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Purdue University Student Chapter

Association for Women in Communications

December 2010

Dear AWC members, This will be my final AWC Presidents letter. I regret to inform you that I will be leaving Purdue next semester and be handing over the Presidency to our Vice President, Valerie Petrey. I have been offered an outstanding internship position in Chicago that I could not pass up and will be finishing up my classes at Purdue Calumet. However, I will still graduate in May from Purdue and I plan on coming back to visit. Deciding to leave Purdue was one of the toughest decisions I have ever had to make in my life. The main reason being is that it is tough for me to say goodbye to this organization. I have been an active AWC member since my freshmen year and have served on the exec board for the past 3 years. I could not ask to be a part of a better organization during my time at Purdue. Continued on page 3

Mission Statement The Association for Women in Communications is a professional organization that champions the advancement of women across all communications disciplines by recognizing excellence, promoting leadership and positioning its members at the

forefront of the evolving communications era.

Upcoming Events



2nd Semester Call-Out 6 p.m.

*Current Members Do Not Need to Attend

First Meeting of Second Semester

6 p.m.

Letter from the President

Offering communication students a welcoming place to grow, connect and succeed.

1/10 Second Semester Begins

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Hungry for Marketing Experience By Meg Fingert, AWC Member

This semester I had the privilege of working with a start up website based in West Lafayette called Hungry Boiler. Hungry Boiler is a web start up that allows students and townies alike to view all local restaurant menus and to conveniently order from many of them from their website at a great discount.

Hired as a marketing intern, I took on both the role of an on campus representative and of social media consultant. I found that working for a small start up can be extremely helpful in gaining experience. Instead of getting lost in a corporate hierarchy, I always was working alongside my boss and because of this, was better able to execute the companys marketing goals.

While it may be easy to feel drawn to a large corporation or non-profit, sometimes the best gifts really do come in small packages. Small businesses hold a wealth of opportunity, experience-seeking undergraduates. Styling and Writing: A Fashion Internship

for Com Majors By Irene Wang, AWC Secretary

I am very fortunate to have an internship with As the Style Guru, I take pictures of Fashionista/os around campus and interview alumni and designers in fashion industry.

This opportunity is precious for me, as this is what I always want to do. To those students who are interested in fashion/editorial industry, this kind of virtual internship is a great way to get your feet into the door. It is also a great fun to take notice on the clothing trends on campus because you can always expect something unexpected.

This internship developed my writing skills and photography skills mostly. What I learned in the past few months is that one has to devote great passion to this position. Not only is the writing style is different from the papers we usually write for class; one also needs to follow the latest fashion trends.

Fashion is a very competitive industry. I didnt realize there are tons of fashion blogs before I started my internship with CF. Everyone has unique perspectives towards fashion. So if one day you want to be somebody, one has always to be on the top. Because today you are in, it doesnt mean you wouldnt be out tomorrow.

Anyone who is interested in doing this internship with CF can contact me and Ill try to answer any questions you have. Read all of Irenes fashion posts from the semester.

10 Things Every COM Student should do right NOW By Valerie Petrey, AWC Vice President

1. Look for a summer internship in your chosen field and apply by March!

2. Apply for a leadership position within a student organization. 3. Create a LinkedIn, VisualCV and/or Flavors page that has

links to your online portfolio and/or blog. 4. Start a blog. Check out Tumblr, WordPress or Blogger. I

suggest getting a blog to showcase your writing talent and increase your web visibility.

5. Create an online portfolio! Upload writing and design samples of your work! Put your resume and social media accounts on there, and anything else you see fit. Try these: Weebly and Webs.

6. Teach yourself things you arent learning in the classroom. Learn Adobe Creative Suite with a 30-day free trial!

7. Update your resume with anything you did this past semester.

8. Ask your professors, past and current employers, and student leaders in organizations youre actively involved in for Letters of Recommendation.

9. Look into Study Abroad if you havent already. There are two-week programs to two-semester programs. Our advisor Dr. Stacey Connaughton leads a Maymester program to Shanghai China, and Dr. Josh Boyd leads the summer internship program to London, England.

10. Have fun! I believe COM students have to work twice as hard to prove themselves and be competitive within our industry, but its important to have a social life too. Dont overwhelm yourself!

Interested in joining the AWC exec board?

AWC is looking for a new Secretary!

To qualify:

You must be at least a sophomore, have open availability every Tuesday next semester, and have prior experience in sending mass emails, organizing and updating Excel lists, taking notes at meetings, multi-tasking, cold calling and updating Twitter and Facebook accounts.

Please contact us by December 20th if interested If you dont have EVERY qualification, its okay- as long as youre willing to learn!

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Putting Yourself Out There

By Valerie Petrey, AWC Vice President

The best advice I can give anyone it to take a chance. While it is easiest to find an internship with a contact, it is possible to land an internship or job without one! Every internship or job I have had, I applied via their website, followed up with the employer to show interest and randomly made connections by using social media. I never personally knew anyone. With that being said, if you have contacts, use them. If you dont, then get creative by researching who currently holds the position you want to at your dream company and contacting them, as well as reaching out to prospective employers on Twitter and LinkedIn.

I know its hard to put yourself out there but it will be worth it in the end. When I had my first internship with WISH-TV in Indianapolis I didnt know what interning was really all about. It was a fantastic first learning process and showed me that I didnt really want to work in broadcast journalism. After that summer I knew I wanted to get into advertising and public relations, so I interned for Purdue Athletics and continued to sharpen my writing skills by working for my local newspaper. This past summer I was drawn to working in the government and was able to land a communications internship with the Indiana Secretary of State, which showed me that PR was definitely my calling. Now I am with Liberal Arts Career Development and have utilized my past experiences to sharpen my project management skills and take the lead on many different projects! I also have met a lot of great people in my industry.

Now I am not saying you have to intern every semester, not that it would hurt, but I am saying think about your future, get involved and take initiative. Interning isnt the only way to gain experience. Volunteer work and student organizations are another fabulous way to build your resume and enhance your skills. There is always something you can do to help put you a step above everyone else! *Parts of this were originally published at IndianaINTERN Nation.

Letter from the President continued I owe a lot of my success and accomplishments to this organization. I hope AWC will do the same for each and every one of you like it has for me. I was explaining to my fellow exec members the other day how much I have seen this organization grow over the last four years, and I could not be happier with the results. I am very grateful to be leaving this organization on such a positive note and leaving it to a group of very talented executive members that can take AWC to new heights. The best piece of advice I can offer to all of you is to take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way. This is your time to figure out what you want to do with your future, take risks, and to gain as much experience in your desired job field. The competition is fierce in this industry, but with hardwork , confidence, and taking advantage of your surroundings wil make things work out in the long run. I plan on being an active member of this organization even after I graduate. My goal is to return as a guest speaker in the near future and hopefully talk about all my successes and offer my advice/wisdom to members. It has been an honor serving as your President. Please do not see this as a goodbye. Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have, I would be more than happy to offer my advice or help to any of you. Best of luck to all of yo