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My name is Lisa Boerum. This slideshow serves as a “visual resume” of one of the businesses that I owned for many years. Awesome Beginnings Childcare was located just east of Hugo, MN and closed on June 12, 2009. I provided families with quality child care for many years. I was very proud of my business. Caring for children was my professionally chosen career and I loved it. Owning Awesome Beginnings Childcare offered me the chance to make a difference in the world by having a positive effect on the life of a child. Part of my home (1300 square feet) had been custom built for my child care and was used exclusively for child care. Awesome Beginnings Childcare had its own driveway, entrance, kitchen, bathroom, infant/toddler bedroom, office, large playrooms, and a very large fenced playground. The rooms of the child care were divided by 32″ high walls which allowed for close supervision while still allowing the playrooms to be set up into different “learning centers”. Some of the learning centers included Dramatic Play, Blocks, Writing, Math, Manipulatives, Reading Loft, Infant/Toddler Manipulatives, Puzzles & Games, Art, Listening Area, Group Time Area, Music, and more. The benefits that Awesome Beginnings Childcare offered: A curriculum and learning environment that met the children’s social, emotional, physical, intellectual, health, and safety needs and met or exceeded the requirements of Minnesota’s Early Learning Standards and the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) code of ethics A system to observe and assess what the children knew in order to plan curriculum that addressed the children’s developmental and learning needs A clean, very organized environment that was well stocked with educational activities, toys and supplies Two experienced providers – I completed the training for the Child Development Associate Credential and I attended about 65 hours of training per year (8 were required). I employed a second provider that also attended annual training. Providers certified/trained in CPR and Emergency Response, SIDS, Shaken Baby Syndrome, and Child Passenger Restraint. These certifications were renewed on a regular basis. A smoke and pet free child care environment Excellent references from satisfied clients Worry-free caregiver backgrounds – each year a background study was completed on me, my employee, all my family members (age 13 and up) and my helpers/substitutes. Very competitive child care fees

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2. Awesome Beginnings Childcare: Was owned by Lisa Boerum Was licensed by the State of Minnesota Was an in-home childcare set up in the lower level of the Lisas home which was used exclusively for childcare (1300 sq. ft.) Had its own kitchen, driveway, parking area, and entrance. Offered a center-like environment with a large variety of learning centers Was located 3 miles east of Hugo, MN Offered two caregivers (owner and employee) Had a 15-passenger van for transporting children to school and field trips Closed on June 12, 2009 3. The Entrance: lockers for coats & shoes ~ cubbies for belongings & papers The cubbies have been turned around to hide the name labels for privacy. 4. Sleeping Bags for Naptime 5. Theme Based Curriculum ~ The books on the bookcases were stored in bins by theme. 6. The Computer Center In this photo the computer desk is in the Group Room. It was moved to the Preschool Area at a later time. 7. The Preschool Area Manipulatives, Lego Letter Wall, Math & Writing Center, Reading Loft, and Computer Center or Listening Center This area was for ages 3 & up (chokable items). 8. A large variety of learning activities were rotated on a regular basis. 9. The Listening Center Audio Programs That Teach Phonemic Awareness, Letter Sounds, and Phonics 10. The Block Center The items in this center were rotated every 7-14 days and included: Wood unit blocks Soft (foam) unit blocks Large Lego-type blocks Block play people/accessories Tools, vehicles & transportation signs Multi-cultural and occupational props Lego Wall and more! 11. Kitchen ~ Dining ~ Art Rotating 6-week menu Dining/art table with 12 chairs/clip- on highchairs Upper cabinets with art supplies (out of reach) Rolling storage cubbies with paper and art supplies (within reach for independent self-service) 12. The Playground 13. The Infant & Toddler Bedroom Theme: Hey Diddle Diddle (The Cat and the Fiddle) 14. Hey diddle diddle, The cat and the fiddle, The cow jumped over the moon. The little dog laughed, To see such sport, And the dish ran away with the spoon. 15. Science and Indoor Sensory Area Water, Sand, Science Experiments, and MORE! 16. Sensory Play ~ Insect Week 17. Bubbles & Baby Water Play 18. Giving the Babies a Bath A Great Way to Spend a Hot Summer Day 19. Toddler Center Infants & Toddlers were free to explore all areas except the Preschool Area (blocked by short walls and a door) due to the choking hazards. 20. Toddler Book Shelves The Daycare Office (a.k.a. The Cracker Jack Box) 21. Continuous rotation of centers requires a lot of storage! 22. Thank you for visiting Awesome Beginnings Childcare!