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2. LESSON OBJECTIVES By the end of this lesson you should be able to: Identify the different types of Aid Identify the Government Agency in charge of Australias foreign Aid. Understand which countries and regions receive Australian Aid and why. Understand what Australian foreign aid is spent on 3. WHAT IS INTERNATIONAL AID? Assistance that governments of developed countries provide to developing countries for the purpose of encouraging economic growth and improvements in living standards.(Kleeman et al 2012) 4. WHO IS IN CHARGE AusAid (The Australian agency for international Development) controls where Australias aid is directed. 5. TYPES OF AID Bilateral Aid - From one government to another AusAid-Microfinance Manila (8min) Aid - Assistance provided by governments through international agencies such as the World Bank and the IMF -Ausaid funding through Unicef- Phippines (8mins) Government Aid Aid provided by Non Government Organisations such as World Vision, Red Cross and many smaller NGOs. Oxfam PNG water (3mins) 6. HOW MUCH DO WE GIVE? Australian Government currently gives $4.2 billion in aid. Is this a lot? 7. AID GIVEN TO NGOS The Australian people give $800 million per year. Is this a lot? Dog food 1.6 billion Gambling 16.9 billion 8. AIM The fundamental aim of Australian Aid is to help people overcome poverty. 9. AUSTRALIAN INTERESTS As clearly stated by AusAid, It also aims to serve Australias national interests. It does this by promoting stability and prosperity both in the region and the wider world. 10. WHERE DOES AUSTRALIAN AID GO? 11. THE ASIA-PACIFIC 12. SOLOMON ISLANDS