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  • 1. AVATAR
  • 2. Avatar Trailer (2009)
  • 3. OVERVIEW By: Hernestina EstradaIndustrialization and pollution it is all around us, some of us do not seem to realize how bad it has reallygotten. After researching I found that there is such bad air pollution in some countries, that they arerequired to wear masks. Ocean pollution is another area that is affected, especially to fishes and birds, wehave people dumping out garbages in the water not realizing the damages that it is causing. It not onlyeffects fishes but it also effects humans.Our topic, Industrialization and Pollution is connected to the movie Avatar in more ways than one.Although this film expressed the humans concern of not being able to breath the air on Pandora, the realmessage is about our pollution as humans that we brought to their planet. All the industrialization andpollution did not even compare the damage that the tribes and people of Pandora had to endure. Thehuman race in this film was attempting to get something from the land no matter the cost. They alsodidnt express concern with what machinery they had to use to get it. This film was written, created anddirected by James Cameron and is a great example of the future of industrialization and where we mightbe able to take it. In this film Jack Sully took the place of his brother to study avatar, a program onanother planet. Taking his deceased brothers place, Sully a former US Marine who is paralyzed agreed tothe position. While there, Jack continually enters into a deep sleep called cryo sleep, this allows Jake to joinup with his Avatar body and enter into the world of the Navi tribe. While gaining their trust Jack isreporting back to Parker and Quaritch, the two main people that would harm the tribe to get to the sourceof their power, Eywa. Seeing that Parker and Quaritch dont mind hurting the tribe in the process Jaketries his best to fight for the Navi people and what they believe in.
  • 5. INTRODUCTION By: Fares Dhiab
  • 6. Ethical Messages By: Fares Dhiab Im not trying to make people feel guilty.. I just want them to internalize a sense of respect and a sense of taking responsibility for the stewardship of the earth.. and I think this film can do that by creating an emotional reaction Effectively, Avatar is not simply a As we visualize the movie we can see metaphor for how people are that Cameron had pictured the expected to behave with each other Pandora as what our world was like on mother earth or an allegory for before we started to pave it by building wide-ranging ecological destruction. malls and huge skyscrapers, disclosing Avatar is also a cautionary tale, that the very naked way to bulldoze a forest pushes the boundary of moral and take the minerals of the concern demanding that we indigenous, something that doesnt consider the well being of humans, belong to us, and not even feel bad creatures and communities that are about it. not the same. Some people assimilated the films Jake Sully, the main character, who depiction of destructive corporate took on an alternative life form as mining for unobtanium in the Navi an Avatar will enlighten us about lands with mining of uranium in New the values treated in this movie Mexico and many other disasters. through his fantastical journey to the planet, Pandora.
  • 7. James Camerons subtle way of communicating the respect we should be showing our own mother, Earth Avatar vividly depicts the concept of inter- Cameron has also sensitized people about species cooperation with the Navi and their giving thanks and caring about creatures relationships with other species on the that are non humans Effectively, the navi planet. Even some of the predators gave would thank animals for their lives, help and showed solidarity when the entire acknowledged their need for these creatures planet was endangered. Here, Cameron but never took them for granted. This hoped that Avatar will make audiences pushes us to be more respectful to our non become warriors and active defenders of our majestic world animals by trying to avoid planet. products such as fur or leather. Avatar had also put an accent on how the Navi have an intimate connections between Finally, the trick here is to find sustainable themselves, with animals and with their resources and minimize the waste. We must ancestors. The wisdom of the past gave always consider the ecosystem as a whole them the ability to make wise decisions that and consider the consequences of our allowed them to live harmoniously with actions as we consume on a daily basis. their surroundings, something that we should definitely do to protect our planet.
  • 8. Political Themes By: Fares Dhiab James Cameron appointed first the imperialism.Effectively, the attack on the Navi people of Pandora for minerals has been assimilated to the people who have more military or technological means tend to destroy weaker people for their resources. The movie is a clear message about dominant aggressive cultures subjugating native population in a quest for resources. Some writers compared the struggle of the Navi that were assimilated to savages primitives and uncivilized people like Palestinians and Israel to the human invaders preaching that they are helping the poor while they are working for their own benefits. Cameron also argued militarism in his movie. In fact, He wanted Americans to have a moral responsibility.
  • 10. Movies that may have influenced the creation The different stories within Avatar is that of the stories of Well actually it is several stories, Tarzan and mostly of Pocahontas. for females there is the love story The ends of the movies are between the two main characters, different in Pocahontas and for males the story between the Avatar, but the morals and basic plots are very similar. Also Tarzan two men fighting for the love of is very similar in that Tarzan has the woman, for plant lovers there to choice between his people and is the very distinct argument of being a human. I think James whether to save the planet or use Cameron based this story on a lot the resources for other things, and of this. Lastly, another film I see a of course for our sci-fi lovers we lot of similarities is this and have this entire movie that is Princess Mononoke, as spiritual based on another planet called beings guide the main characters Pandora. This movie pretty much to their successes and just the naturist faith shown in both films. speaks to any audience.
  • 11. The Avatar: (Hindu) and James Camerons interpretation of it.Religions portrayed within the film:1.Spiritual2. Hindu3. Kami (Japanese)4. American Indian