.3 dCi [2019 - …] models, activations and parameter
FCCU driver assistance camera in Master III Phase I models, maintenance reset of the
control unit memory and system technical
EDC 16 ZD30 engine control system in Mascott DXi Phase II models.
EDC MD1 engine control system in Kangoo 1.5 dCi (FW/KW) [2019 - …] models, new
technical data, several activations and checks available in the system.
DCM 7.1 + SCR engine control system in the Proace 2.0 D-4D (K0) [2016 – 2019] engine 4WZF model, new advanced system functions.
ABS/ESP 8.1 brake control system in Proace (G9) models, activations and calibration of
the longitudinal acceleration sensor.
EDC 17 C64 UDS engine control system, air purge of the fuel system.
New vehicle technical data available in California, Caravelle, Multivan T6 (SG) models.