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Azalea Charities, Inc. Annual Meeting September 30, 2012 “We’re Giving Together”. Today’s Agenda. 4:30 to 5:00 Social Time 5:00 to 5:40 Meeting 5:40 Dinner. Annual Meeting Agenda. Vision Azalea Charities Facebook – Proposed Social Media Policy Election of Board of Directors for FY13 - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Transcript of Azalea Charities, Inc


1Azalea Charities, Inc.

Annual MeetingSeptember 30, 2012

Were Giving Together

1Todays Agenda4:30 to 5:00 Social Time5:00 to 5:40 Meeting5:40 Dinner2

3Annual Meeting AgendaVision Azalea Charities Facebook Proposed Social Media PolicyElection of Board of Directors for FY13Financials & FY13 Budget ApprovalTeam Azalea Charities UpdateElection of Officers for FY13Bylaws ResolutionAmerican Legion Post 28 Intro

Items in Italic require a motion from the floor and a call for a vote to approve

34VisionFrank LaschChairman of the Board



AWW Sources of fundsCoastal Wine Brand & Distributors + Vendors (10 States) Team Azalea CharitiesChenega Federal SystemsModern Technology Services, INC.Prince Leopold dArenberg & Associates (European)Lockheed MartinFresh & Easy Markets (California)Local & National ContributorsGiorgios & WinestylesPiedmont Charity FoundationMontclair LionsOld Hickory Golf ClubNetwork for GoodTied the LeaderAmericas Charities



Community Charities sources of fundsAzalea ClassicMembershipSpecial contributions (personal contacts)Club corporate fundraiserPiedmont Charity FoundationOld Hickory Golf Course



Aid for Wounded Warriors partners with Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market to launch Side by Side limited edition California winesVirginia Racing Champion Dave Daniels, Azalea Charities Team Up For 2011 Racing SeasonOn-going Initiatives

Helping to build an accessible home fora Wounded Warrior Family

Partnership with Quality of Life Foundation Home For a HeroLeverage inherent Board of Director capabilities to identify and execute new revenue generating opportunitiesExpanding support through the National Capital Area Chamber of Commerce networkLeverage media opportunities to increase exposureEmphasis Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)

10Azalea Charities Facebook Proposed Social Media PolicyChris Robertson and Mike CheezumMembers Board of Directors

10Azalea Charities Facebook Applying Social Media to Meet Our GoalsOnline social media enables individuals to share their insights, express their opinions and share information within the context of a globally distributed conversation.Azalea Charities social media work is meant to achieve the following goals:Build professionalism and the image of Azalea Charities as a thoughtful and credible charitable organizationImprove the public image of Azalea Charities as a valued and trusted organizationPromote Azalea Charities events and overall missionEngage the community in discussion to build supportGrow Azalea Charities membership and relevanceTo ensure that the professionalism and image our maintained a Policy is required


Social MediaProposed PolicyThe following policy addresses terms of use, oversight of posting and monitoring of material, and the infrastructure of the organization to support social media within Azalea Charities.Terms of Use:Postings will not:Be offensive, threatening, illegal, or inflammatory, defamatory, or hostileBe considered official statements or positions of Azalea Charities, unless approved by the Board of DirectorsPromote, or advertise a commercial product or solicit business or membership to other organizations Contain phone numbers, or email addressesInfringe on the rights of the organization or any individual or entity to include privacy, intellectual property or publication rightsHandling of Posts:Azalea Charities reserves the right to: Ban future posts from people who repeatedly violate the terms and conditions.Remove or edit comments at any time whether they violate terms or not.Oversight of Postings:Azalea Charities board members and individuals chosen by the Board of Directors are the primary individuals authorized to post on Azalea Charities social media platforms, on behalf of Azalea Charities. This includes replies to comments and questions. Administrative privileges will be granted for this purpose at the discretion of the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors reserves the right to remove content and administrative privileges without notice.


13Election of Board of Directors

1314Election of the Board of Directorsfor FY 2013 (Effective 1 July 2012 to 30 June 2013)Proposed Board of Directors Per the BylawsFrank E. Lasch (Chairman)Doug Taggart (President)Cindy Fisko (Secretary)Tom Rachele (Treasurer) Nominated MembersThom BradfordKaren BarlowJim CaddiganMaureen CaddiganDonna CampbellJames CampbellKevin CheezumDr. Michael CheezumFrank ChichkaRon ColemanCorrine DoerrKathy FrankPeter FrankRobert GrassoJohn HaneklauWilliam HealeyJoseph HebertGeorge KerrArthur LamprosMichael LamprosTony LaschCarolyn MaloneyShannon MaxwellDean MorehouseLarry PergersonChristopher RobertsonPeter RobertsonDr. Scott StachelekBob YeagerDebra WashingtonKevin Fandt *Renee Fandt *

* Floor Nominations14

1415Financial UpdateThomas RacheleChief Financial Officer(Treasurer)

15FY 12 Income Activity(July 1, 2011 to June 30, 2012)

One Major Fundraising Events: Marine Corps MarathonGeneral Revenue Sources: Website donations, Event Contributions, Membership


