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Helping Dealers Harness the Power of Social Media.

Transcript of Automotive SEO

  • 1. Automotive SEO Helping Dealers Harness the Powerof Social Media

2. On Page SEO

  • All pages must be optimized.
  • Inventory pages must also be optimized.


  • Title Tag
  • Description Tag
  • Keywords
  • Body copy
  • H1, H2 3. Online Press Release

  • Online press releases are a great way to drive traffic
  • and incoming links to your website.

2 4. Facebook Marketing

  • With over 500 million users - you cannot ignore
  • Facebook.
  • Marlboro Nissan consistently sells over 20 cars a month
  • as a result of their Facebook page.

3 5. Twitter Marketing

  • Greater customer engagement
  • Customer service
  • Brand Loyalty
  • Customer Intelligence
  • Web traffic
  • Customer Experience
  • Relationship building
  • Announce your great deals and specials. For e.x

4 6. YouTube (Video) Optimization

  • Create SEO optimized videos.

5 7. Content Optimization

  • Create keyword optimized content on several social
  • platforms.
  • Social bookmarking is also a great way to generate
  • incoming traffic.

6 8. Microsites

  • Create niche microsites to direct traffic to your main site.

7 Auto Dealer Website 2011 Sonata site 2011 Camry site 9. Classifieds

  • Regularly post deals and your inventory to classifieds
  • using proper keywords.

8 10. Contact Timothy Martell Under Timothy Martell's leadership Marlboro Nissan's website drives more than 30,000 visitors per month. Timothy Martell executes a cutting edge online marketing strategy consisting of Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, SEO, Microsites, Local Search, Consumer Rating Websites, Online Tools etc which have made Marlboro Nissan to become one of the volume leaders in the whole of New England. Marlboro Nissan website has had huge steady increases for almost the entire year (2009). In August 2009 of this year traffic was just shy of 40,000 visits, 1,500 phone calls (online only) and almost 1,000 leads.About Timothy Email 11. Wikimotive is dedicated to providing the latest Social Media Marketing, Facebook Marketing, and Search Engine optimization techniques to businesses and persons looking to enhance their online marketing presence.