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Allusions Project for AP Jun Kyoung, Hailey Park, and Debora KimPeriod 2Mrs. Frame

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  • Awesome AllusionsHailey ParkDebora KimJun KyoungPeriod 2

  • HarpyWinged demons sent by gods to snatch away people and things from the earthSpirits of sudden, sharp gusts of windIn the Harry Potter series, Harpies are the mascot for the female Quidditch team from Holyhead. Portrays the women Quidditch players as having grace yet power while traveling through the windRowling suggests that the Quidditch players are like the winged women who try to snatch the Gold SnitchEmphasizes the similarity in tactics of both Harpies and the playersFemale Quidditch players are swift and knowledgeable of the winds that they travel inHailey

  • OdysseyGreat epic of ancient Greece written by HomerThe story of obstacles that the hero Odysseus faced as he made his way home from the Trojan WarOh Brother, Where Art Thou, a film directed by Joel and Ethan Coen, parallels the story of The OdysseyAllusion helps the reader predict what will happen and better understand the storyline of the movie if he or she has knowledge of The Odyssey. The director chose this reference to offer a modern version story to The Odyssey. Increases understanding of the general storyline of the movie and helps viewers adapt to this storyline.


  • Olympian12 Principal gods of the Greek pantheon who live in the House of OlympusRuled the universe after overthrowing the TitansRick Riordan - Percy Jackson & the OlympiansAlludes to the 12 principal gods to offer a somewhat sequel to all the Olympians.The storyline of the movie mimics the story of the Olympians, creating an interesting storyline and helps better the understanding of mythological Greek godsPercy Jackson & the Olympians storyline can be better understood and more exciting to read if the allusions to Olympian are understood


  • ProteanGreek god who had the ability to change his shapeProtean has a general meaning of "versatile", "mutable", and "capable of assuming many formsProteus syndrome, in the movie Elephant Man, is the name of the deforming disease that afflicts the main characterEmphasizes nature of the overall nature of the disease and how it mutates the outer appearanceArouses sympathy from the audience, and works effectively in the context of the movie.


  • PegasusImmortal winged horse born from Medusa's neck when she was beheaded by PerseusStamp of his hoof caused Hippocrene (fountain of the Muses) to issue poetic inspiration from Mount HeliconThe Pegasus to allow a poetic quality in the description of words such as the barren gloomy of Pegasus. Pegasus is used to describe the nature and arts of the setting.The winged horse suggests some sort of grace and majesty. Imagery plays a large role in Pegasus, allowing readers to associate the text with a picture.


  • TantalizeThe word derives from the plight of TantalusCondemned to eternity of hunger and thirst in after life after offending the godsBoughs receded from his grasp every time he tried to pluck fruits off of itPoe uses the word tantalize to provide a verb that adds to the general impression of circumlocution.The word tantalize adds to the gloomy and ominous tone of Edgar Allen Poe.The reader can almost imagine the listener being held to circumlocution for an eternity (earnest desire).Hailey

  • Alpha and OmegaThe term Alpha and Omega comes from the biblical phrase I am Alpha and Omega, the First and the LastFirst and last letters of the Greek alphabet, thus meaning that Jesus is eternalIn the following quote, Charlotte Brontes Jane Eyre, the character Mr. Rochester confesses his love for JaneThe Alpha and Omega of my hearts wishes broke involuntarily from my lips in the words Jane! Jane! Jane! (Chapter 37)The first and last thing that he thinks about and wishes for is JaneThis allusion effectively emphasizes to the reader Mr. Rochesters deep love for Jane EyreStrengthens the overall plot of the story and highlights the intricate relationship between the two characters


  • Sodom and GomorrahSodom and Gomorrah were two cities destroyed by God for the sins of their inhabitantsSynonymous with/refers to a place related to wickedness or sinD.H. Lawrence alludes to Sodom and Gomorrah in his story Things Characters Valerie and Erasmus Melville regard America as the Sodom and Gomorrah of industrialismUse of allusion emphasizes how America has destroyed the positive benefits of industrialism due to increasing interests in materialismEasier to understand the allusion in the context of the story since Americas impact on industrialism is shown in a negative light and the constant desire for materialistic goods is a sin


  • BumbleMeans to speak or behave clumsily or faltering; to make a humming or droning soundRefers to a clumsy religious figure in a work of literature Mr. Bumble from Olivers TwistMr. Bumble is a self-centered minor church official who behaves without empathy toward the paupers under his care.The name is appropriate to Mr. Bumble because his characteristics in Olivers Twist represents the clumsiness that is associated with Bumble.A reader, with the knowledge of the Bumble, can know what characteristics Mr. Bumble will portray.Debora

  • ScroogeMain character in Charles Dickenss novel A Christmas StoryHis last name has become a byword for miserliness and misanthropy, which are some of Scrooges traitsTypically brings to mind an image of one who hoards money or pinches pennies.Talk about the character Scrooge McDuck in the disney movies? I really didnt know what to do for this oneScrooge is a term used to describe someone who has similar characteristics as Scrooge. It can be used to portray a person as miserly and tending to hoard money.A reader, by knowing that Scrooge is someone who is miserly, can realize that the term is being used to describe someone as money-loving and selfish.


  • Uriah HeepMain antagonist in Charles Dickenss novel David CopperfieldUriah Heep is a clerk of Mr. Wickfield,Presents himself as "'umble, (humble) but is malicious and designing, and blackmails Mr. Wickfield.Symbolizes someone who is hypocritically humble but maliciousTo Uriah Heep one's way through life" To go through life pretending to be humble while actually being ruthlessly calculatingOliver Twist (movie & novel) - Lon Chaney as FaginThere is also a Uriah Heep quality to the character Fagin who falls over himself to Bill Sikes' biddingTo describe someone as a Uriah Heep is describing him or her as malicious and designing. This person tries to portray himself or herself as humble and trustworthy while in reality, he or she is self-interested.The reader can assume that a person described as Uriah Heep is someone who has a selfish intent in his or her actions.Debora

  • DonnybrookRefers to any riotous occasion or a heated argumentTaken from the Donnybrook Fair held in Dublin County, Ireland until 1855Was famous for rioting and dissipationThe Quiet Man Michaleen FlynnIs this a courting or a donnybrook? Have the good manners not to hit the man until he's your husband and entitled to hit you back.Creates a contrast between courting (positive connotation) and donnybrook, (negative connotation)Flynn emphasizes the riotous nature of a donnybrook & its overall negativity.Also hints the overall definition of a donnybrook.


  • UtopiaSir Thomas More coined the term Utopia, which means nowhereDescribes a perfect society where war, poverty, intolerance, and other problems do not existThe Giver is a 1993 soft science fiction novel by Lois Lowry. It is set in a future society which is at first presented as a utopian society and gradually appears more and more dystopian. The novel follows a boy named Jonas through the twelfth year of his life. The society has eliminated pain and strife by converting to "Sameness", a plan which has also eradicated emotional depth from their lives.The Utopia is something that is represented as a perfect place; however, this sort of perfection can not be reached. Readers can assume that a story assuming a utopia is highly fiction and a story of what ifs.Hailey

  • Sources European History (REA) 10th Edition Dictionary of biblical tradition in English literature By David L. Jeffrey