Total Income$352,644.49

FY11 (last year) was $335,173.78

FY 12 Expense Activity17

Total Expense$296,711.90with $55,932.59 ofFY13 carryover

= $352,644.49of available FY12 resources

Detailed Comparison Income18

Detailed Comparison Expenses 19

Detailed Comparison Distribution 20

General & AdministrativeG&A Income was $4,051.36Sources: Bank Interest, Membership and Community inputsFY2011 G&A Expenses were $9,656.48 Attributed to: Bank Fees, Insurance, Supplies, State Registrations, Subscriptions, Public Relations, Communications & Audit (required to apply for the Combined Federal Campaign)


FY 2013 Budget Proposal22

23Team Azalea CharitiesDoug Taggart2011 MCM Coordinator Team Azalea Charities

232424TeamAzalea Charities2012 campaign: Fielding 249 athletesTeam with Allied Forces Foundation for third yearTotal Revenue to date: $57.7 K (goal is $100k by 28 Oct 2012)Team makeup

AFF runners (72) include: British and Danish Royal Engineers Bomb and IED Specialists running with their wounded, Team Red, White and Blue (from USMA) and 6 British Royal Gurkha Rifles.

.and a Pipes & Drums Band

242425Election of Officers

2526Election of the Officers for FY 2013 (Effective 1 July 2012 to 30 June 2013)Proposed Officers (7)Frank E. Lasch, Sr., Chairman of the BoardDouglas S. Taggart, President *Kevin Cheezum, Senior Vice PresidentThomas Rachele, Chief Financial Officer *Cindy Fiscko, Secretary *David G. Sarvadi, Esq General CounselScott Abell, Vice President Special Projects Golf

* Executive Committee Officers of the Corporation are President, CFO (Treasurer) and Secretary

26Bylaws Resolution27

Bylaws ResolutionSubject: Resolution by the Board of Directors; referring to the Amended and Restated Bylaws; Article IX, Section 9.3, Azalea Charities, Inc., dated July 26, 2009Resolution: As contained in the Amended and Restated Bylaws; Article IX, Section 9.3, Azalea Charities, Inc., dated July 26, 2009, it is by Resolution of the Board of Directors, as approved at the 2012 Annual Meeting, held 30 September 2012, that Mr. Frank Lasch, a permanent Director and serving as Chairman of the Board of Directors (Article IV, Section 4.10), is authorized to sign for all Instruments in amounts greater than five thousand dollars ($5000.00) as described in Section 9.3 of the Amended and Restated Bylaws.


29Working Together Giving Together

Tell a friend & keep in touch visit our website at www.AzaleaCharities.orgRemember our CFC # 52704



7/1/2010- 6/30/20117/1/2011- 6/30/2012Amount Difference7/1/2011- 6/30/20121/1/2012- 8/31/2012Amount DifferenceINCOMEAWW Contributions$23,907$129,828$105,921$129,828$114,343($15,485)Chenega51,94029,110(22,830)29,11046,60017,490Quality of Life12,5003,932(8,568)3,9320(3,932)Special Art-Contributions8108199819384(435)TAC Income NET119,559172,46952,911172,46947,790(124,679)Wine Contributions00001,3801,380TOTAL AWW Income$208,715$336,158$127,443$336,158$210,497($125,662)Azalea Charities IncomeAzalea Charities Golf Classic$116,697$8,006($108,691)$4,106$2,630($1,476)General Contributions4,2264,106(120)04,1714,171Web Income425324(102)32449(275)TOTAL AC Income$121,347$12,435($108,912)$12,435$11,705($730)G&A IncomeTOTAL 30 G&A Income$5,111$4,051($1,060)$4,051$1,545($2,506)TOTAL INCOME$335,174$352,644$17,471$352,644$223,747($128,898)

7/1/2010- 6/30/20117/1/2011- 6/30/2012Amount Difference7/1/2011- 6/30/20121/1/2012- 8/31/2012Amount DifferenceEXPENSES / DISTRIBUTIONSAWW Distribution$87$0$87$0$0$0Air Compassion2,50002,500000AWW Support VA & Military Hospital Programs120,799154,926(34,126)154,926115,18539,740Crisis Link5,06805,068000Quality of Life Foundation63,93539,36324,57239,36328,47210,891Special Outreach Project10,0008,0002,0008,0003,0005,000Thomas Jerome House1,00010,000(9,000)10,00020,000(10,000)TOTAL AWW Distributions$203,389$212,289($8,899)$212,289$166,657$45,63110 AWW Program ExpensesAWW Expenses8,2089,792(1,584)9,7926,4913,301Special Art-Expense2001,742(1,542)1,7425651,177TAC Expenses48,13641,1616,97541,16136,0735,088TOTAL 10 AWW Program Expenses56,54552,6963,84952,69643,1299,567

7/1/2010- 6/30/20117/1/2011- 6/30/2012Amount Difference7/1/2011- 6/30/20121/1/2012- 8/31/2012Amount DifferenceAC DistributionBoys & Girls Clubs$10,000$0$10,000$0$0$0Education3,5504003,1504004000Homeless and Shelters5,0002,0003,0002,00002,000Other Charities1,6005001,1005001,500(1,000)Special Needs1,0005164845165160