Autonomous technologies for global commercial and civil uav vendors

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Sergey Lonshakov, Team lead Aira project Autonomous technologies Global commercial and civil UAV vendors for

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Transcript of Autonomous technologies for global commercial and civil uav vendors

Sergey Lonshakov, Team lead Aira projectAutonomous technologiesGlobal commercial and civil UAV vendorsfor

Blockchain technology. Understanding evolution



2012-2015It's something about mining

I require private Blockchain to create my own Bitcoin fork

Blockchain provides transparent and trustful relations between network participants

2015-2016Blockchain provides agents autonomy in one global network via consensus decision making approach

Philosophy of autonomy and consensusBlockchain technology is based on the philosophy of autonomy and consensus.

This principle gives rise to all other features of Blockchain. Dont forget about it while creating your own project

Robots and humans as an autonomous agentsOur first experiment based on Ethereum network. It demonstrates robot-to-human and robot-to-robot relations as an autonomous agents in a unified economical network.

Internet of things solutionFirst Aira IoT solution based on Ethereum platformDrone employee

DAO Drone employee demo example. Workflow scheme

Air traffic control route registrarSmart contractDAO blockchain

Air traffic control tokenSmart contractEthereum blockchain

DAO marketSmart contractEthereum blockchain

Drone employee tokenSmart contractEthereum blockchain

GPS destinationSmart contractEthereum blockchain

network node

market object

service contract

Autonomous agent customer # 1Human

Autonomous agent Air traffic control for Mount Tamalpais ParkRobot

Autonomous agent Drone employee # 1Robot

Decentralized air traffic control autonomous agent

Most interesting part of Drone employee today is:No matter what the area size: park, city, state, country, world.

Open source implementation. What you need for using is to download install package.

Ready-to-use documentation and support on request.

Provides safe multiple flying drones

So Drone Employee is ...

Solution that provides Blockchain technology for Global civil UAV vendors today

Alfa version solution stackuses following technologies:

Ethereum network client geth



Ubuntu OS

Aira IoT bridge and Aira core

Beta version solution stackwill apply following technologies:

Summer 2016+IBM Blockchain for DAO private ledger implementation+3DR compatibility field tested releases+Aira Autonomous agent application for interacting Human-to-Robot with UI+USA air traffic control autonomous agents via opentopography area data

Study blockchain IoT solutions

Meet the international study program with ITMO University

Contact:Alexander KapitonovPhD, assistant researcher ITMO [email protected]

If you are interested in study cooperation to promote Blockchain IoT solutions please contact Alexander Kapitonov.

The latest video from the field test in St. Petersburg

Thanks for watchingThats all, friends

If you want to know updates about new releases Drone Employee project follow me on twitter:@EnsRationisIf you have some questions - please contact me:[email protected]

Sergey Lonshakov, Team lead Aira project