Automating Analyses with ModelBuilder. Overview Why Use ModelBuilder? Why Use ModelBuilder?...

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Transcript of Automating Analyses with ModelBuilder. Overview Why Use ModelBuilder? Why Use ModelBuilder?...

  • Automating Analyses with ModelBuilder

  • OverviewWhy Use ModelBuilder?ModelBuilder BasicsCommon ModelBuilder ProblemsAdvanced ModelBuilder

  • Why Use ModelBuilder?An automation toolBut comes with some startup overheadMost useful in two circumstancesDocuments models & their parameterizationAllows experimentation with model parameters particularly for weighting and ratingCommon Types of ModelsETL Extract, transform and convert raw dataSuitability Building attractiveness maps

  • ModelBuilder BasicsBasic idea is that of a dependency diagramUser specifies inputs, processing and outputsIf inputs change, system repeats intermediate operations as neededDiagram has three kinds of elementsInputsGeoprocessing OperationsOutputsOutput from one operation can be used as input to an other, allowing chaining

  • ModelBuilder SetupRather obscure to startimplemented as a custom toolbox toolOpen toolbox panelCreate empty toolboxRight mouse on Toolboxes, select New ToolboxCreate empty modelRight mouse on new Toolbox, select New ModelThen populate model by drag and dropOf data layers from map table of contentsOf geoprocessing operations from the toolboxFinally, wire data and processing boxes together

  • Example: Simple MB ModelGoalCreate a factor map expressing simple proximity to residential landuse where output is classed from 1..9

    MethodCreate new modelAdd residential landuseAdd Euclidean distance geoprocessing operationConnect landuse (input) to distance (process), specifying new grid (output)RunAdd Reclass OperatorConnect output grid of distance operator to input of reclass, specifying new output gridRun again

  • Review of Simple ModelBenefitsMultiple logical steps encapsulated in a single stepModel Logic Recorded in DiagramModel Parameters Recorded Problems / CaveatsDefault is not to show resultsModel as Created is 100% specific to particular data paths/locations on diskModel Saving Bizarre..Default operation names make no sense to end usersSpatial Analyst Toolbar Options do *not* inherit

  • Showing ResultsSimple, but not ObviousRight Mouse on Output -> Add to DisplayIf at first you dont succeed, try toggling again

  • Saving / Finding ModelsBy default, models saved in My Toolboxes folderMain menu Tools->Options->My ToolboxesDefault is C:\Documents and Settings\(Username) \Application Data\ESRI\ArcToolbox\My ToolboxesEasiest to find in ArcCatalog/My ToolboxesCan Add Toolbox stored on disk

  • Making Models GeneralizableRunning ModelsCan Double Click on Models in Toolbox PanelBy default, not too useful, because no user control of outputs Generalizing ModelsBy default, models only use exact data originally specifiedTo make a model into a true tool need to specify which inputs / outputs are variable parametersRight mouse on input or outputSelect Parameter (toggle)After Parameters are set, double clicking brings up user dialog

  • Making MB Diagrams LegibleAll elements can be renamed from right mouse menuRename layers if necessary to clarifyExplain intent of geoprocessing operationsi.e. Isolate Residential Landuse instead of reclass1If Desired, change diagram propertiesSquare Circle SquareBox Background ColorsIf you need better quality, export diagram

  • Environment Variables in MBNoteSpatial Analyst Options settings not inheritedMust explicitly specify for MBTwo optionsCan do once for all toolboxes (recommended)RM Top Toolbox->Environment SettingsGeneral Settings -> ExtentRaster Analysis Settings -> Cell SizeCan do once for each model

  • Model 2: Weighted OverlayGoal:To Create an Attractiveness Model with ability to Weight factors Method:Create separate ModelBuilder models for each factorNest models into master MB modelCombine with weighted overlay

  • Model 2 ImplementationFactor 1: Proximity to ResidentialFactor 2: Proximity to Job CentersCreated by copying and pasting factor 1 model and adjusting inputs and outputs Weighting Factor 1 = 2X Factor 2Use Spatial Analyst Weighted Overlay tool

  • Weighted OverlayFunctionTakes any number of uniformly scaled input (factor) gridsOutputs the arithmetically-weighted average value at each grid cellEqual weights similar to addition plus rescale

  • NoData Treatment in Weighted OverlayAny value averaged with NoData = NoData,so must code worst case as some numberFor attractiveness, this would be value 9Make sure that areas beyond maximum distance specified in distance operations is recoded to 9 Or, in Overlay window, be sure to recode NoData inputs to output a value of 9

  • Weighted Overlay Restricted CategoryImportant and useful!Over-rides averaging behavior if any one factor is too bad (as you define it)Restricted output value cant be specified = (range) 1In case of 1..9 evaluation, becomes a 0Thus requires further reclass to of 0 to 9 in order to maintain 1..9 range

  • Assignment for Monday 22ndImplement your attractiveness model in ModelBuilder (revising as needed based on crit)Build one submodel for each factorCreate one master model combining factorsModels should have elements renamed/formatted for review presentationExport model diagram as JPEG image for PowerpointResulting revised Powerpoint due to Attractiveness Team Monday 22nd 9am (or by negotiation with them)

  • Midreview PrepNov 1 & 2nd

  • Midreview ScheduleTwo Morning SessionsThursday November 19 9:45 Study Introduction, Visit & Base GIS Overview9:45 10:15 Accessibility Analysis for Albacete10:15 10:30 Coffee Break10:30 12 Presentation of Scenarios

    Friday November 29 10:30 Presentation of Attractiveness Models10:30 10:45 Coffee Break10:45 11:30 Review of related PhD project work11:30 12 Summary with Reviewer Comments

  • Midreview LogisticsAll students expected to present one topicCould be Thurs or Friday

    Logistics issue: sensible presentation dictates topic order, but some students cant stay Thursday must present FridayTherefore, will need some content swaps Need one student team to produce each module (based on content generated in part by others)

  • Production/Presentation TeamsIntro / Study Visit / Base GIS TeamAccessibility TeamScenario TeamAttractiveness Team

  • Team Assignment for Thursday 25thInventory already-produced materials in sectionOutline module presentation order and presentersAssign clean-up and production tasks as needed Thursday will be production dayReview outlines with Stephen & IGather materials from others, or schedule handoffs for Friday, etc.Produce base maps, explanatory introduction to section slides, etc.