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Azalea LabHub™. "The Future of Healthcare...Now!". Secure EHR Lab Results available to Patients, Physicians & Hospital By: Baha Zeidan, CEO Vince Dettore, Sales Manager.         Rural Hospital Laboratory Challanges. -Trying to compete with the national laboratories (LabCorp, Quest) - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Azalea LabHub™

  • Azalea LabHub"The Future of Healthcare...Now!"

  • Secure EHR Lab Results available to Patients, Physicians & Hospital


    Baha Zeidan, CEOVince Dettore, Sales Manager

  • Rural Hospital Laboratory Challanges-Trying to compete with the national laboratories (LabCorp, Quest)

    -Medicare reimbursement is getting lower every year

    -Exclusive contracts between insurance companies and large national medical laboratories

    -Provide Medical Necessity Checking and ABN Generation before performing the Lab test-Meeting ARRA requirements of "Meaningful Use"

  • ARRA focuses on quality of healthcare and efficiency.

    It will Require electronic exchange of health data between hospitals, providers, patients...What the ARRA will Require?

  • "Meaningful Use" Criteria for Labs:2011 Objectives:

    The Use Of CPOE Incorporate lab-test results into HER Provide Patients with electronic copy of lab results or electronic access Provide electronic submissions of reportable lab results to public health agencies

  • ARRA Incentives to HospitalsWhats at Risk?

    Lose of Revenue from ARRA reimbursmements

    Revenue lost to competingcomplianthospitals (physicians stop sending orders to non-compliant Labs) Providers incentives are up to $44,000 to $64,000 (Medicare + Medicaid)

    Hospital incentives up to $6 million.

  • Lab information exchangeHospital LabReference Labs (LabCorp, Quest) Physicians EMRs Patients PortalPhysicians Access Through the web

  • Azalea LabHubWeb Based laboratory ordering and resulting system No need to re-invent the wheel with you current LIS system LabHub interfaces with LIS

  • Azalea LabHub FeaturesFull color pdf orders and resultsColor pathology, cytologyreporting with photomicrographsAutomated HIPAA faxing moduleAccommodates patient service centers and other reference laboratory's ordering and reporting

  • LabHub Features Continued...Full access to laboratory specimen requirementsMedical Necessity checking and ABN generationDetailed audit reportsOrders Summary reportsPending Orders reportsPSC Pending reportsTest Counts, etc...Standing Orders generation

  • Benefits of Azalea LabHub24/7 Accessvia any web browser to lab resultsHIPAA compliant128bit SSL encryptionDetailed user permissions forsystem accessHIPAA logs are available to administratorsImproved billingSystem has acomplete NPI databaseProvides Medical Necessity (National andLocalCoverage Determinations - NCD/LCD)checking and ABN generationReduced errors due toillegiblehand written insurance or patient information

  • Benefits ofLabHub Continued...Standards Compliant (HL-7, EDI) Interfaces with Hospital Systems, Laboratory Systems, Reference Laboratories, EMRs, EHRs, and other systemsTime savings compared to paper requisitions

    ***********Statistics show 7-9% of hospital revenues are lost annually due to medical necessity denials and failure to have an ABN signed.

    Quote from the HFMA or Health Financial Managementf Association, "Developing an effective medical necessity solution atyour hospital should not only lead to a reduction indenials, but also help prevent exposure to what Medicarerefers to as abuse. The repeated submission of thesame type of bills (with or without denials) that areconsistently against CMSs published medical necessityrules constitutes abuse as defined by the OIG.

    Medicare expects hospitals to remain up to date on thechanges to the bulletins. Only a comprehensive medicalnecessity program that includes medical necessitysoftware integrated with effective process changes canhelp ensure compliance.Hospitals that cannot prove compliance may be fined,under the civil monetary penalties law, $10,000 foreach item or service fraudulently claimed,assessed upto three times the amount of the claim, and risk exclusionfrom the Medicare program (a death sentence forthe financial health of virtually any facility). If foundguilty under the False Claims Act, the hospital facesup to three times the amount of the charge, as wellas up to an $11,000 fine for each false UB92 claim.Thus, the total penalties can easily add up to hundredsof thousands or even millions of dollars."