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  • 1. Purdue University Student Chapter Association for Women in Communications Offering communication students a welcoming place to grow, connect and succeed. 5, 2010Upcoming Events 10/6 Window Painting for Homecoming 1:30 Letter form the President 10/19 Chapter Meeting 6:30- Dear AWC members, 7:30pm-Picking the right I could not be happier with what the start of this year has brought for COM classes AWC. We have had successful professionals attend our meetings, received national exposure and praise and had amazing attendance at 10/21 Boo at the Zoo 5-8pm, each of our meetings and callouts. rides will be provided I am very impressed to see how driven our members are. I can tell that 11/2 Chapter Meeting 6:30- each of you are looking to build relationships and network and are 7:30pm- Kelly Olin passionate about finding internships to gain experience. Advice I have Speaking for everyone is to continue to attend our meetings and network with professionals who are present at our meetings. Also, always feel free to 11/3 Bake Sale in front of come and speak with me, or the rest of our executive board. We are CL50, we would love here to help you; we may have the advice or contact information that everyone to contribute an you are looking for. item If you are looking for more opportunities to get involved with AWC or need things to include in your portfolio, we are always looking for members to help. Please come speak with me, another executive member or send us an email. Cont on Mission Statement The Association for Women in Communications is a professional organization that champions the advancement of women across all communications disciplines by recognizing excellence, promoting leadership and positioning its members at the forefront of the evolving communications era.
  • 2. lorem ipsum dolor issue, dateHelpful Tips from the CCO Advice from the Intern QueenBy Joy Shang, AWC Member By Lauren Hausermann, Newsletter EditorWhat would you say if you were to run into the CEO of your Lauren Berger, the Intern Queen, came to Purdue ondream company in an elevator? Would you know how to September 8th. She brought her knowledge of internshipsleave a deep and positive impression on him/her? What if it and shared her own personal story of how she herself hadreally happened someday? 15 internships and founded to Veronica Rahim, a student counselor from Center Here are some tips from the Queen herself:for Career Opportunities delivered us a useful presentationabout the 10-second elevator pitch to prepare us for that -Use your cover letter to connect the dotspossible situation. Include why you want this specific positionLet us review some useful tips she offered to us: What characteristics make you right for the job Use buzz words from the companies websiteDress for success -Write your own letters of recommendationFirst judgments really matter. It usually is based on how youlook and what you are wearing. Thus smart dress is always a Dont expect your professors to know what youfirst step leads you to a successful interview. want in your letter Create an outline of what you would like to seeLearn to make small talk in the letterSmall talk can prevent the awkward silence sometimes even - Right after an interview send a thank-you cardcan help you leave a great impression on your interviewer.Your major, your internship experiences, what you have seen A card not an emailabout the company on the news and your questions about the Reference something you talked aboutcompany would all be suitable topics. Meanwhile, frequentlysmile and have a firm handshake will also be helpful. In a -Two weeks after an interview follow upword, there are 3W Principles to judge whether you do wellin the 10-second elevator pitch: Write an email if they do not except callsW1-Clearly state who you are. -Once a semester send out emails to stay in touchW2-Tell interviewer why you want to be a part of their Ask for advicecompany. Let them know what you have been up toW3-Stress why you are the ideal employee they are looking Also check out Intern Queens blog post about her trip tofor. Purdue queen-loves-purdue/Last but not least a good interview performance only comesfrom practice, practice and practice Dont hesitate girls! And our very own AWC President Sarah WartmannsLets start practicing from today. Fast Track Video on the Intern Queen re=player_embedded 2
  • 3. lorem ipsum dolor issue, dateUpcoming Events with AWCBy Myriah DeBoer, Special Events CoordinatorThis October we are really excited we are participating in Boo at the Zooagain. Last year we had a lot of fun, a big group of volunteers and we arehoping to top that this year. Boo at the Zoo is a night at the ColumbianPark Zoo where children and their families can come to the zoo forgames, animals, and entertainment. The children really love it and it isexciting to see the happiness on their faces knowing that you were a partof it. This year we are going to the zoo on October 21st from 5-8pm. Weencourage all of you to sign up; it is a fun experience as well as a greatway to bond with the other members. If you want to come with us please sign the sign up sheet as well as fill out aTemporary Volunteer form. We will be carpooling there so it is important to sign up early so we know how manydrivers we will need.Also, we will be decorating windows for homecoming this week. Our theme for our window will be, Girls JustWant to Have Fun so we are planning to decorate the window with girly things like high heels, lipsticks, and brightcolors. We are not sure of the location just yet, but we will be decorating starting at 1:30 on Wednesday October 6.This is also another way for us to bond as a group and to get to know everyone. We had a lot of fun decorating lastyear and we are all looking forward to this year again. Please sign up if you can make it so we can let you know ofthe location. Also feel free to invite friends, especially if they are expert artists. If you have any questions feel freeto contact me, Myriah DeBoer, or any of the other executive members. We are reallylooking forward to this event and we hope that all of you will be able to be there with us. AWC Member of the Month.Letter from the Presidentcontinued Alejandra SierraWe have so many great events coming up Major: Organizational Communicationthat we would love for you all to be a part of. Minors: Psychology and OLSHomecoming Window Decorating will takeplace on October 6th at 1:30 pm. Our window Year: Junioris TBA. Boo at the Zoo will be on October21st from 5 to 8pm. If you need a ride, we are Hometown: Panamadoing a carpool, so I encourage you to signup soon so we can have an idea of how many (Latin America)members are attending. Finally, onNovember 2nd career life coach Kelly Olin Plans for the future: Hopefullywill join us at our meeting. This is one work at UNICEF for a whilemeeting you will not want to miss! and I plan to create a non-profitI enco