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  • For all the reasons you made the decision t o b u i l d a c a r e e r i n s a l e s ; t h e opportunities, the earning potential, the camaraderie, the business, the travel, the lifestyle. Its not a fallacy, it is possible to make it to the top 5% of the top 5%.

    Here are six super tips to help you transform your sales career from average to awesome.

    Embraced and leveraged correctly, sales acceleration technology, social selling and story telling can be a true asset in your empire building.


  • If your company is leveraging a CRM suite, you will have spent hours in the dreaded CRM grind. However, being effective at logging customer and prospect information is absolutely essential to your success.

    Every phone call, every discussion, every proposal, every document shared, everything!

    Keeping your contacts, accounts and opportunities up to date makes you more efficient, less prone to error and gives you clean data to work with - the net of which is better business results.

    The rule of thumb is a competent sales person can handle a maximum of 50 accounts in your pipeline at any given time.

    Now add three contacts at each account and youre tracking conversations and promises to 150 people.

    Get logging, lumberjack.

  • The greatest development in the sales craft has been the explosion of Social Selling. #SocialSelling, according to CEB (www.executiveboard.com), is an essential tool to help the sales person (the #challenger) educate prospects, rather than traditional selling. They do this through helping the prospect think about their business differently through uncovering disruptive insights .

    Your customers and prospects expect you to know who they are, what is happening in their world and what is important to them.

    Educate your prospects on the value, specific to their business rather than selling your product to any Joe. This is only possible if you leverage the tools in your ever expanding tool kit to give you the insight necessary to know them as well as their BFF.

    Link up with LinkedIn, chat on chatter, tweet on Twitter, subscribe to various social feeds, read annual reports and speak to your colleagues in other parts of the business that may have had experience working with the account. Its incredible what youll learn from chatting to others within your own company, let alone what is publicly available.

    Then log it, lumberjack!

    Social Selling


  • You are running your own book of business, where you are concerned with reducing risk and maximizing return, just like a high profile investor.

    One of the best ways to reduce pipeline risk is to ensure that you have multiple sources of opportunity. Multiple contacts at each account is a great start.

    Too often salespeople are bitten on the hand by their key stakeholder leaving the company and the project being suspended or reset.

    Then create multiple opportunities at multiple accounts. Ensure that youre in different parts of the business, having conversations about adding value across the enterprise.

    Diversify the portfolio

  • If you find yourself working for a company with a single value proposition, get creative. There is every chance that your solution is adding value to other parts of the business, you just don't know it yet.

    Schedule onsite meetings and ask your contact to make a few new introductions over coffee or host a lunch and learn.

    When you don't have control over the product roadmap, you still have the power to constantly refine the go to market proposition.

    Be creative, disruptive and persistent.

    Get Creative

  • From the day you start in sales, you will never ever have enough time. Technology is the key to not missing opportunity, numbers and your sanity. Winning teams leverage technology to reduce or remove repetitive tasks and to gain essential insights for better decision making. If you follow the first super-tip you will have clean data to work with too.

    Sales Acceleration Technology is an exploding $12Bn sector. The purpose of the sector is to increase the velocity, quality and efficiency of the sales process, resulting in better business outcomes.

    The best solutions are those which allow you to not only analyze, but update opportunities and customer data on the fly, regardless of your location or the device you use.

    The Sales Acceleration Technology sector is diverse and highly integrated. Consisting of a long list of solutions; data visualization, gamification, predictive analytics, sales intelligence, email, chat, text, video, social and tools to speed up paperwork and contracting processes. The best solutions are aggregating key aspects into a single solution.

    Sales Acceleration Technology

    Increased efficiency, faster deals

    and reduced risk? Yes please!

  • Story SellingNow youre embracing social selling, the next step is Story Selling. Incredibly, people in a presentation environment are ~22 times more likely to remember facts if they are wrapped in a story.

    Remember, selling is not about how amazing your solution is - it is about educating your prospects that there is a better way. It just so happens that your solution is the better way (and why).

    A super effective way of taking a step toward story selling, is to learn where your customers are finding value from dealing with your company. Then, share those stories with your prospects. Be careful not to share proprietary or confidential information though!

    Bringing your solution to life with a story of how your solution adds value to customers in similar markets or industries is very powerful.

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    2015 has proven that competition has never been higher and customers are more empowered than ever before. Yet, salespeople and marketers have the opportunity to modernize and evolve into a high-tech, high-efficiency profession that yields record results, or be left behind.

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